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Iraqi News Highlights Tuesday Evening 4-25-23

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Sudanese: Parliament’s Movement Is Weak … A New Political Map Waiting

April 23 12:03     Information/private ..The deputy of the State of Law coalition, Muhammad Saadoun Al -Sudani, considered today, Sunday, the performance of the House of Representatives recently “not at the required and regulatory level, among the fact that the Prime Minister, Muhammad Shi’a Al -Sudani, employed and appointed personalities close to him in government institutions.

Al -Sudani said in an interview with the information agency, that “the current government movement at the present time is faster than the House of Representatives movement,” noting that “the level of Parliament is not at the level required legislative and regional.”

He added, “The next stage will witness a new political map,” noting that “the Prime Minister has entered the local and international political equation, and therefore it will have an affair in the upcoming elections.”

On the frequency of the news about the Sudanese, the employment and appointment of personalities close to him in government institutions, Saadoun explained that

“this matter is not valid and free from accuracy,” noting that “the primary goal of this fibrosa is to exclude the Sudan clan and its competencies.”

A member of the House of Representatives explained that “the current government has proven to be as a challenge and the citizen and changed his state of frustration,” noting that

“for the first time the Sudanese government is a reference government of a national political coalition that represents all components.”

The spokesman for the parliamentary torque bloc, MP Muhammad Abd Rabbo, had described the performance of the House of Representatives in its current session as “the Ricke” and

the lack of seriousness in offering service files, indicating that  the current parliamentary session is the most embarrassing in the history of Iraq.السوداني:-حركة-البرلمان-ضعيفةخارطة-سياسية-جديدة-بالانتظار

Al-Haidari: There Is Governmental And Parliamentary Will To Pass Two Laws Related To Oil And Gas

April Information / Baghdad ..Member of the Oil and Gas Committee, Representative Alaa Al-Haidari, confirmed, on Monday, that

his committee is in the process of discussing and reviewing a draft law on oil and gas and the National Oil Company, indicating that there is a governmental and parliamentary will at the present time to approve the two laws because they will solve many problems and differences, especially between the center and the region.

Al-Haidari said in a statement to Al-Maalouma that “the oil and gas laws and the National Oil Company are among the most important laws regulating the relationship in the field of production and export and the relationship between the region and the center, but  they were too late due to the lack of political will to approve them.”

He added that “the governmental and parliamentary administration is available today in order to approve the law, and that

the Parliamentary Oil and Gas Committee is preparing to discuss and review the draft legalists,” expecting that “the two laws will come to light during the current parliamentary session.”

Al-Haidari pointed out that “the oil and gas law and the law of the National Oil Company have a mutual relationship because they are one complementary to the other,” explaining that “the approval of the two laws will solve many problems and differences, especially between the center and the region.”الحيدري:-توفر-الارادة-الحكومية-والبرلمانية-لاقرار-قانونين-يت

Integrity: The Battle Against Corruption Is Crucial, And We Will Not Allow The Corrupt To Escape Accountability

Today 15:17    Information / Baghdad..The head of the Integrity Commission, Haider Hanoun, affirmed, on Tuesday, that the battle of integrity against corruption is crucial and deserves to make huge sacrifices for it, while indicating that the corrupt should not be allowed to escape accountability and punishment.

Hanoun said in a statement received by Al-Maalouma Agency, “The battle of integrity against corruption is a fateful battle that differs from other battles, as it clashes with personal benefits, and deserves great sacrifices for its sake,” noting that  “the cadres of the Commission, especially the Investigation Department, represent the spearhead in this battle.””.

And he stressed  “intensifying the efforts of affiliates in the field of combating corruption, preventing it, prosecuting its perpetrators, and preserving public money,” stressing

“not courtesy of the corrupt or allowing them to escape accountability and punishment, and emphasizing everyone against whom a judicial ruling has been issued, and not being lenient or pardoning them.”

He pointed to “the importance of consolidating authentic values in the hearts of the people of society and adjudicating conscience;

to create a generation armed with the ethics of integrity and honesty against all values of corruption and behaviors that are inconsistent with the ethics of the public office,” explaining that

“the thief of the state’s money and the people’s power cannot claim virtue, values and good morals, as well To be a patriot or leader of a value project.

He called on “all political and societal actors to give priority to the interest of Iraq and to reject the corrupt transgressors over public money,” noting that

“the Commission is determined to emerge victorious in its battle against corruption, to recover the revenues obtained from it, and to put those involved behind bars.”

