Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 2-28-23

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Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Tuesday February 28th and you’re listening to the Big Call – we’re glad you’re here – looking forward to the Big Call tonight with lots of information –

Let’s segway our way into the Intel segment tonight   let’s see there’s, there’s quite a few things. I’m not going to bring them out in any particular order but just as they come to me.  First thing that I thought was really interesting is that you know, we know some people that are what we call introducers – bond introducers. This means that they introduced a buyer to a seller of bonds.

Sometimes they’re called intermediaries, but they’re introducers. Those are to be paid out – their commissions – tonight between 11pm Eastern, and 1am in the morning, so there’s a two hour window for the introducers to be paid out their commission’s

The other thing is we’re hearing from several sources that tonight, starting 11 o’clock Eastern that the notifications for us in tier 4B and those in tier 4A, which we usually refer to as the admirals groups are to be notified and paid out tonight – starting at 11.

Now, I think for us, that are part of tier 4B the Internet Group – I would think this means our emails  would come out to us possibly over night or in the morning, but in either case, we should be receiving notifications tomorrow.

Now guys let’s cut to redemption center staffing.  They’ve been having partial staffing until tomorrow. Wednesday is the first of March Wednesday that the people that we talked to, in the redemption Center are saying that they will have fully staffed tomorrow, which takes them usually from around eight in the morning without 11 o’clock at night. Now there have been there’s been talk of schedules that might go 12 to 14 days and redemption centers, But could be less in some areas depending on the amount of Zim holders in the area, But let’s say between 10 -11 and 12 to 14 days that schedule looks like it would start tomorrow, the first of March.

The other thing is I’ve heard from one other source that talks about having this completed by the 15th of March. Now I can see that happening. If we get started tomorrow with notifications and we believe we set appointments and might even start tomorrow.

If that happens I could see us completing by the 15th – in all markets. That’s really really a big deal.

Now that I say we are shot of starting on the first I think I said last Thursday on the call. It wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t let this go before the first of March which is the day that Kuwait revalued their currency some 48 years ago – Now for I did think there was a possibility we get notified today –

But realistically, we were not – and it looks like we will get notified overnight or start tomorrow – Now – am I calling it? I’m doing everything but — I can’t call it but all of the information is pointing to this. Everything I’ve got from all sources and saying that we’re all on that same page.

Now regarding NESARA and GESARA, one of our top leaders is saying that we would get an announcement or it would come out Wednesday or Thursday. that’d be tomorrow or Thursday. NESARA – GESARA – Remember Charlie Ward is the one who’s supposed to bring that out to us. And he may be in South Africa when he does that for sure but that’s what, at least that’s what we have heard in the past.

Let’s talk a little bit about the new currency that we’re going to get – the USN and the USTN – physical money that you put in your pocket currency. We bid on the USN digitally since the first of February, trading it since the first of February. So for a month now that’s already in play.

But the folding money, the currency that we keep in our pockets or purses or money clips, wherever that is that is supposed to be available for us at the redemption center.

So we should be able to take that and go with that tomorrow. But we if we change tomorrow, or Thursday if for some reason we started Thursday, but it’s looking like the first of March is the beginning of everything we’re looking for

Talking about currency again, the USD the fiat currency that we have now is supposed to all be turned in if you will – spent – exchanged at the bank for the new money – all of that are USD is supposed to be the end of using the USD in the United States is supposed to be April 10th – April 10. So we should be getting the new money starting at the centers – That’s going to be terrific.

Let’s talk about what else is going on. Oh, this has something to trick my curiosity and gave me this memory.

I was told that we will be going to a four week and a four day school day. I don’t know exactly how soon. That could be a few months away – maybe it’s next year. I don’t know when it starts, but it’s to allow us to have more time with our families and friends.

Okay, so four day workweek, which they talked about this way back when I don’t know if it was in the 70s or when it was that was talked about – It kind of went the other direction – then it went to four days for most people that went to six days and some people seven day work weeks – well or they’re going to try to get it back to a four day work week and a four day school week. Okay

Now, So NESARA  – GESARA we’re looking to have come out in the next Wednesday / Thursday timeframe.

