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Iraqi News Highlights Tuesday Afternoon 5-9-23

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Baghdad Sends 200 Billion Dinars To The Region To Finance The Salaries Of Employees

Economy   Tuesday, May 9, 2023 3:19 PM  Baghdad / National News Center   The Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government announced, on Tuesday, that the federal government has deposited a sum of money amounting to 200 billion dinars to finance the salaries of employees and workers in the public sector in the region.

The ministry said in a statement received by the National News Center: “In implementation of the decision of the Federal Government Council of Ministers, 200 billion dinars were transferred from Baghdad to the ministry’s bank account.”

The House Of Representatives Votes On A Draft Law On Iraq’s Accession To The Agreement Establishing The European Bank For Reconstruction And Development

Tuesday 09, May 2023 14:35 | Economical Number of readings: 241  Baghdad / NINA / The House of Representatives voted, in its session held today, Tuesday, on a draft law on the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the agreement establishing the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the year 1990./ End 5

The Council of Ministers agrees to increase the capital of the Rafidain Bank

Tuesday 09, May 2023 18:46 | political Number of readings: 45  Baghdad |/ Namina/ The Council of Ministers agreed to increase the capital of Al-Rafidain Bank, which was approved by the Committee for Determining Corporate Capitals in the Ministry of Finance, by an amount of 212 billion dinars.

The Council of Ministers also approved, in its session held today, the recommendation of the Ministerial Council for the Economy (23072 BC), regarding the payment of Iraq’s share in the World Bank. / End To

Dollar Exchange Rates During Morning Trading

Posted On2023-05-09 By Sotaliraq   The exchange rates of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar on a daily basis and according to the variables of the currency exchange market in the capital, Baghdad, and the provinces of the country.

in Baghdad:  The purchase price of the dollar is 144,750 for every 100 dollars, a difference of 500 dinars.

The selling price of the dollar is 142,750 per 100 dollars

in the north:  The purchase price of the dollar is 145,500 per 100 dollars   The selling price of the dollar is 143,500 per 100 dollars

in the south:  The purchase price of the dollar is 144,750 for every 100 dollars, a difference of 500 dinars.   The selling price of the dollar is 142,750 per 100 dollars   LINK

Significant Rise In Central Bank Sales Of The Dollar

Economy| 10:49 – 09/05/2023   Baghdad – Mawazine News  recorded the central bank’s sales of foreign currency in an auction today, Tuesday, more than 206 million dollars.

Oil Prices Are Falling Again  

Economy| 08:17 – 09/05/2023   Follow-up – Mawazine News   Oil prices fell on Tuesday, giving up some of the strong gains in the previous two sessions.

The market remained cautious ahead of the release of US inflation figures for the month of April, which will be key in the next Fed rate decision.

Brent crude fell 26 cents, or 0.34 percent, to $76.75, and US West Texas Intermediate crude fell 22 cents, or 0.30 percent, to trade at $72.95 at 04:36 GMT.

Al-Halbousi Announces The Extension Of The Legislative Term Until The Budget Is Approved

Political | 03:55 – 09/05/2023   Al-Halbousi announces the extension of the legislative term until the budget is approved

The House Of Representatives Extends Its Legislative Term Until The Budget Is Approved

Political | 02:09 – 09/05/2023   Baghdad – Mawazine News   Today, Tuesday, the House of Representatives held its 25th session of the current legislative term, headed by Al-Halbousi.

The parliament’s media department said in a statement that Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi opened the proceedings of session No. 25, in the presence of 178 deputies.

And the House of Representatives decided during the session, “to extend its legislative term until the budget law is approved.”

Parliamentary Finance: The Operational Budget Amounted To About 133 Trillion Dinars In The 2023 Budget

Political | 02:28 – 09/05/2023   Baghdad – Mawazine News, Chairman of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Atwan Al-Atwani, said, on Tuesday, that the operating budget amounted to approximately 133 trillion dinars in the 2023 budget law. And the Parliament’s media

department stated in a statement received by Mawazine News, that “the Finance Committee is chaired by Representative Atwan Al-Atwani and its members are present. On Tuesday morning, it hosted the Minister of Finance, Taif Sami, for the third time, regarding dismantling the paragraphs and provisions of the General Budget Law, reviewing the expenditure and public expenditure tables, and detailed data.

Al-Atwani indicated, according to the statement, that ”

The statement added, “The observations of the committee members focused on the borrowing files and the ministry’s plan to increase resources and procedures in the event of a drop in oil export prices, in addition to the differences in oil imports to invest in covering the deficit and compensating the budget, the amount of debt owed by Iraq, and the amounts of internal and external borrowing, as well as solutions.”

The proposal to address the problem of contracts and wages and the obstacles facing these files and the ministry’s expectations for the volume of expenditures, and the possibility of developing legal texts that contribute to supplementing the state treasury, as the committee requested to provide it with an official letter to see it in implementing the paragraphs of implementing the government program.

And the statement continued, “In the same regard, the Minister of Finance clarified the chapters of the operational budget according to the listed schedules, the actual expenditure, and the distribution of amounts according to spending units, as well as the mechanism for financing spending units, trusts account, and final accounts, and added regarding employee compensation and procedures for fixing contracts and wages, and contracts of the Ministry of Health according to the law of gradation.” scientific medical professionals, and financing sums of money for them.

According to the statement, “allocations for service requirements such as the Internet, printing, transportation, etc., and commodity requirements related to formation amounts, financing and processing the needs of ministries, as well as amounts for paying debts for importing Iranian gas, were discussed, in addition to amounts for grants, subsidies, public activity, and the benefits of internal and external debt.”

Sami pointed out, “It is not possible to reduce the maintenance budget allocations due to indebtedness and maintenance expenses, in addition to discussing the amounts allocated for the salaries of social welfare and the unemployed.”

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