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Iraqi News Highlights Wednesday Evening 2-1-23

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The World Bank Is Ready To Work With Iraq To Implement Reforms

Economie| 09:23 – 01/02/2023   Baghdad – Mawazine News  The World Bank has expressed its willingness to work with the Iraqi government to implement investment and reform projects that require large financial resources. “There is more than one way to implement the Climate and Development Report,” Salim Rouhana, the bank’s sustainable development program official, said in an interview with the official newspaper, “Al-Sabah,” which was followed by Mawazine News, noting that “the report prioritizes reforms, starting with the reforms that are very necessary for capacity building.” implementation of projects, with the need to have the ability to complete them.

He added, “The second method is financing, part of which is public, and the other part is private, because the bank is interested in these sectors to create the political and financing structure, in order to motivate going for projects in energy, specifically alternative and renewable.”

And he continued, “The third way in the reform process is to shift from the immediate and short-term view to the medium and long-term view that requires some security and political stability and the creation of departments that can complete work on these projects and implement the view and direction even in the frameworks of changing governments and policies, and this matter is important, There must be some kind of continuity in government to implement medium and long-term projects.

He pointed out that “the World Bank will have a technical and intellectual support role, and it is preparing for the government’s request to support investment and reform projects and many tools in which we can work with it, which require large financial resources and create an environment for the private sector and investment and a lot of knowledge, technologies and modern ideas that The World Bank can attract expertise that has implemented these projects in other countries.

The Head Of The National Commission For Investment Directs Investment Companies To Adopt The Iraqi Dinar

Economie| 01:00 – 01/02/2023   Baghdad – Mawazine News, Chairman of the National Investment Commission, Haider Muhammad Makiya, today, Wednesday, directed companies to adopt the Iraqi dinar.

A statement of the commission stated, “The head of the National Commission for Investment, Haider Muhammad Makiya, directed investment companies to adopt the Iraqi dinar, within the framework of the state’s procedures to control the exchange rate,” indicating that “companies were instructed to adhere to the official dollar exchange rate established by the Central Bank of Iraq, which amounts to 1470 dinars to the dollar.” “.

Hanan Jassim, the authority’s official spokesperson, said, “The directive came based on Cabinet Resolution No. (23026) for the year 2023,” explaining that “the directive stipulated that the companies concerned should take the necessary measures to invest in residential complexes and not demand citizens registered on the aforementioned housing units.” In contrast, the violating companies shall take the necessary legal measures against them.

Chairman Of The Integrity Commission: We Were Able To Recover Money In A Number Of Countries

Economie| 02:08 – 01/02/2023   Baghdad – Mawazine News   announced, on Wednesday, the Integrity Commission’s move to recover more than three million dollars from a neighboring country.

The head of the commission, Judge Haider Hanoun, said in a press conference held today, “The money recovery fund aims to recover smuggled Iraqi funds and others,” noting that “the money has been recovered in a number of countries.”

He added, “There are more than three million dollars that will be recovered from one of the neighboring countries,” noting that “the area of corruption is wide and we are working to reduce it.”

He stated that “combating corruption is one of the priorities of the ministerial curriculum,” pointing to “besieging the corrupt internationally through concluding agreements.”

Hanoun continued, “The judiciary provides great support to the Integrity Commission,” stressing that “fighting corruption is a collective responsibility.” Ended 29/ No. 33

Al-Sudani’s Office: Recovering More Than $80 Million In Stolen Funds

political| 02:13 – 01/02/2023   Baghdad – Mawazine News, the office of Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani announced, on Wednesday, the recovery of more than $80 million of stolen funds.

And a brief statement of the office, received by Mawazine News, stated that “according to the government’s approach and as part of the government’s continuous endeavor to recover Iraqi funds smuggled abroad, the competent authorities were able to recover an amount of more than $80 million from the stolen funds and re-enter them into the state treasury.”

Oil: Revenues Last Month Amounted To 7 Billion And 690 Million Dollars

Economie| 12:57 – 01/02/2023   Baghdad – Mawazine News   The Ministry of Oil announced, today, Wednesday, the total exports and revenues achieved for the month of January, according to preliminary statistics issued by the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (SOMO).

The ministry said, in a statement received by Mawazine News, that “the total amount of exports of crude oil amounted to 101 million and 245 thousand and 95 barrels, with revenues amounting to (7.690) billion dollars.”

She added, “The total exported quantities of crude oil for the month of January from the oil fields in central and southern Iraq amounted to 98,460,50 barrels, while from the Kirkuk fields through the port of Ceyhan, the exported quantities amounted to 2,475,516 barrels.

” That “the average price of one barrel amounted to more than (75.96) dollars.”

The Dollar Rises Again In The Iraqi Market

Economie| 10:43 – 01/02/2023   Baghdad – Mawazine News  The exchange rates of the dollar rose today, Wednesday, slightly in the local markets.   Selling price: 168,500 dinars per 100 dollars  Buying price: 168,000 dinars per 100 dollars


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