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Iraqi News Highlights Saturday Afternoon 3-4-23

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Prime Minister: It Is Not Possible To Accept The Disruption Of Tasks And Projects, And Everyone Will Be Subject To Evaluation

Political     Today, 12:41  Baghdad – conscious Today, Saturday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani affirmed that the loyal employee is the main tool that the government relies on in implementing its programs and reforms, while indicating that everyone will be subject to evaluation, starting from the simplest employee to the highest level.

A statement by the media office of the Prime Minister, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stated that

“Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani honored a group of distinguished and creative employees in state institutions, during the activities of the fifth season of the (Job Day) festival that it held, this morning. Baghdad Governorate, in cooperation with the Universities of Baghdad and Al-Mustansiriya.

Al-Sudani said in a speech during the occasion:

“We meet this distinguished group of employees who represent role models in altruism, sincerity and integrity, as each one of them carries a great story that deserves appreciation, including the story of the

truck driver whose son was assassinated by terrorism, who was also driving a loaded truck.” With goods belonging to the state, he refused his funeral until the goods were delivered to their place, and he set an example of integrity, patience and commitment.  He continued: “Likewise, the story of the

director of the examination center who woke up in the morning to screams in his house because of his son’s death, and instead of his funeral, he went to the examination center and opened the school for students to take their exams, so it was a testament to the beautiful patience and concern for the students’ future, as well as the epic of the

medical team at Al-Wasiti Hospital.” Who worked a full day, day and night, to transplant an Iraqi child’s arm that was separated from his body, in addition to the story of

an Iraqi woman working in the Kimadia company, who was able, with her integrity, diligence and sincerity, to recover (50) million dollars, which could have gone into the pockets of the corrupt, after she lowered one of Vaccine contracts from (80) million dollars to (30) million dollars.  He pointed out,

“These stories are examples of many stories whose heroes were Iraqi men and women,

but what is regrettable is that many media outlets only transmit negative images and stories, and do not deal with positive stories, of which we have many.”  He stated that

“national duty and professionalism require that the media pay attention to these bright images, and not preoccupy themselves with sowing frustration and melancholy among people, by portraying all employees as corrupt, bribed, and insincere in the performance of their duties.” Pointing out that

“a successful employee is wherever he is, and in any service location.”

As for the hesitant and lazy employee who spreads negative energy, or who takes paths of bribery, corruption and disrupting people’s interests, he will be a burden on the successful, and a source of distortion for the efforts of loyal employees.  The Prime Minister stated that

“the government has drawn an integrated approach in administrative reform in all state institutions, to achieve its program and vision, represented in streamlining the performance of institutions, and putting an end to corruption, nepotism and red tape,” noting that

“the loyal, keen, honest and efficient employee, whatever his title, is It is the main tool that the government relies on in implementing its programs and reforms, and

no program can be implemented without successful tools, and

it is not possible to accept the disruption of tasks and projects due to delay, hesitation, corruption, or failure here or there.  He stated that

“everyone will be subject to evaluation, starting from the simplest employee up to the highest level, including the speaker (the prime minister),” pointing out that

“we cannot continue to suffer and ask the people to bear the favoritism here or there, which brought this negligent official or employee or corrupt.”  The Prime Minister concluded by saying:

“I salute you, and I salute the Baghdad governorate for this great work, and a tribute to the work team that brought us these samples from the employees who will be a source of radiation in all departments of the state.”–.html

The Prime Minister’s Adviser Outlines The Benefits Of Establishing The Treasury Single Account

Economy    Yesterday, 12:17  Baghdad – Conscious – Nassar Al-Haj  Today, Friday, the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, outlined the benefits of establishing the unified treasury account, while

he considered it the basic tool for managing the government’s monetary resources.

Salih said, to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that

“the unified treasury account is the main tool for unifying and managing resources or cash flows of the central government, as

Iraq, unfortunately, still depends on government banking arrangements in a fragmented manner.”  He added,

“The effective oversight of the financial administration cannot achieve its goals in controlling public funds unless it relies on unified and undivided government banking arrangements,” adding,

“Therefore, the unified treasury account is an essential tool for unifying and managing the government’s monetary resources.”  He continued:

“And then reduce the costs of borrowing, as the Iraqi government often borrowed from government banks in past years to fill the deficit in the annual budget, and

the sources of that borrowing were mostly surplus government deposits in various government accounts, due to the absence of sufficient information about the financial abundance scattered in various bank accounts”.

He pointed out that  “Iraq is still among the countries that have fragmented government banking arrangements in dealing with government revenues and payments,

which necessitates work today, for the government financial administration to have the launch of the project to establish the unified treasury financial account and in accordance with the priorities that came in the principles of reforming public financial management.” And which was stipulated in the ministerial platform of the Iraqi government.

