Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 2-14-23

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight – It is Tuesday, February 14th. Happy Valentine’s Day to everybody – it is Valentine’s Day here in the US. I don’t know if that extends internationally or not, but we’ll extend it.  Happy Valentine’s Day.  Well, it’s good to have everybody tuned into the big call tonight from wherever you’re listening all over the globe. Thanks for tuning in. We’re gonna have a great fun call tonight and celebrate Valentine’s Day and I hope everybody has had a good day so far. And hopefully it will cap it off. Pardon the pun, cap it off tonight. And we’ll have a good time doing that. Okay,

All right guys, let’s get into some intel figure out where in the world we stand on this thing.  As you know, you know Intel changes like I said earlier tonight things are moving behind the scenes.

Now let me tell you one thing that that is happening tonight.  Tonight, we are transitioning from the USA Inc, meaning incorporated, the USA Inc government phasing into the Restored Republic of the United States.

The Restored Republic – that transition into that is supposed to be underway tonight. I’m gonna say they probably ended up doing it at midnight. But that’s what is supposed to happen. That’s a major move for us.

Now there was an ISO 220 22 You guys might have heard about primarily initially dealing with Cryptos. But this evidently was something that could have been signed and put into law to help stabilize the markets.

Now today, I watch the last hour or so of trading and found that well trading in the in the NASDAQ the S&P and in the main exchange was sort of all over the place. It was to lower that it went up and went down. It was really variable today. – Quite a bit –

And it ended up I think the market went down 170 – 160 -170 points at the end of the close. But there was no way you could say today was a Valentine’s Day Massacre In terms of the stock market, Right? It just wasn’t it didn’t take place. Does that mean that we have to look for a stock market crash?

You know, people believe that it’s going to be – let me just say something we if we transition fully, which I believe we’re doing tonight and tomorrow we’re not to a gold backed – asset backed currencies.

Why would that take our market down? It wouldn’t right?  if we knew that our dollar was stronger than it’s ever been backed by gold, precious metals, backed by assets. I think all it would do is strengthen our dollar – and as long as it is now just by who we are in America even with this administration in place –

So we’re gonna have a beautiful changes politically, I hope to look forward to. And I’ve heard that that will take place sometime early next week.  Maybe middle of next week should happen pretty soon.

So that’s just the background of what we’re talking about now.

We’ve talked to some of our bank sources today. We got one with our lead bank talking about this thing going – tomorrow for notifications and Thursday for start of exchanges on liquidity – bondholder are supposed to get their emails of liquidity overnight tonight and tomorrow morning, giving them access to funds possibly Wednesday but most likely Thursday

Now were are in a position to believe this in a Wednesday / Thursday time frame which we have from two of our strong sources  – one of the cyber source one is a bank source and our other foreign bank source is giving us this week or possibly early next week.

Well, I hate to even bring that up but you know, I’m trying to be candid about the information that I’m getting out to you.

So we’re looking strong for the next couple of days. And then there’s a possibility that if it doesn’t go then we are looking really good for the next week, which is a Monday/Tuesday thing –

But what’s interesting is there are things that are changing behind the scenes – You know, and we’re just gonna have to track it and see what we can find that’s actually happening – NESARA – GESARA is supposed to be I’m gonna call it more rolled outs, or maybe final phases of our NESARA rolling out about middle of next week, which would be Wednesday the 22nd – So somewhere in that range. we may actually get NESARA / GESARA rolled out – announced, whatever.

I was thinking it would be today or tomorrow.  But it looks more like next week. Political change could be taking place early next week. Let’s see what that looks like. I’ll try not to be dissuaded. by mainstream news. So called UFO, attacks and all of that – on spy balloon, all of that is noise guys.

It’s just noise and looking into certain aspects and all these things is deep state is trying to pull off and these last ditch attempts to slow down the RTC down the Global Currency Reset slowed down NESARA GESARA – are what they’re trying to do with these things. I just I just don’t give it place

Now There are a couple of things I want to mention.  You know, for a long time, we’ve talked about the value of the zim bonds – We know what the denominations say, on the bonds. We’ve got 50 billion zim dollars. We’ve got 10 trillion zim — we got 50 trillion zim. We’ve got 100 trillion zim, but I call them 50 T notes 100 T 10 T notes. Right. That’s the lingo. So what I’ve mentioned many times on this call, and it’s important to know that it says payable to the bearer of

This amount on that note is a – it’s like a bond that is payable to the bearer with no change. So gotta realize people are concerned some people have read something about the rate of zim – And is there a limit? Are there caps? Now here’s the reason there are no caps on the Zim.

If you have projects like we’ve talked about – you know that the zim is on par with our USN dollar – one for one.

Therefore it 10 t note is worth just that 10T – 50 T notes – 50 T  – 100T is worth 100 Trillion – Now what’s important to find on this is that our Top Bank, who’s in charge of this thing has told us one of the top three positions in that bank has told us what does the notes say?  It says pay to the bearer –

What does the notes say? And then once the nomination meaning was the amount of the note – well it was very clearly written. That’s what we will get.


