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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 5-11-23

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Welcome, everybody for the Big Call tonight. It’s Thursday, May 11th , and you’re listening to the Big Call. Thanks for tuning in all over the globe. I know that we’re broadcasting out beyond free conference call. We’re broadcasting to 100 countries tonight.  And probably in your own language, or at least one of your own languages.

And I never know till later maybe, but I know that we have a high concentration. We had 98 countries that we went out to on Tuesdays call, and we were heavily concentrated in Africa. And that may be the case again tonight. But we know we’re going out to 100 countries and so welcome wherever you’re listening from throughout the globe. Thank you for tuning into the Big Call.

Let’s go ahead and talk a little bit about the Intel and where we find ourselves now. It’s we talked, first of all I wanted to just remind everybody this broadcast tonight of the Big Call is going out to 100 different countries globally. Tuesday night’s call, we went to 98 countries. Tonight they found two more we’re going to do 100 countries.

But what I find to be really interesting is we had some issues last week if you remember guys, we were ready to go. I thought it was all teed up and ready to start. You guys know when I get excited about the intel and glitches we’ve had some rogue Treasury agents that they found and it was really turned into a sting operations what it was, and that was good. They got that handled.

And several other people that were tied to that rouge person. And then I was like, Okay, I think we’re  in the clear now. It was going to take three days and we’d be in the clear it’s like okay, good. I could be today tomorrow, somewhere like that. Well, guess what? Yes and no, we are.

We had another issue. This is one that I just don’t know that they could foresee it but they found an issue where US fiat currency was being printed in another country. And they found that they found the tracking of where the currency was going once it was printed, etc, etc.

And they were able to find that out I find found this out last night, which was Wednesday night. And then they said that they would have this handled in 24 hours, which would be by tonight. And I trust that that’s what happened. They’ve got it all in old and they’ve got it taken care of.

Now subsequent to that – We heard that this could be we were on track to receive our notifications in 72 hours from yesterday. And this was last night and I’ve counted it out. I thought Well, that’ll be Saturday, like possibly by Saturday night. Well, we were that’s pretty close.

The information that we got today helps to clarify that where it said this also came from Iraq. So I’m going to back up a minute. We had from one of our sources in Iraq, that this would be released at night on Saturday night, Iraq, Iraq time, which would be with us seven hours earlier. Eight hours in Central Time, seven hours earlier on the East Coast. I thought okay, that’s mid morning – Let’s call it mid morning to lunchtime Saturday – Sounds about right.

Then we find out that redemption center staff is going in on Saturday.  Going in again to ostensibly now to set our appointments.

Well in order to set your appointments, guess what – you’ve got to have the numbers come out – the notifications.

Further to that. We find that today we found out that tomorrow, which is Friday at 5:30pm Eastern Daylight Time. It’s anticipated that tiers one two and three – those are the bondholders – tier three will be given their notifications – in other words, everything gets released.

Maybe us we think we’re delayed about 14 hours from 530 in the afternoon tomorrow. Well the easy math 5:30pm to 5:30am Saturday at two hours 730 We’re looking at somewhere that would be considered fairly early Saturday morning. It’s possible for us in tier 4B to  be notified.

Now – If they have those glitches out of the way – the thing I just talked about with our fiat currency being printed wrongly in another country, and they’ve got that handled. You know, this, this is working quite good.

Now, if we were to be notified as early as let’s just say for eight in the morning, on Saturday.

When would we be setting appointments Saturday? Yes. Would we be setting appointments for Saturday? Meaning Saturday afternoon or evening?  It’s possible. It is possible that we would if we got notified that early. We would set appointments and start exchanges on Saturday afternoon evening. Yes.

Now, if they come out later than that, notifications come out later – We’re more than likely looking at setting something for Monday. I don’t think they’ll set things up for Sunday unless we start with exchanges on Saturday. If we start with them Saturday, Mother – Mom – we’re looking at probably exchanging on Mother’s Day as well. That’s if we were to start – Saturday afternoon Saturday evening. If.

Now, let’s say we get notifications later Saturday. Are we setting appointments for Monday? Yes, Monday, Tuesday, etc. That’s how we envision why would the redemption center staff be going in Saturday – If we weren’t able to set the appointments on Saturday?

Or you know what I mean, if we’re not able to set our appointments up whether its for Monday or Tuesday, but could be for Saturday afternoon, and it could be for Sunday. So there are a lot of variables in play here. Guys, follow me on this. It’s not a slam dunk. It’s not an automatic thing.

But if notifications start going out to bondholders tomorrow starting at 530. Markets are closed. Don’t have a problem with that. Forex is off for the weekend. The trading Forex is theoretically stopped I guess for 48 hours for about four or 5pm to 5pm Sunday.

Also Iraq is supposed to put out a new rates and it’s actually the current rates are on the bank screen from what I understand it. Redemption center screens. They’ve already got it. They got our currencies aren’t ready now. But a new rate is supposed to populate on the screens either Thursday, Friday or Saturday, I believe – a new Iraqi dinar rate so it’s all good.

The currencies are great and trading up. It’s just a matter of when we’re going to get notified. And it looks like they’ve got everything ready to go. At least that’s what we’re hearing from several sources that we’re ready to rock and roll on Saturday with notifications. So let’s see what happens Let’s watch it for the weekend. Let’s see how it goes.

Everybody have a great Mother’s Day to spend time with mom and everything that you normally do on Sunday. maybe go to church after church, take mom out to lunch, all that – but keep an eye on your emails, over the weekend – to see whether or not we do get notified And if we do then we set our appointments and and we’re off and running. And this thing a Thursday is our last call of the week as you know, and we would have called Tuesday Like, if we don’t get the notification over the weekend, or by Monday. So, we’re not anticipating a call with you on Tuesday.

They’ve extended the time for each person to try to get their exchange done in 40 minutes. It was 35 They’ve added five minutes per person try to go to 40 minutes because I think they see that we’re going to need that and some of us will go longer so I’m going to need 40 minutes to go through.

But this is a perfect time to make sure that you’re ready with a with a presentation that worthy of the value of those Zimbabwe notes that we have our bearer bonds and they are worth the face value on those notes.

So I just want to say this is information that we got today. It’s interesting about the timing, about the release tomorrow evening. Two tiers two and three here.5:30pm, that’s when they would probably start going out. It might be everything going or they might stagger it. They could stagger those locations. And then ours is theoretically coming about 14 hours later, which would be around 730 In the morning Saturday.

So if that holds up, If that formula holds up. We should have a really wonderful Mother’s Day – a really wonderful weekend. All right. That’s what I wanted to point out. Let’s take a look and see what happens over the weekend. And let’s all be in prayer for this to come through as I know you are let’s continue to stay in prayer    So thanks everybody for all that you’ve done, and continue to do for us


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