Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 2-16-23

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Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight. Glad you’re listening in from wherever you are in this beautiful world of ours. And we think our call may be getting out further into the universe. So, some of you outside of this world may be listening to us – hope so.

Today is Thursday, February 16th and you are listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in, like I said, and we’re happy to be here, and we’re gonna have a really fun call tonight I think

All right, it’s time to get into the Intel segment.  I’ve got some very good news to report that is really a game changer for all of us. And here it is.  I mentioned Tuesday and I got this information while I was on the call Tuesday night.  That’s how late it came to me – But thank God it did.

I was talking about the idea of the transition from our old form of government, which is a USA Inc. Okay, the United States of America Incorporated, transitioning to the Restored Republic of America. Okay, that started at 11am Tuesday morning and completed at midnight – one this morning – a transition to the Restored Republic of America place and is in place now

Say okay, so what changed? your government? It is big.

This means that your treasury resources that when that happened, the green light as I mentioned to you on Tuesday night – the green light would be triggered by Treasury to the banks to allow the banks to move forward with tranches of payments to bondholders, their notifications and us to be notified for our exchanges.

That was a very big move that had to take place. And it did.

And here’s where we are now. The bondholders have received – many of them – if not all by now – have received certified letters today that they will be receiving – I can’t say in every single case – But in a lot of cases – maybe most cases they will be receiving a black card, which is you know a black credit card – is about the highest level of card you can get.

And that’s what black card would also get a the information with its passwords and so on to activate it – but that they would also have their bond funds in an account that is tied to that card. We’re talking about bond owners, not us.

Bond holders, therefore, would have those cards sent to them by Federal Express on Saturday. And then they would have access to those funds to spend them as early as Monday or Tuesday.

So the bond owners were seeing the funds are flowing well to their accounts. they can see the funds in their accounts – many of them can and they’ll have the card on Saturday  that they’ll activate and be able to stand on Monday or Tuesday.

Now, that’s cool for the bond holders. Where does that put us? I told you the bond holders notifications would trigger us.

So, the latest we have from this same Treasury source is saying that we in tier 4B will be notified either Sunday evening or Monday morning. I’m not gonna say Monday morning, Sunday night or Monday  – and we would set our appointments on Monday – Start our exchanges on Tuesday.

That’s the latest that we have that has us going early next week. That means that the 19th would be on Sunday. we could get notifications by email on Sunday evening Sunday night – Or we could get them in the morning or mid morning on Monday, the 20th and then we would set our appointments for Tuesday the 21st of February – That’s where that’s where we are as of this afternoon.

And tonight – The good news is that we made the transition from USA Inc. Incorporated, USA Inc. to Restored Republic of the United States of America. It’s a big deal. And you’re gonna see a lot of ramifications from that transition that occurred at midnight (O1) one this morning.

You’re gonna see a lot of things take place with movement of people out of office, out of the position that they’re in, whatever that is, there’s just gonna be a lot of change coming up

And if the Bronson’s case is revealed tomorrow – the decision by the Supreme Court is revealed tomorrow Friday, I don’t know when mid morning maybe. Who knows whenever it comes out – That should change our political direction – Taking place a matter of days after that happens.

Two to three days after that happens we move into our restorative public with the restored people in charge of our country fully, fully back in charge. So we’ll see what that looks like. – And I will tell you one thing – Okay, if we get the notifications like I expect by Monday, we could have a 10 or 12 day of disclosure starting Monday or Tuesday.

I believe they’ll bring it out around that timeframe. And as part of that disclosure – we should have full implementation of NESARA here in the US, and GESARA internationally, put into play – In its final phases, It’s already been started, but we haven’t really most of us have not seen anything of that yet – And we should – That’s coming up

If I’ve seen was getting her voice tonight, and I’m starting to lose mine, so I’m going to cut it, cut it short.. that’s really everything – let me make one comment on black card because here’s why I’m not going to be looking to get a black card.

I don’t want people in restaurants if I’m at a high end restaurant, which I plan to be at – And I give them the black card and the waiters all woo woo about it. You know they know when they see a black card – it’s far and few between – they know you’re a player.

You don’t want to be a player. You want to be on the downlow

So when they take that card and they go back and they run it, next thing you know they’re in the kitchen talking about it. Everybody’s going, Hey, man, let me see that number – man – and they start taking the number down and then write. You don’t want that to happen.

You don’t want to play that guy you’d rather be a guy with a gold card or platinum card that you can get from Wells, or Chase or Citi or Bank of America. You don’t have to have a black card. And we feel we’ve been talking about it for years, that it’s probably not as safe if you’re a black card holder, as it would be if you just have a regular gold card.

Now remember, your big money is held in quantum account in the QFS system, that quantum is where you’ll have your special titanium card – I don’t know that it might not be white like titanium – it’s Triple Thick has three chips in it – biometric fingerprint and the other chips and that’s the one that you move money from your quantum account to your primary or secondary Wells Fargo accounts.

And of course, at some point, I’m sure you can move it into other banks. You’re the only one that can see that in the whole protocol. So keep that in mind and that platinum quantum access card as I call it, that accesses your quantum account – that’s something you want to keep very, very safe.

You probably don’t take it with you – probably leave that in a very safe place, at home, not at the bank, but at home, so you can get to it. And you always know where it is.

All right. so that’s pretty much everything I think I wanted to say tonight.

We are looking very strong with this transition that took place we’re under the Restored Republic – And I think you’re gonna see some political change take place.  Hopefully we get good results out of the Supreme Court decision tomorrow.

If that happens we’re on our way – but we’re on our way anyway, because of what happened for the bondholders so far – just even today – with these registered letters – and Saturday with their card and Monday being able to spend funds – Monday or Tuesday, but we’re looking good we’re right on their heels – Let’s everybody have a great weekend – We’re already there – for me it’s when the Big Call ends – So let’s take this and run with it – Let’s pray the call out – Thanks Everybody


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