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Iraqi News Highlights Thursday Evening 5-11-23

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The Governor Of The Central Bank Of Iraq Receives Experts From The International Finance Corporation (IFC).   

May 11, 2023  His Excellency the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr. Ali Mohsen Al-Alaq, received today, Thursday, a delegation of experts from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) affiliated to the World Bank, headed by Mr. (Marcel Rashid), the supervisor of financial market projects in the Levant region.

During the meeting, ways of developing the relationship between the Central Bank of Iraq and the International Finance Corporation were discussed, and a

plan was drawn up to establish a (loan guarantee company), which was proposed by the governor earlier as part of a comprehensive study he presented regarding building the bases for a national strategy for bank lending,

while the staff of the Central Bank is responsible for building the national strategy. lending according to the rules.

The establishment of a loan guarantee company is an important factor in stimulating lending, by reducing the rates of loan defaults that the banking sector in Iraq suffers from.

Central Bank of Iraq  information Office  11 – May – 2023

Anti-Money Laundering And Terrorist Financing Scenarios
May 11, 2023      For the purpose of strengthening the supervisory system of the money laundering and terrorist financing reporting unit, scenarios for anti-money laundering and terrorist financing systems have been prepared,

which are compatible with the financial work environment in Iraq, and

the agents of (Western Union) and (Money Gram) can adopt them as a minimum for their electronic systems, taking into account the following.

► To view AML/CFT information and scenarios related to transfers through agents of international transfer companies (Western Union and MoneyGram) here

Partial and imperfect translated document –

(MoneyGram) (Western Union) (A854 684 / ll

M / suspicion scenarios

It is compatible with the financial work environment of Iraq, and your companies can adopt it as a minimum for their systems electronically, taking into account the following:


1 The listed scenarios are added to the scenarios previously sent to you from This bank accepted according to our information No. (55/5/51011) on 5/1

3 Keeping in mind that the system keeps a list of “oli yi” notifications with “Lol yt” that you want to know.

These notices may be retained, as well as proof that you have carried out verification procedures

And easy access to it when needed.

Receive information.

Get high-accuracy search and analysis results through the system.


And the reporting departments in your companies are (confidential and open in particular).

Regards… m 0
They have a side
Faisal Al-Haimus
Vice Governor Agency
[H/”?? . ”

Hather Ammam CBI Head Office: Ai- Rasheed St. Baghdaa-frag SR a Do
Tel: 81651717 Telephone Exchange With 4 Line Cosas te Le a A es
P.O Box: 64 Fax — GOGE4TST6ESO? re
Email. eo bone ge ee

AML/CFT scenarios for transfers through agents of transfer companies
over eI I 0
International (Western Union and MoneyGram)

\- Incoming or outgoing transfers without any relationship between the transferor and the beneficiary or the purpose of the transfer and
Represented by me (personal relationship, salaries, relatives, tourism treatments, training, legal advice).

3 Incoming or outgoing remittances at close intervals.

Transfers issued or received to and from countries and geographical locations classified as high risk or

Included on the salt sanctions lists (freezing lists) and international ones.

~~ Incoming transfers and then transferred at the same period or after a short period.

5 recurring one-time or partial transfers.

A- Transfers issued or received to and from persons holding high positions with risks

A- The similarity of personal information of several people without justification (address » phone number » birth » passport number …

(a |

4- Transfers to and from persons or entities included in local blacklists or ban lists or international.
0- The customer receives high amounts that are not commensurate with the nature of his activity.

11 Repeated transfers to the same beneficiary during a specific period of time

Different documents presented in each transfer (incoming or outgoing)» and according to the available databases


¥\- Refraining from presenting the passport of the sender and recipient, which depends on checking the names in the aforementioned lists
In Paragraph (4) above, 0

1- The customer receives repeated transfers of small amounts and for the same period.

5 Frequent transfers of large or small amounts to and from countries suffering from political unrest or a wish.

Foreign and from countries known for illegal trade.

Other alerts:

5-8 We would like to point out that the above scenarios are red flags that raise suspicion

Formulated according to the analysis of previous patterns



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