He praised  “the increase in the pace of the commission’s work, one of its outputs being the implementation of unprecedented qualitative operations during last March that afflicted the corrupt, as (223) operations were carried out, during which (134) accused were arrested,” explaining that

“this contributes to restoring the citizen’s confidence in the oversight bodies and increases At the level of his cooperation with her in reporting corruption.”النزاهة:-معركة-الفساد-مصيرية-ولن-نسمح-بإفلات-الفاسدين-من-الم

Al-Fateh: Diversifying Currency Reserves Has Become A National Security Priority

Information / Diyala..  The leader of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Sadiq Jaafar, confirmed, on Tuesday, that the diversification of currency reserves in Iraq has become a priority for national security.

Jaafar said in an interview with “The Information”, that “Washington has repeatedly tried to exploit the dollar to put pressure on Iraqi governments in various forms, as it did with other countries, which made confidence in this currency shaken, which turned into a pressure card and punishment used against countries that reject America’s hegemony.”

He added, “The recent crisis and the pressure on the markets to seriously rethink the diversification of currency reserves in Iraq, as it has become a national security priority to prevent any future crises,” noting that

“resorting to Chinese currencies and other countries has become a necessity in order to break the monopoly of the US dollar.”

He pointed out that  “Iraq’s openness to adopting national currencies in its trade with other countries, whether China or neighboring countries, will reduce pressure on state transfers by 40%, according to economists, and this will push the dinar to more stability.”

Iraqi political forces have accused Washington in recent months of using the dollar to create a crisis in the markets and raise exchange rates to limits that increased market prices in an unprecedented way.الفتح:-تنويع-احتياطي-العملات-بات-من-اولويات-الامن-القومي

Al-Sudani: The State Is Required To Pay The Money For The “Theft Of The Century”

April 24 20:07    Information/Baghdad.. The Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani, affirmed, on Monday, that he would not compliment a leader or party with the cabinet reshuffle, and whoever “wants to refuse, let him refuse,” pointing out that the state is required to pay tax secretariats, “the theft of the century.”

Al-Sudani said in a televised interview, followed by Al-Maalouma, that “there are names of officials who will be replaced at the appropriate time,” noting that

“the state is required to pay tax secretariat money (theft of the century) to companies and contractors.”  And he continued:

“There is a tracking of those involved in the theft of the century, and our plans cannot be revealed, and the state is required to pay tax secretariat funds to companies and contractors.” Ended 25/jالسوداني:-الدولة-مطالبة-بتسديد-اموال-سرقة-القرن

Sudani Confirms His Insistence On A Cabinet Reshuffle In A Timely Manner

Today  Information / Baghdad..Today, Tuesday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani affirmed his insistence on proceeding with the cabinet reshuffle, while indicating that everyone is convinced of the importance of approving the budget.

And the Prime Minister said in a televised interview followed by Al-Maalouma:

“After assuming responsibility, I found files that are idle due to ignorance or bad faith, corruption and lack of vision, and we are forced to work quickly and we do not want to waste time and we are working at an escalating pace to meet the needs and aspirations of the Iraqis.”

He added, “All decisions of the Council of Ministers are implemented, and there is a team that follows up on implementation, and we have nothing but the constitution to organize the political process, despite its defects.”

The Prime Minister added, “The challenge before me is to win the people’s trust, and the problem in Iraq is a service, and we did not give loose pledges.”

And about the governors, he stressed, “They are the second pillar after the ministers, and after the dissolution of the provincial councils, the governors were left alone in facing service and security problems, and I attached great importance to the work of the governors from the first day of their appointment.”

He stressed, “We hold continuous meetings with the governors after previously stopping them for two years, and they are part of the ministerial program, and the previous governments made a strategic mistake by working with the ministers in isolation from the governors.

Regarding the ministers’ evaluation, the prime minister said, “We talk with the ministers clearly and frankly about evaluating their work and the professional evaluation, and the constitution gives the prime minister the power to dismiss the negligent minister, and we are determined to make a cabinet reshuffle and we will choose the appropriate time, and I will not give up my constitutional powers to carry out the ministerial change.”

In the file of theft of the century, the Prime Minister said, “400 billion dinars have been recovered, and the government is required to pay the amount of tax theft of 3.7 trillion dinars to companies and contractors.”

He added, “I informed the Integrity Commission and the Oversight Bureau that there are no red lines in combating corruption, and the Integrity Commission was witnessing a major defect and neglecting files.”

In the budget file, the Prime Minister said, “We explained to the presidencies and political forces the contents of the three-year budget, and after the Eid holiday, the budget will be discussed in Parliament, and regarding Parliament’s intentions to reduce the deficit, we are ready for discussion, and reducing the deficit must not affect spending and cause consequences,” pointing out to That “everyone is convinced of the importance of approving the budget.”

On foreign relations, the Prime Minister affirmed that “the international community deals with Iraq as a state and has nothing to do with people, and our vision of the form of international relations is based on productive diplomacy.”السوداني-يؤكد-اصراره-على-اجراء-تعديل-وزاري-في-الوقت-المناسب

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