He stressed that;  “the proliferation of sub-accounts of ministries, departments, and public institutions in the current form has made financial management and control authorities lose the ability to be accountable in following up on financial actions, so

pooling funds in a single or unified treasury account means pooling all government funds in one account, which would It

reduces borrowing costs,

expands credit,

improves the government’s fiscal policy, and at the same time

improves oversight and accountability in the scope of work of government spending units, and

reduces corruption in financial behavior and abuse of public money.  He noted that

“launching the establishment of the unified treasury account comes as a necessary condition for completing the digital system, which is called: the Integrated Financial Information Management System (IFMIS).

Yesterday, Thursday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani presided over a meeting of the Nationalization Committee for salaries and the unified treasury account, in the presence of the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, the Minister of Finance, the prime minister’s advisors, the general managers of the Rafidain and Rasheed banks and the Iraqi Trade Bank, and the representative of the Federal Office of Financial Supervision.

The meeting discussed, according to the Prime Minister’s Media Office, the

unified treasury account, the

settlement of employee salaries in all state departments, the

application of the electronic payment system (pos), and the

negotiation of contracting with an international consulting company, to advance the reality of lagging banks.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani, confirmed that the unified treasury account system will contribute to reducing corruption.

While the meeting witnessed the emphasis on the importance of the government’s unified account, which allows access to the actual daily balance of the government to determine its expenditures, instead of distributing it to more than one account, and

it also allows the liquidation of accounts and the removal of duplicates from them.–.html

Alia Nassif Praises The Suspension Of Electronic Payment Companies’ Contracts. People’s Money Was Unjustly Plundered

Saturday 04 March 2023 11:26 | political Number of readings: 402  Baghdad / NINA / – The deputy of the State of Law Coalition, Alia Nassif, described the Prime Minister’s decision to stop monopolistic contracts for electronic payment companies as “a step in the right direction to break the monopoly of these companies that plundered the pockets of citizens,” calling for “any government bank manager who proves to be complicit with this to be held accountable.” companies.”

And she said in a statement today: “These monopolistic companies have been looting people’s money for many years unjustly through arbitrary deductions, such as the Iraq Gate Company for its owner, Muhammad Al-Jarjafji, which deducts large sums of money from citizens’ salaries and prevents any other company from entering this field through collusion with important personalities.”

In government banks, and the Qi Card company of its owner, Bahaa Abdul Hussein, which defies the state and refuses to hand over the citizens’ database, bearing in mind that the presence of a database of Iraqi citizens in the possession of a private company based abroad is treason to the homeland.

And Nassif continued: “We hope that the Prime Minister will begin to hold these companies accountable and recover people’s money from them, and the most important thing is to hold accountable some government bank managers and branch managers who are complicit with the owners of these notorious monopolistic companies.”/ End 9 To

Central Bank: This Year Will Witness A Great Development In The Banking Sector And The Electronic Payment Process

Economy| 11:39 – 04/03/2023  Baghdad – Mawazine News  The Central Bank announced, on Saturday, that the current year will witness a “big, remarkable and tangible” development in the banking sector, while confirming the existence of a clear commitment in the anti-money laundering law.

The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, Ammar Hamad Khalaf, said in a speech during the forum and exhibition of banking and commercial services for merchants and businessmen, that “the banking sector is witnessing clear reforms that started from the pressure of external transfers,” noting that “we are continuing reforms at all levels, and there is a reform in electronic payment.” , according to the official agency.

He added, “The state’s orientation in general is to use cash devices and reduce the use of cash in the process of exchanging the banking sector, which suffers from some old problems,” noting that “the Central Bank continues in the reform process with these challenges that direct public and private banks that have an important role.” in meeting the needs of the banking sector.

And he continued, “The Central Bank has worked on facilities for financing merchants and external transfer of trade, and there is a clear commitment in the Anti-Money Laundering Law for Financing Terrorism,” pointing out that “the banking sector is the main sector in any economic development, and the infrastructure in the financial sector is a fundamental pillar of any economic development and growth.

He pointed out that “the current year will witness a significant, remarkable and tangible development for the banking sector and the electronic payment process,” noting that “there are broad procedures within the powers of the Central Bank, but there is also an important aspect that falls on the ground that needs legislation, and therefore the issue of the exchange rate that concerns all citizens.” Its stability is everyone’s responsibility.”

He stressed, “The Central Bank works, legislates, and issues instructions and orders to facilitate proper access to foreign currency, whether they are travelers or merchants,” pointing out that “this meeting will be the beginning of continuous communication between the real sector and the banking sector to reduce the challenges and problems facing the two sectors, and we will be present as a central bank.” And listen to any challenges and overcome all difficulties. Ended 29/N33


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