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Iraqi News Highlights Friday Afternoon 5-19-23

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Parliamentary Finance Suggests That The Budget Will Be Completed In Full On Sunday Or The Next

Iraq   Friday, May 19, 2023 4:10 PM  Baghdad / The National News Center  The Parliamentary Finance Committee suggested today, Friday, a very close date for the full completion of the budget.

And the first deputy head of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ahmed Mazhar Al-Jubouri, said in a statement received by the National News Center: “We recommend that the budget be completed in full on Sunday or Monday and sent to the Presidency of Parliament to set a date for voting on it.”

Oil Prices Fell In Early Asian Trading

Economy   Friday, May 19, 2023 9:14 am   Follow-up / National News Center  Oil prices recorded a slight decline in early Asian trading on Friday, as optimism about the possibility of avoiding a US default on its obligations was offset by high inflation data that may alert central banks around the world to raise interest rates.

Brent two-year crude futures fell to $75.84 a barrel by 0015 GMT. US West Texas Intermediate crude also fell ten cents, or 0.043 percent, to $71.76.

US President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy earlier this week reaffirmed their intention to reach an agreement soon to raise the $31.4 trillion federal debt ceiling, and agreed to hold talks by Sunday.

The Jordanian Monarch: We Support The Iraqi Government’s Measures To Enhance The Stability Of The Country

Friday 19 May 2023 15:25 | political Number of readings: 213   Baghdad / NINA / – The Jordanian Monarch, King Abdullah II, affirmed his support for the Iraqi government’s measures to enhance the stability of the country.

He said in a speech at the Arab summit that “we support the Iraqi government’s steps to restore Iraq’s role in the region.”

The Jordanian monarch praised the tripartite partnership with Egypt and Iraq, considering it a way to achieve sustainable development.

In his speech, Abdullah II welcomed Syria’s return to its seat in the League of Arab States, expressing his hope that it would be the beginning of a solution to the crisis that the country has been witnessing for years. .

And he stressed the need to respect the legal and historical status of Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem.”/ End 2

The Discovery Of A Large Embezzlement Of Trusts And Ghamriyah Deposits In Basra

Money and business   Economy News-Baghdad  On Thursday, the Federal Integrity Commission revealed a large embezzlement of trusts and customs deposits in Basra Governorate for the years (2015 and 2016),

with an estimated waste of public money in the amount of (92) billion Iraqi dinars,

indicating the issuance of arrest warrants and travel bans against six customs officials. Southern Region and the Office of Financial Supervision in Basra.

The Commission’s Investigation Department stated in a statement that

“its investigative procedures led to the detection of embezzlement and theft of public money in the customs of the southern region,” noting that

“the Commission’s Investigation Directorate in Basra formed a team to investigate and investigate information it received from its private sources about allegations of corruption represented in the theft of customs trusts under Comorian permits and forged agencies, which caused the embezzlement of tens of billions of dinars.  And she added,

“The directorate’s team, after obtaining judicial orders, proceeded to move to the concerned departments, as it monitored the presence of a letter issued by the Umm Qasr al-Shamali customs center alleging that all customs deposits and customs deposits had been burnt due to the protests,” pointing out that

“the team after moving to The Border Crossings Authority concluded that the information contained in the book was inaccurate, and that no case of burning was recorded throughout the period of the protests.  And she indicated that

“the arrival of (75) customs declarations in the Umm Qasr customs center related to the book of the Office of Financial Supervision that includes checking the permits and that they fulfilled all procedures, while

it was found that the border sequences established in the office book and the names of importers belong to the customs declarations themselves, and after approaching the Umm Qasr customs center It turned out that all the permits were forged.”  The department continued,

“The investigation and investigation procedures resulted in the former director of the Office of Financial Supervision in Basra issuing an order assigning himself to audit (315) statements and handing over the book himself to the director of customs in the southern region and organizing the book of validity of issuance,” warning that

“the correct contexts required the formation of a team.” From the Office of Financial Supervision by at least three persons to audit the customs declarations.  She pointed out that

“the cadres of the Commission’s Investigation Directorate in the governorate intensified their efforts through their team, whose procedures included the Southern Region Customs Directorate – the Financial Department,” pointing out that

“those procedures resulted in the team’s conclusion that all trusts and deposits for previous years were disbursed under forged customs agencies.” And that

the numbers of the clients’ documents that are confirmed in the agencies are duplicated and carry the same serial numbers for the persons entrusted, as well as other agencies issued by the Nahrawan Notary Public that were relied upon to deliver the checks, where the team was able to control the notices of the amounts that were released and ordered to be disbursed by the customs managers of the southern region (previous and earlier).  And she added,

“The team moved to Al-Rashid Bank to link the initial documents, on the basis of which the trusts and customs deposits were received and the Customs Directorate of the Southern Region, as it recorded the statements of the legal representative of the Directorate, and the legal representative of the Office of Financial Supervision, and accordingly the director of the financial department was brought in according to Article (340). ) of the Penal Code, which in turn explicitly admitted that the defendants released the customs deposits from the bank according to those forged declarations.  She added,

“The judge of the Basra Investigation Court, which is specialized in hearing cases of integrity, and based on the procedures of the investigative body, issued arrest warrants and travel bans against officials in the customs of the southern region, and

they are each of the former director of the customs of the southern region, the former director of the legal department and his assistant, and the directors of the audit and the legal department in it. In addition to the former director of the Office of Financial Supervision in the governorate,

and the most prominent defendant in the tax deposits case, based on the provisions of Article (315) of the Iraqi Penal Code, he also decided to refer the investigation papers and the accused to the Second Karkh Investigation Court and based on the provisions of Article (54) of the Law The principles of criminal trials, because there is a previous case pending before it.  The department noted,

“The commission’s team was able to implement the arrest warrant against two of the defendants: the former director of financial control, and the assistant director of the legal department in the Directorate of the Southern Region,” noting that

“the investigation, investigation, follow-up, audit, and investigation procedures are still ongoing, and that the amounts announced Theft or embezzlement does not represent the final amount, as the total amount will be announced after the completion of its procedures in the case.

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World Bank: Iraq Needs 2.3 Billion Dollars If There Is No Food Security This Year

money and business  Economy News _ Baghdad  The World Bank saw that Iraq needs more than 2.3 billion dollars for the current year 2023, to finance its needs, in the event of severe food insecurity.

The bank said in a report on the effects of food insecurity in the Middle East, seen by “Al-Iqtisad News”, that

“Iraq’s needs were estimated during the year 2022 to meet its needs for development financing in the short term for people suffering from food insecurity in it (the limit).  Lowest calories) $2.02 billion.  He added,

“It is expected that these needs in Iraq will reach between 1.72-2.33 billion dollars in 2023, and in 2024 they will reach between 1.67-2.58 billion dollars, and in 2026 they will reach between 1.65-3.27 billion dollars.”

According to the World Bank, people who suffer from severe food insecurity are defined as the number of people within the population who live in families classified as suffering from severe food insecurity, and

this classification means if at least one adult in the family reports a reduction in the amount of food consumed. In a whole year, missing meals, feeling hungry, or having to go a single day without eating due to lack of money or other resources.  He added,

“The most Arab countries whose needs were estimated to meet development financing in the short term for people suffering from food insecurity in them are Yemen, where it was estimated in 2022 at $13.32 billion, followed by Syria, which was estimated at $4.3 billion, followed by Egypt, which was estimated at 3.45 billion dollars.  Views 160   05/17/2023 –


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