Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 3-2-23

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight – IT is Thursday, March 2ND and you’re listening to the Big Call – tuned in hopefully all over the globe. I think we have our software running. Where we’re – we never know how many we may be reaching but recently it’s been between 14 or 15 million people globally in multiple languages – as many as 99 different languages that are 101 well over 20 countries. So hopefully you’re one of those that’s getting the big call in your own language, which is kind of cool. And hopefully the translation software is fairly accurate. So welcome everybody. Before we get into the call, we always pray to call in

Well, let’s talk a little bit about some intel.  Yesterday was frustrating. That was Wednesday because Wednesday, we got very little, very little probably as light an Intel day as ever, and that’s after Tuesday and you guys remember Tuesday night’s call was chock full of intel.

As I remember, it was full of a lot of things to bring up. And I thought, oh boy, are we going to even have a call Thursday? Yes, we have one – call tonight.

At the intel was light yesterday. Today it is sort of normalized – we got some information from a bond paymasters – that was good. We got information from a couple of the redemption center people, But overall, where we are now, and this was sort of adding up to some information that we did hear later let’s say was that looks like they’re prepared to finally go early next week.

That’s what it looks like right now. Now here’s the one caveat. The caveat is we could get a surprise. We could get a surprise soon.

So what I want us to do is keep an eye on our emails for the next several days – but at this point, we’re looking forward to an early start. next week.  Monday, Tuesday ish. All right.

This is what was really interesting to me today. We heard that the bondholders, remember that have sold the bonds, and a lot of them can see in their accounts, the amount that they’re receiving the introducers commissions, they can see those in their accounts. But do they have access to those funds yet? One thing they have in your account, It’s another thing for it to sit pending, and then have it not available yet.

`So this is the case for the bondholders. And the most interesting thing today was that it appears that we’re going to be notified before the bondholders get access to funds.

In other words, that 12 hours where we thought the bondholders would go and then we might start notifications 12 hours later. it looks like from what we’ve heard that it might be reversed –

But actually we could get notified tier 4A group tier 4B and the admirals group. We could actually get notified and started before the bond holders get access to the funds – kind of a complete turnaround. So we’ll see – We’ll see if that happens.

Let me say this about Iraq and the Iraqi dinar there has been a relatively low rate of the dinar on screens.  But it’s there because right now, just saying yesterday, okay.  The reason is because Iraq and us are negotiating their oil contracts.


And they’re I’m going to say this appears that the rate for yesterday’s rate because I don’t know where it is today. Yesterday’s rate was artificially low for the negotiation of these contracts which was to our advantage as the US but the rate was to go up dramatically after yesterday.

So maybe we’re at a much higher rate doesn’t really matter because we know that we’re going to have an all new contract rate on the middle on Saturday, and I know what it is, and it’s an excellent rate. And if you want to kind of find out roughly not exactly, but roughly where that is, check out the price of North Sea Brent crude oil per barrel. We’ve looked at that and it’s going to be within $2 or $3 of that – usually –

It’s weird because they will have why does that have anything to do? well, That’s what the contract rate of the dinar is going to be loosely tied to.

Okay. If you want to look that up research that you can I don’t know if that’s going to be offered to or not may have to know about it. To ask for it. I’ve been told told it both ways.

But now you know about it and now you can ask for it. And what I do understand is it doesn’t matter whether you have zim or not.

Because obviously the word and zim doesn’t really matter with the rate of the dong or whatever, because the zim just overshadows everything – And it does – absolutely it does. But you still can benefit from that higher rate. If you ask for it what they’re going to contract with the dong

There was a highly negotiable rate, and you might still be able to negotiate that. But Dong rate that I heard a few days ago was excellent.   Probably three times where we thought it was going to be.

So it’s just really don’t worry about that. There’s at least your worries right now. The only thing we need to do is get notified – set our appointments – and get started – the NESARA and GESARA will come in when they come in – political change will happen when it happens. Right now. We’re focusing on moving forward with our redemption at the redemption centers and our currency exchanges.

But let’s say this. We know our rates are going to be really stellar. We’re going to be good we’re going to get started here – not this week, I don’t think but you got to keep an eye on for the possibility of surprise. Just keep an eye out.

but we’ll see we’ll see what happens guys listen, we can never know exactly when this is gonna go – there are three people that know when this is gonna go that are in the United States – three.

I know who they are, but I don’t think I should put them out.

And there are some people internationally that know – about five and they’re not talking. So – let’s just run with that.

Let’s have a great weekend. Let’s keep an eye open for our emails.

All right. Well, that’s what I wanted to bring to you guys tonight. Let’s go ahead and pray the call out and everybody have a great weekend.

Well, let’s have a great night everybody. Have a great weekend – and like I said, we will be in touch by email, after this goes – God bless you guys.


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