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Welcome everybody to the Big Call today.   It is Thursday, March the 9th and you’re listening to the Big Call. Thanks for tuning in everybody wherever you are all around our beautiful blue marble of the globe. Thank you for that and thank you for listening yet again. We look forward to having a good call tonight. We’re looking forward to giving you some great information that you can use.

Alright let’s talk a little bit about Intel before I go totally nuts tonight – that was cool segment Bob I appreciate that – All right guys, here we go Intel begins now

There are three / four groups that you guys have heard about. tier one, tier two, tier three and tier four. You guys know that. Wells Fargo looks at tier four as one – one large group, we tend to break down tier four and tier four B – four B being the Internet group, the largest of any and all groups in the world and the internet.

Okay, but tier four A is what we usually refer to as the admiral’s groups. There are several of them many of them, out of Reno, okay, that’s fine. We’ll lump in tier 4B that’s cool. As tier four

Now, just yesterday on the 8th, which was my sort of magical start date for us  – It looks like some things did start, in fact, on the 8th – yesterday, and one thing was the banks, with the Treasury released codes that they call series one, series two, series three and series four – those series 1 2 3 4 align with our tiers 1 2 3 and four.

So the Treasury release series one, two and three. But series four some people say was released and other people say of our sources say it was not yet released.  But I’m gonna go on the side that says it has not yet been released. but it should be – I mean, it should be released tomorrow or Saturday for us.

Now – Here’s where that puts us. In other words – tiers one, two and three have been released to receive liquidity yes 1 and 2 –  3 is supposed to receive their email – now these are the bondholders -These are bond holder – some of these guys are pretty big players. some of them aren’t that big – they might have two or three bonds – so I might have a whole boxes of boxes and boxes of bonds. Okay which are very valuable.

And the tier three’s – our bond holders are supposed to be getting that all important email overnight. – tonight or tomorrow, which is Friday, but that would give them access to funds. Like I said some of them most of them have to go in to the bank usually Wells Fargo to activate their new account including their quantum accounts. Okay, and use that quantum access part I call it the quack sorry about that. Quantum account access card, which is what we will receive when we go for our redemptions of zim

We’ll have a quantum account and all that stuff I told you about. All right. So that means tier three is to receive their emails overnight tonight, which they wake up till tomorrow or they would receive them tomorrow. Now what about us, those of us who are in tier four B and part of the internet group.

We’ve got two ways that we’ve heard this from three or more different sources – some are saying that we will receive this in three to four days, which would be Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Sunday or Monday.

Notifications – Sunday or Monday – two other sources has specifically said that we would receive this over the weekend. Well, that brings Sunday back into play, but it could bring Saturday or Sunday into play for notifications.

I really don’t have a horse in this race because I I know it’s coming and we’re going to get I just don’t know if it’s going to stretch us out to early next week, commentary or really next week, or whether we actually would receive notifications maybe Sunday and start on Monday. You know that tends to go – Monday becomes Tuesday –  Tuesday gets to be Wednesday – I’m tired of it guys – just like you are

I just hate to bring out information that’s not so specific that we can kind of set our new Daylight Savings clocks by it. But that’s the situation we find ourselves in right now. We need the Treasury to have release or release the series, four codes so that we can begin and get notified by Wells Fargo servers so that we can get the emails, toll free number will be in there.

And then we’ll enter that information that we need to when we call with the toll free number and get to one of six call centers across the country. And then from the call center we get directed to the redemption Center, which is closest to the zip code that we put in. Seemingly when we enter that zip code numerically on our phone dial pad.

So we are really, really close.

We know that we know that we also heard and had confirmed from two different sources that NESARA and GESARA were announced – signed off completely – and announced in Dubai – that was yesterday – on the 8th and that that the so called GESARA is moving this way.

Today should have officially started NESARA here in United States referred to it as GESARA coming to the United States – we know it as NESARA here.

So whichever way you look at it, it has been activated internationally out of Dubai by Charlie Ward and President Trump – And then now it’s a matter of when do we see and what do we see?

How do we see it? How do we see the debt forgiveness? How do we see the restitution or allowance that we get back for our birth certificate money? and our interest and be paid on loans and bank loans and car loans, mortgages, all of that? And then what are we doing with our tax money that is to be refunded to us as well? The tax money that we pay all our lives

Now regarding only 2022 taxes – My main source is suggesting that we’re not going to have to file for those many of you guys have already filed especially if you’re getting a refund back right. But I’m gonna wait and see what happens with NESARA information that comes up that should include   – it does include no more federal personal income taxes. And actually state income taxes too.

If you’re in a state that has an income tax, they’re going away in favor of a special consumption tax, similar to the value added tax that they charge you in Europe, the VAT the VAT. Here it is called a consumption tax. And whereas the VAT the last time I was in Europe was 17%. Our consumption tax should be down somewhere between 14 and 15% or so. And it is inborn and meaning put into the prices of new goods – new Items, doesn’t include food will be no tax on food. There’ll be no tax on medicine or medical devices.

I’m sure there’ll be other exclusions for the consumption tax, but that is supposed to start whenever they say it starts and that’s a good thing for us.

Because it’s going to be a lot better even if we buy a million dollars’ worth of stuff. We’re only paying an additional you know 14 – 15% In buying those goods compared to getting tax personally on all of the interest that you make.

And all you have in your primary or secondary are going in Wells Fargo and other bank accounts. Passive income is essentially where that would be right that’s an income is what your interest income is considered. So I I’m looking forward to this happening sooner than later. Obviously, we are all looking forward to it can get our projects started.

I’ve got an Intel call coming in. Okay, but I want to finish with that.

Good. Thank you guys for filling in for me. I just got some intel information. Remember in my Intel segment tonight I talked about series 1 2 3 and four release codes from Treasury – we got confirmation that in fact, the series four release codes which are ours – tier Four

Okay, tier four A & B were released today. I had received by Wells Fargo so that we can move forward Now – Does that change our start? Still looks like it’s this weekend that we will be notified but at least we have the release codes that have got a notification so Saturday Monday is considered the weekend Saturday or Sunday. That brings both days into play.

Okay. And I don’t know that we’re gonna get a surprise tomorrow on Friday but I would think we’d be pretty, pretty good shape for Saturday or Sunday.

So that’s the latest piece I just received. And that’s good that was confirmed. So I was talking about the world class formula – I think I finished with that. And with that, I think we’re ready to pray the call out.

Let’s do it.   First lets thank Sue and Bob especially my co hosts on the Big Call and anyone else that’s out there that’s behind the scenes. That’s helping us to gather the intel we need to give the information that we need. And also thank you everyone that’s listening out there big call universe, for your participation on listening in on the call.

So looking forward to this you guys.  Let’s stay tuned stay in faith and look forward to a great weekend really been a really terrific when all this comes through. And it looks like everything is coming. Because remember I told you last Tuesday that they got the military got the green light and now they’re moving forward with the release of the series of codes – bank codes  All right. Let’s pray the call out


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