Bruce’s Big Call

Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 4-27-23

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Welcome, everybody is a Big Call tonight is Thursday, April 27th and you’re listening to the Big Call. Welcome from wherever you’re listening all over the globe, whether it’s live or whether it’s on a replay link or the replay number, we’re glad to have you. Glad you could make it here tonight. And we’re looking forward to having a really, really good call tonight.

Yeah, this is uh, this is really good. What I’m sad about is that some of my intel from Tuesday night just did not pan out for us. There were some things that came through. as far as the bondholders were concerned – they are moving forward to the point where now, even though they did not get their emails that gave them access to funds on Wednesday morning – They should have new emails that will come out either tonight or tomorrow, that will give them access to their funds.

Well, that’s the very latest on the bond holders from one of their paymasters.

Now, what I’ve disappointed about and I imagine you guys are too is that we did not get our notifications for tier 4B after 10:30 In the morning, yesterday, even though we were ready for it to come to us.

And it’s hard to say exactly what happened. I’ve got some information that I’ll share with you now as to maybe why it didn’t go for us yet.

We know that some exchanges were done. Some people did get started which that doesn’t help us at all, because we didn’t get the notifications to call and set our appointments. These could have been whales. These could have been  – who knows  who they were – it doesn’t matter – what really matters to us is just getting the toll free number so that we can set our appointments – make a phone call – set our appointments – and start –

Okay, so what could be holding us up?  Or what at least  am I being told it could be holding us up.

Now the first thing is Iraq. Oh, yeah, here we go again, we need Iraq to do one thing, and that is to put their new dinar rate, which would be their CBI rate or their international rates into the printed Gazette, which comes out Saturday – Saturdays and Wednesdays. Well, here it is Thursday. We’re talking about this happening on Saturday.

Okay, day and a half from now let’s call it – right. So that should come out. And that should clear us far as Iraq is concerned.

The other thing that is interesting to me that I’ve been told that is we still need to be done – we still have  seven more countries that need to declare that they have an asset backed currency, or a gold or asset backed currency. And we’re one of those countries I think, because we haven’t declared that yet.

Now we should  —  my thinking –  over the weekend.  We should be there.

So the seven countries and one of which, maybe us because I mean a lot of people know we have a USN and that’s gold back. It’s being traded digitally, all that stuff, but it’s not -I guess it’s not public knowledge – Let’s put it that way.

So anyway, seven countries need to declare that and we don’t know which ones they are.   Yet at this point, I don’t. I may get that later tonight. You never know how that works on Tuesday or Thursday night after the call.

So those two items I don’t think I think the dinar being published in the Gazette for Iraq is a sort of a setup complete. I don’t see it as any kind of a big deal. They should do it Saturday, okay. That should take Iraq completely out of the way because they’ve been exchanging there for over two weeks in country – in the country of Iraq.

So I think the rate will be good. The rate will be very strong. And dong rate is going to be very strong also. Don’t worry about it. It’s going to be great.

Now. The other thing is regarding us.

What we’re hearing is  one of the sources that we talked to told us today, that what we were supposed to get Wednesday, which was yesterday – We will get on Saturday.

Now if that’s as simple as it is that what we were supposed to get, which was our notifications by email yesterday, right? And the Intel did not prove to be true as you guys know.

It should occur for us on Saturday. Great!  Boom! There we go. We get notified Saturday, more than likely we’re setting appointments  and starting on Monday, in the redemption centers.

That’s gonna be a little strange. If we get it Saturday, we set our appointments and then we go to church on Sunday. We go to the redemption center. You get redemption at church on Sunday, and redemption at the redemption center on your zim on Monday. Now, that’s the long and the short of it.

The other thing we heard from very, very high up source, said that April’s showers will bring May dollars – which is clever. It’s a clever thing to say. And I believe that we’re going to get a lot including our exchanges, and redemption of zim, possibly either Monday or Tuesday. I am gonna bring Tuesday in – I’ve been told Monday or Tuesday and if that’s the case, we should also in that first week, get some disclosure – We should get some information about NESARA.

We should get an announcement about our new asset backed USN  – and we should also get something in that first week of May about our restitution allowance.

Okay, I don’t know if it’ll happen on that Wednesday, which would be the 3rd  which is possible –  when it happens – I’m just saying. I’ve been told something about the first week. So we are really kind of at a crossroads now. Even for possible political change here. And there’s a lot going on.

There was a lot behind the scenes and still is that maybe we don’t know about yet in its entirety but we are about to find out. So be prepared for stepping forward a little bit into the known and a little into the unknown – as we move forward.

It’s going to be going to be a really good ride for us and I know you guys want to get off the ride we’re on.  Me too – Hey, guys, 19 years – ok I’m ready to get off the ride now. I’ve been in the front car of that roller coaster for a long time – hands up in the air. But you know, I’m ready to get on to a different ride. Like we all are.  We’re just gonna have to see what happens. What I’m hearing is we should be getting notified Saturday.  And I think based on that we should start Monday or at the very latest. So I think we’re just we’re just out there.

We’ll also have it on the on the front page of our Web page. Because the will have it there. So you should get it. I’m sure it’ll be online, you know, very quickly after it comes out. So be prepared at this point. I’m going to say be prepared to look at it for it on Saturday. Let’s hope that’s when it comes through.

So if we set our appointments on Saturday, then we can start on Monday. Let’s hope that’s the case. All right. That’s what we’d love to hear. Now. Sorry the information was incorrect last Tuesday. It is a moving target, that’s for sure.

I want this thing to go just like you do. We’ve been praying for it that way. So let’s pray the call out.

So let’s pray the call out and thanks everybody again for listening.  All right, everybody. Good night. Everybody. Keep your eyes open. Let’s have a great weekend, and we’ll see how this comes to fruition.


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