Now how are we going to get that much? How in the world? Because it’s going into the quantum financial system into our quantum account. It’s not going into our bank accounts, going into the quantum accounts

Yeah, okay, so what well, remember, we’re gonna have a quantum access card to access that account by ourselves. Nobody else we want them to look. Unless we want them to –

And we can have as many zeros in that quantum account as it takes. If you’ve got quadrillions, you’ve got quadrillions if you’ve got quintillions you got quintillions, etc, etc, ad infinitum.

Because it doesn’t matter in the quantum account how many zeros you have following your number?

But what really matters is how much money are you able to move into more Wells Fargo primary account?  We’ve been told we can make between 1.5 and $1.8 billion from the quantum into our primary account.

And that depends also on how many businesses or projects LLC is in my case that you have already set up, Well, I’ve got four LLCs, some people have six companies, eight companies, whatever you had, you’d be able to move between 1.5 and 1.8 billion into each of those – Each of those

I’m using a simple 1B not even maxing it out, 1.5 to 1,8 – 1 billion in each of the four LLC and leave another one maybe 2 billion in the primary account. Now the money in the primary and possibly the secondary accounts will earn interest a reasonable rate.

Do we even need interest, no not really But will we accept it if it’s offered? Yes, I think we will.

Now. So the other thing is what I’ve been saying, that will last you for the first 90 days. It’s actually the first 120 days which is four months.

So think of putting that money primary and your secondary accounts if you have them or if you want to set them up that that we put those monies in to last you for four months, after four months. If you have done responsible things with the money.  You haven’t spent it in the wrong direction based on that 55 page book that you’re gonna receive.

If you’ve been quote unquote good and the quantum sees that, then you’ll have access to everything after 120 days. Everything that you want to move from your current account into the primary and secondary accounts. You can do that.  I’m just going to move it in as I need it as I need more.

But we’re never going to exhaust more than likely. Much of our quantum account.  It’s just too much guys. It’s big numbers. You guys know it’s big numbers. If you’re Zim holder, and if you have anything, even a $50 billion notes in in the zim or you say there’s a lot of meetups, a lot of lot of money.

Now, here’s the other thing that you don’t know yet.

The “Q” phones are going to be given to say available I think they’re given available. They’re going to be given to us at the redemption center. If you are a zim holder you will get a new cue phone, which is a slight phone. In essence, if you use this technology from the StartLink Satellite System

Now you guys know a set phone, satellite phone cell phone when we’re on the planet. If your darkest Africa if you’re in the jungles of the Amazon. If you’re looking for the last fountain of youth, today, Leone, wherever you are, That will work through the Starlink satellite system.

That’s pretty cool. We’ve heard a little bit about the “Q” phone, know a little bit about it. It sounds pretty cool. I guess I’ll get one of my students.  So that’s it today I just found that out. tonight. I just wanted to write during the Big Call .

So we heard yesterday that this could go any minute after midnight last night, which was Monday night midnight.  And now obviously we’re in a zone where this could reveal to us Wednesday with numbers, set appointments – and go Thursday – I hope that’s what we get.

Realize though anything’s possible with this. And it’s very conceivable possible that we wouldn’t even get notified until Thursday. So don’t hold me to that exclusively. I want this to go just as much as you guys 18 years of my life with this.- and 12 years on the big call and a year before that, but another call – 13 years so far. And I knew about NESARA and GESARA  13 years ago.

So this is coming in, where we’re learning more and more about it, get more about it. I’m looking forward to some disclosure. I’m looking forward to some truth coming out through the Emergency Alert System or the television networks that may not need to be taken over but could be to bring us out since some truth on what the heck has been going on.

You and I know a lot about things in general population out there has no clue about it, no understanding of anything we’re talking about.

So count yourself blessed in that regard. We don’t know everything we might know 50 60% of what’s really going on but we don’t know everything and I’m looking forward to getting clarification on a lot of things. We’re all in this together.

Guys, I wish I could be absolute total timing. You know I do. I want this to go as much as all of you do. I’m ready to step in to the next paradigm. I’m ready to move forward. All I can say is this is teaching us patience. We’re learning in the process. We know this is a process that we’re watching unfold. We don’t have all the answers but what we have is is very positive. And we just have to stay with it all the way to the end of the race. So that’s all there is to it – you still have your plan A you still gotta keep cranking on that. That’s okay. That’s what you’re supposed to do. And then just keep an eye on this plan B for blessing.

I’ve kept an eye on it for 18 years.  I’ve kept an eye on it for 18 years.  Oh my God. That’s what I’m doing for you. Guys. But we will see. Hopefully we’ll see this come to an end this week.

And let’s see what happens between now and Thursday. All right. Well listen, appreciate everybody. And everybody have a wonderful night tonight – And a great day tomorrow


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