Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 2-23-23

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Welcome to everybody out there in big call universe listening to the big call tonight. Thanks for coming in wherever you’re listening from. We should be getting out to 12 and 15 plus million listeners all over the globe, possibly in as many as 99 or 100 languages. And so we thank you for listening, whether it’s in your native tongue or whether it’s in English it could be your native tongue. Either way, we thank you. And we’re looking forward to having a great call tonight.

Alright guys, let’s talk about where we stand on the Intel front. All right, and so this is really a- boy are we ever close.   Let’s start with this.  We knew we were close on Tuesday’s call and we thought Wednesday or Thursday would bring it in.  Now, we didn’t get it started yet, except I’ll get to that in a second.

One of our bond paymasters has a connection with somebody in the treasury who’s very high up in the treasury. And in speaking with this individual, and talking to him about what our start of the RV would be when we get notifications out and get started and so on. He just said he would no longer be able to talk to the individual after about five o’clock tonight. So he’s cut off our contact is cut off from Treasury.

But he said we are on the precipice. Now what Treasury said we are on the precipice. Now when you’re on a precipice, you’re on the edge of a cliff about ready to go.

That’s what he was saying.

We had other individuals telling us that we expect the NESARA and GESARA to be announced tomorrow by Charlie Ward. If that occurs – I’m going to check that –  it is to be announced over the weekend.

And that alone could precipitate some political change over the weekend that we’ve been looking for.

The other thing is regarding our charts, the bondholders received their quantum access cards on Saturday, and they’re waiting for that email to come still, which I believe will come very close to our email notifications of when we’re to get our toll free number and call and set our appointments.

But we do know that the bond holders are also waiting to receive their emails to let them know how much of their funds which is approximately 1% of their total, how much they can send and when they can spend it. How soon?  What’s their start date?  It could be very close.

Now, we are at the precipice and we are looking very good as far as our part goes. We’re looking very good as far as that goes.

Iraq I believe has done what they were supposed to have done.

Everything is positive. There may be some additional arrests going on in Iraq as we speak. But the situation is cleaned up.

Now. If we have been somewhat slowed down a little bit today because there are one or two other countries that are trying to get in to the first set of currencies.

I don’t know which countries – don’t have any idea on that. But there are some that are maybe one or two that are trying to get in at the last minute.

Kind of what it seems like anyway, that’s what it does. Other than that there does not appear to be anything else in the way of this going as far as we know.  Sometimes we you know Hindsight is 20/20 Sometimes we find out later after the fact what happened and that’s what held us up but I’m not really seeing or feeling that things are holding us up at this point.

One thing this is interesting for this afternoon, that as of 8pm Tonight, Eastern Time CMKX deliveries and prosperity packages were to start – Now realize this – prosperity packages aren’t going to be delivered in the middle of the night. They would deliver up till about 9 PM or 930 at night, and then they will resume in the morning. And I couldn’t tell you who would be before eight or nine o’clock  – Maybe – probably not.

But they are to continue tomorrow, tomorrow morning and throughout tomorrow. And remember, the prosperity packages that we’re going to go out should be going out in conjunction with us setting appointments and starting our exchanges. There is supposed to be there in kind of a parallel to  the exchanges that are going on.

Now, I had hoped I would receive a toll free number in time for the big call tonight. To put it out because they do want as many people as possible to use the toll free number to set their appointments and go in to the redemption centers. And some people could be scared to a tier one bank if they’re not a Zim holder. They they have dinar only or didn’t for dong only. They could be sent even using the toll free number. They could be sent with your tier one bank to do those simple exchanges.

Zim redemption is a little more complicated. A little bigger deal. They definitely will not be redeeming zim other than through redemption centers overseen by Wells Fargo. At least not initially. They could do that after a month or two if there’s any stragglers – they  could take them in most Wells Fargo are a couple of other tier one banks. But the vast majority of us will be using the toll free number, setting an appointment – not getting more than 10 minutes early. You’d be 10 minutes early, but not more than that.

I want to make that very clear to the transcribers and to the people that are putting notes out – I’m  very clear on that – being on time is being no more than 10 minutes early for your appointment.

If you run late for your appointment, more than likely, you’ll get the back of the line and you will have to reschedule at a later date.

All right, so let’s consider that – Now to be completely ready for your appointment especially if you’re Zim holder.

You need to consider making a presentation that you can deliver in person in five to eight minutes to the redemption center staff.

That would be something that you do if you had already written it up in an outline form, not in 100 page business plan. Not talking about that. I’m talking about a simple outline form

And I can’t wait. I can’t wait for it to happen. So let’s just say this. I did not receive notifications  yet today and everything especially with a CMKX and the prosperity packages. I would say there’s a very good possibility they’ll go out tomorrow and I would say there’s a good possibility that we could get notified before lunchtime tomorrow. But let’s see what happens.   So let’s pray this call out and see what happens between now in the weekend.


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