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Iraqi News Highlights  Sunday Afternoon 5-21-23

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Integrity And Financial Oversight Confirm The Importance Of Coordination And Cooperation For The Success Of The Government Program In Combating Corruption

local| 05:20 – 05/21/2023   Baghdad – Mawazine News  The head of the Federal Integrity Commission, Haider Hanoun, stressed today, Sunday, the importance of strengthening the bonds of joint cooperation between the national oversight bodies, while pointing out that the Integrity Commission and the Federal Financial Supervision Bureau represent the first wall against corruption and abuse of public money.

Hanoun praised, during his visit to the headquarters of the Federal Office of Financial Supervision and the meeting with its president, Rafel Yassin, and the advanced staff in it, in a statement, a copy of which Mawazine News received, “the outputs of the Bureau’s work after it is one of the inputs to the investigative work of the commission,”

calling for “intensification of cooperation and the need for direct coordination Between the two parties, in order to reduce corruption and preserve public money, describing the Bureau as one of the most important financial institutions of the Iraqi state and that “it is part of us and we are part of it”, and that the two institutions depend on the Iraqi people to clean state institutions from the dirt of corruption and the clutches of the corrupt.

The statement added, “The two parties agreed to work in high coordination and cooperation for the success of the government program, especially the paragraph related to combating corruption, assigning internal audit units in ministries and agencies not associated with a ministry, governorates, and all institutions, and providing them with qualified elements and activating them as the oversight body emanating from the womb of those institutions and the first line of defense.”

towards corruption, and an emphasis on accelerating the application of governance and automation in state institutions, which will reflect positively on reducing levels of corruption, and calling for the establishment of a joint conference between the two parties and with the participation of the Higher Institute for Financial and Accounting Studies and coordination with the Public Prosecution Service.

The President Of The Republic Assures Blaskhart Of The Need To Support The Government In Implementing Its Programme

Political | 04:40 – 05/21/2023  Baghdad – Mawazine News, President of the Republic Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid stressed today, Sunday, the need to support the government in implementing its program in response to the aspirations of the Iraqi people for a free and dignified life.

The media office of the President of the Republic said in a statement, a copy of which was received by Mawazine News, that “Today, Sunday, the President of the Republic, Abd al-Latif Jamal Rashid, is in the Baghdad Palace, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jeanine Blaskhart.”

The statement added, “The President of the Republic listened to an extensive explanation provided by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations about her recent briefing on the general situation in Iraq, which she presented to the UN Security Council.

Blaskhart affirmed the United Nations’ support for everything that would consolidate security and economic stability in Iraq and ensure the safety of Iraq.” its citizens and the provision of their service and humanitarian needs, as Mrs. Blaskhart expressed her happiness with the development and stability of the security situation in the capital, Baghdad, and other cities, which she emphasized in her briefing.

He explained that “the President of the Republic spoke about developments in the general situation in the country, and His Excellency indicated that the efforts made by the government to address many files are related to improving the conditions of citizens and their living and service conditions,” noting the need to support the government in implementing its program in response to the aspirations of the Iraqi people for a free and dignified life. .

And Rashid indicated, according to the statement, “working to establish a higher council for water in order to preserve water security related to the climate and understandings with neighboring countries, and to obtain a fair and necessary amount of water, in addition to improving water management and removing abuses.”

And the statement continued, “The President of the Republic discussed with Blaskhart the role of the United Nations Mission in Iraq and the importance of work and coordination to overcome obstacles facing a number of issues, especially the issue of the displaced, combating climate and environmental changes and water scarcity.”

Trade Intends To Create A New System For Electronic Collection

Economy| 11:55 – 05/21/2023  Baghdad – Mawazine News   The Ministry of Commerce intends to establish an electronic collection system in preparation for announcing the launch of the construction basket project to facilitate the process of constructing and rehabilitating residential homes.

The Minister of Commerce, Atheer Al-Ghurairy, said, “The establishment of an electronic system for collecting and applying for loans comes for the purpose of collecting amounts for the purpose of obtaining construction, health and electrical materials within the (construction basket) project.”

He explained, “The main objective of establishing the system is to provide services related to construction materials for the purpose of advancing the process of constructing and rehabilitating residential homes, as well as automating requests for loans through a modern and integrated system for citizens and the private sector by creating an electronic account, and filling out a special form for the loan so that this process is electronic and integrated.” “.

Al-Ghurairy referred to “coordination with the competent ministry’s companies to market construction materials with a proposal to open sales centers for the companies to be a commercial or marketing tributary for the offerings of these various materials,

in addition to the 15-affiliated centers of the company in the governorates, including three centers in the areas of Al-Haswa and Al-Hurriyah Al-Karrada in Baghdad.” In addition to providing citizens and the private and public sectors with the mechanism of direct sale of construction materials or the mechanism of disbursement fees on (MasterCard) or (QiCard).

Al-Ghurairy pointed out, according to the official newspaper, that “an initial agreement was reached with the management of an Islamic bank to discuss the electronic payment mechanism according to the government program for installing electronic payment devices in some of the sales centers of the General Company for Construction Materials in an initial experimental way to move towards electronic payment and get rid of liquidity problems.” Cash”.

An Economist Told Nina: The Debts Of Mobile Phone Companies To The Government Are More Than $7 Billion

Sunday 21 May 2023 | Economical Number of readings: 515  Baghdad / NINA / – The economist and political expert, Jalil Al-Lami, revealed that the debts of mobile phone companies to the government are more than $7 billion.

He said to the Iraqi National News Agency / NINA /: The government should work to collect the debts of the mobile phone companies / Asia, Atheer and Korek, which exceed 7 billion dollars.

Al-Lami added: These debts can contribute to addressing the financial deficit crisis on the one hand, and securing salaries and basic expenses on the other hand, in addition to enriching the country from borrowing and its negative consequences on the economic situation.

He explained: However, the Iraqi government, on the seventh of July of last year, renewed the licenses of the mobile phone companies for an additional five years, although the Iraqi judiciary issued a state order that the renewal of licenses of the three companies is illegal.

Al-Lami continued: The government proceeded with the renewal, as the companies pledged to pay 50% of their debts and launch the 4G service, indicating that it was more appropriate for the government to establish a national telecommunications company to maximize revenues that contribute to oil compensation and citizen support.

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