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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 5-4-23

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Welcome everybody has a big call tonight is Thursday, May 4TH and you’re listening to the Big Call. Thanks for tuning in all over the globe wherever you are. We’re glad to have you whether you’re listening live or listening to the replay, or the replay link or numbers or whether you’re being broadcast and listened to simultaneously translated into your own language for your own country. I know we went out to Thursday’s call, I believe it was with 100 and 120 or 130 different countries around the world and didn’t get the stats on Tuesday night’s call, but we’ll probably catch that later. But we’re glad that you’re listening. We’re glad to be here

Let’s start and talk about where are we? Let’s see where we are Intel wise you guys.

On Tuesday night, I did everything but call it didn’t I – because Wednesday was looking like D-Day – the day to get everything that we were looking for in spades – And it ended up where it was not, at least in my opinion. We didn’t get the D-Day yesterday.

Now – What really matters is to find out, I always try to find out what happened. What is happening – why it didn’t go – what to know – what, what are the details of it? Fortunately, in some cases, I can find that out. And we found out yesterday, which was Wednesday – why it didn’t go – and it didn’t go because – there was – this is the vernacular that was being used – There was a snake in the grass in the treasury — That stopped the activity from moving forward – The transition of funds – the movement of funds to the rightful places that held up – we got held up.

They found out who this individual was in the treasury that stopped it. They squeezed him for four and a half hours. That precipitated two other individuals in the Democratic National Committee and another individual in the European Union.

Now, we don’t know who those people were. I didn’t ask – they just couldn’t tell. But that was enough for them to go after those individuals to help move this thing along. That was handled that was handled yesterday. And yet today, we found there was another glitch. That’s what they referred to these two items as – to glitches. The other glitch was a bank that collapsed. That I’m not even sure the name of the bank or what country it was in. But it was enough of a of a decline or a collapse to keep this from moving forward today.

Because we thought for sure if it didn’t go Wednesday – it was going today.And it didn’t. So I apologize for getting my hopes up and your hopes up as well. We had our hopes up and that’s the beauty of riding this thing out for 19 years. I’ve seen a lot of ups and downs. Obviously there’s a lot more things that we’re tracking happening recently.

And we’re a lot closer now of course than we’ve ever been before. But I felt –  I felt really Tuesday night the Intel that we had was – was the best we’ve ever had.

And it was – it was – but that leads so to  manifestation – to fruition. And so far it hasn’t

Now – What it does mean  is where we are now is bondholders are being told from their superiors – pay masters and above those guys that they should be getting their emails, to let them know they have access to funds – they should be getting those emails Sunday night – this Sunday, which is the seventh.

Now that’s interesting because even if they get them Sunday night, they won’t really have access until Monday the 8th.


There’s the magic number. There’s the number 8, China’s favorite number. Think we might have a coincidence there? No, because we don’t believe in coincidences. at least I don’t. You might but I don’t.

All right, what else about the eight?

We were told. Redemption staff is on call through the weekend. That doesn’t mean they’re going in with all teams ready to go for exchanges. That means they’re on call – that if the numbers were to come out, they would be called to come in immediately to take appointments –  to set –  not take – but to set our appointments.

Now – personally – I think since the bondholders are gonna get notified Sunday night, I think there’s a good chance our notifications will come out Sunday night into Monday morning  – where we receive them and call in on Monday to set our appointments and quite possibly to start Monday  the 8th or Tuesday.

Now it’s possible they’re saying to us they’re going to try like heck, And you know what they really said they’re going to try like heck to get this – these numbers out to us over the weekend.

So Saturday, Sunday, they’re in play.  But you got to realize they do need to have the staff in the redemption centers to set our appointments.

So we have a possibility – I’m going to call it a low percentage chance for the weekend. I’m going to call a very high percentage chance for let’s call it early Monday morning – to actually get a – maybe we wake up to those notifications on Monday – but I’m primarily looking at Monday, based on that information.

Now, what else is happening on Monday, May 8th

Zimbabwe is issuing a brand new gold backed Bond on Monday. And the theory was – they wanted as many zim exchanges – Let’s call them zim redemptions from us prior to Monday. That’s why they were trying to get these numbers out to us as early as Saturday. We’re going to try like heck to get those to us. So that we could get in the redemption centers and get those zim notes that we have redeemed. So that that would help Zimbabwe to come up with a, a rate or a number that they’re needing before they issue their brand new gold back bond.

Now, I was told Today, however, that they have so much in the way of precious metals and gems, and everything in the ground, that they don’t really have to worry about our Zim being redeemed.

So to set that you set that value for the bonds. So we’re gonna see what happens as far as the weekend goes.

But I think we’re going to have Zimbabwe with brand new bonds, by the way that doesn’t affect us does not affect the bonds that we have. Okay, our bonds essentially are backed by the Bank of Zimbabwe, and they are bearer bonds and if you see the value of that bearer bond or even though it’s a currency, it’s really a bearer bond, it says “payable to the bearer” on the bond, and whatever their denomination is. Guess what?  That’s on par with our dollar our USN.

So if it’s, if it whatever it reads, that’s what it’s worth in USN. Whatever notes say – that’s what we get.

Now – It helps a lot if you have a project or multiple projects to use these extremely high humanitarian funds for because the benefit of the Zim is it’s just so big. It’s going to help us really help the entire amount of humanity throughout the globe. That’s why we’re doing humanitarian projects.

So here we are. We’ve got Zimbabwe with their bond offering gold back on offer on Monday the 8th – guys, the way this thing looks right now, they’re going to look like there gonna be some political things taking place starting maybe tomorrow through the weekend regarding impeachment, papers, impeachment information on Biden, and we’ll see where that goes.

So stay tuned to see how that happens. When we do get started with our appointments, with our exchanges and redemption. I believe we’re going to be in a time where the Emergency Alert System could be used and we do get 10 or 12 days of disclosure when that happens

I believe that the set up to be sort of a smokescreen for us while we’re in doing these exchanges. And we’re also going to be watching the information as it comes out through the Emergency Alert System – The EAS – which will probably commandeer and take over mainstream media if needed.

If needed, if they come to the party – and they’re able to put out the information that they’re requested to. There won’t be a need to take them over. But if they resist or don’t do it they’ll be taken over by the military, The military will run the information and then the networks themselves will lose their FCC licenses.

So there’s a lot at stake – there’s a lot at stake for what we’re about to get. So that is ultimately what I wanted to bring to you guys tonight.

Again, we’re very close. We almost got it. We didn’t  get it – we had a couple of glitches – they’ve handled those I understand. Hopefully no more interruptions. no more glitches, and it looks like they’re  shooting for either the weekend for our notifications or overnight on Sunday night into Monday.

So let’s take a good look at that. And everybody have a great weekend. This is our National Day of Prayer. So what we’re going to do is just keep believing and we’re going to speak that blessing into existence in our outgoing prayer. All right


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