Bruce’s Big Call

Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 5-9-23

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Welcome everybody to the Big Call and it is Tuesday, May 9th and you’re listening to the Big Call. Thanks for tuning in everybody again, wherever you’re listening from whether you’re live on the call tonight or whether you’re listening to a replay, either by the replay numbers or by the replay link. So glad to have you everybody.

And, guys, let’s segue into the Intel – let’s talk about where we are. This is a very good time for us. Okay now from the perspective of where are we in terms of our gold standard?

I’ve talked about a USN – a USTN – United States Treasury notes. We’ve talked about the United States Treasury dollar, being what they’re sort of referring to our new money as. It’s not rainbow currency. Don’t go there. It’s, there are some stripes, some slight shading, differences on the bills. That’s different than the ones we have now.

But this should be coming out, never it’s already there at the redemption centers for us – for our ex change when we go into exchange and redeem our zim. It’s already there. And I have a feeling it’ll come out the same day or the next day in the banks, because they’re not going to hold it back too much longer. I don’t believe I have heard that we are a so called announcement for a gold backed currency was made for us by China Yesterday, early, like two or 3 am China time.

So I believe that did take place. I don’t know why we needed China to make it. Maybe they just felt they would. Maybe it would save us a little bit of I don’t know if you’d call it but they made it for us.

So we have this gold backed currency – and remember, that is requirement under GESARA – for all the countries of the world to have their own currency asset backed – to be completely gold backed could be backed by gold and other precious metals and – oil – gas – natural gas etc.

There’s several different things that they’ll use gemstones, diamonds, all of that stuff to back the value of the currency. So that is going on. – and has been going on.

And we understand that remember about a week and a half ago, we had seven countries that weren’t quite with the program. And then it got down to two countries that were quite ready and weren’t on the quantum financial system.

Now I understand we’ve had all countries on the QFS – fully integrated and ready to go. And you know, the QFS is working in conjunction with the Starlink satellite system. That’s all set to go. There’s a whole blockchain technology and working with all that that’s, that’s integrated – And working nicely.

Now, where we stand – remember last week we were supposed to go last week and we did have some issues with at least one rogue Treasury agent that was found out and was actually giving incorrect codes to enter on purpose. So it ended up – It was a sting operation that took place and that precipitated his arrest and others that were complicit.

We talked about that briefly, I believe on Thursday’s call. So that took us out of last week.

And where we are now in Tuesday night, we’re coming up against what has been termed “a back wall” tomorrow. Now, you know that I’m not a big fan of the term back wall because we’ve seen that wall moved back on us several times. it’s  like somebody said it oh, they moved the goal post back. We’re doing fine. We’re scoring or we’re gonna score but they moved to goal post again and again. And we’ve seen that you know, we’ve seen that

Now here’s the thing – Tomorrow is May 10th we’re hearing this is the back wall. Is it truly? And if it is truly the back wall that means we’re supposed to be notified – set up exchanges – and possibly set up appointments, and possibly exchange tomorrow –  if we don’t exchange  tomorrow, we will probably  be doing it on Thursday –  tomorrow is supposed to be “go day” for us – it’s supposed to be the back wall, and actually there was a time given for the back wall  – 12 noon Pacific or 3pm. Eastern Time tomorrow

We’ll see what happens. We’ll see whether or not that is truly going to happen. But we’ve heard from many sources and one particular today said that if everything goes to plan – tomorrow is our day to start – tomorrow is our “Go Day”

We’ve heard this from two or three other people.  It looks like — I’m just hoping the back wall is steady — a heads up because I think they are pushing us right to the back wall.

And our understanding is President Trump will be making an announcement tomorrow. That is to be carried on CNN  – be carried on Newsmax  – possibly Fox, and maybe some other channels and all the social media, including right side broadcasting.

So we’ve got something – I don’t know when – we don’t know when. So look for that. It could be a significant – we understand it’s supposed to be a good one. Supposed to be a good one. Let’s see what that is. Let’s see what happens. Are we looking at a regime change are we looking at?  I don’t know.

And there could be some, some things coming out in the way of soft disclosure that would provide a screen for us to go to our appointments and exchange even as early as tomorrow. We know that the redemption center staff was busy today on two conference calls this morning.

And one was with the head of the redemption centers for an hour at 10:15 – and then the other was at 11:15 – Immediately following the first call  – was an hour long conference call with Treasury.

Now, obviously new schedules have to be updated and those needed to get out to all the redemption centers. And with any success and providence, we will be getting notified tomorrow and setting appointments at least.

You know, maybe we start exchanges in the afternoon or evening tomorrow. We know redemption centers for the most part are set to go long. Set to go from 8/ – 8:30 in the morning till late 11 pm or so at night.

So they’re ready for full day’s – full days with a –  it’s just gonna be incredible. I think I’m excited about it. I’m just a little bit unsure as to whether the back wall will hold – I’m going to put my finger in the dike and make sure that back wall is there for us.

Because I think they’re waiting and there’s there are other things that may pop out  and happen tomorrow. And it could be a mother lode event for us. So let’s keep an eye on it tomorrow. Track – Track the news on Newsmax is where I’m going to be tomorrow – let’s see – Let’s see if I can figure out when President Trump is going to speak –

I think we really have everything you need at this time. I said what I needed to get out. And that’s the latest iteration of this evening. So really exciting. Let’s just I believe also the true story, as released the monies to the banks. and now it’s just up to the notifications to go out to bondholders and notifications to come back to us to set our appointments and begin our exchanges on our new life. So, with that said, let’s go ahead and pray the call out and we will look forward to what will happen between now and Thursday


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