Now what else is happening? There’s a lot of cleanup going on in Arizona that started early this morning and it’s ongoing, and it’s paving the way for a Supreme Court decision to be put out tomorrow on the first. We believe it’s coming out tomorrow. It could be Brunson.

The case we talked about on the Big Call, but it should reverse where we’ve been in terms of election fraud – and all that that has taken place for quite a long time since 2004.

And this would be a major decision that should prove the way for a change in leadership in our country. Let’s just say it that way.  And that should put us off on a good and even keel again.

There’s been a lot done in Vietnam. In the last day or so to bring that country into full compliance and readiness for GESARA and I believe we have a new rate on the Dong that will keep everybody very happy. It’s quite quite a great rate that we should see at the redemption centers and in our tier one banks

But primarily what they want everybody to do when you get the toll free number is to set your appointment and use that system The call in system to set your appointment so that you can get the very best possible rates in the redemption centers for Dong – Dinar, and the other currencies – Afghani everything, and the Zim especially if you have a project presentation, you can make in five to eight minutes at the redemption center. You’re to do that in five to eight minutes – short presentation – primarily in outline the bullet points – however you’ve got it constructed to describe it.

So we’re looking for some political change after the Supreme Court puts out their decision tomorrow.

We’re looking good for everything to start, we believe and we know that they’re going to be we’re going to be going gangbusters here guys over the next three………

okay, and then just pause for one second, I’ll be right back

that if —   I believe that everything I wanted to bring up with one exception was one of the things and that’s the restitution that’s coming to us under NESARA in this country.

We’ve talked about people that are on social security from the age of 62 on up really, the so called senior restitution starts at the age of 60. But the people who are already in Social Security they’re going to use if you’re already set up and they have your Social Security account information being your bank account that you get it in that you’re going to also receive the restitutionary – restitutional payment through that bank account, or your social security is coming every month.

So we’ll see how large it is whether it’s once a year for 11 years, which is what we heard and take the total restitution divided by 11. And they’ll bring your first payment out. We think in the month of March is what it’s supposed to be and people that are not getting something paid automatically as a direct deposit to the bank accounts are supposed to receive their information in a FedX letter which would give them a check to negotiate that they’ve signed for and signed off on.

They went to the bank to have that process and have a deposit – and you already know about the quantum account access cards made of titanium that might look like platinum, whatever – but that is going to give you access to your quantum account which is where all of your money from your exchanges and your Zim redemption go into that account – then you’ll move money using your quantum account access cards to access your quantum account and then you’ll move funds from that to your primary or secondary bank accounts.

But in my case, starting off, I believe that we’ll start with the possibility of using Wells Fargo, since they’re the leaddog on this whole exchange of oversight throughout the United States – outside of the United States you’re looking at HSBC and in Latin America you’re looking at Banco Santander – Santander Bank.

Ok – So for all going to put this together, use your quantum account card, you cannot lose it – use it don’t lose it.

You gotta keep it in a super safe place where you know where it is and you can access it and use it for moving funds – You’re not charging anything on it – you’re not spending off of that card – you’re only using it to access a quantum account and then move funds from that account – move any one and a half billion dollars into each LLC business account that you set up – I’m calling them secondary accounts under my primary account with Wells

But by doing this 1.8 billion 20 This they want to see how you spend that money. You appropriate who you give him when you don’t get the one they’re gonna track it on the quantum system that track that and if you do well, and you don’t do anything stupid, don’t do anything wrong.

Then you’ll have access to the rest of your funds in…….

So I got cut off on my own call. So now.

All right, so I’m back and did dial back in so really, that is the key is to use a quantum access card but I call it qac. I know it sounds qac. It’s kind of funny, but there’s nothing funny about it. It’s really designed for us to use that to see our accounts and our bankers don’t see it. The banks don’t unless you show it to them. They don’t know how much you have.

The Redemption centers will see it and then forget it because they’re going to be seeing all kinds of people with all kinds of balances. So don’t worry about them.

Now I think that is everything I wanted to bring out tonight on the call. Obviously I’m excited about the prospects for tomorrow – for overnight tonight and tomorrow and everything’s looking like this is finally ready to go.  That’s what it looks like let’s stay in prayer for it stay in faith for it.

Let’s expand our faith to include this blessing, and let’s pray the call out accordingly. Okay,


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