Bruce’s Big Call

Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 5-18-23

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Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Thursday, May 18th and you’re listening to the Big Call. Thanks for tuning in again, wherever you’re listening from, whether you’re live or whether you’re listening to a replay link. Glad to have you tonight – Looking forward to a really good and informative call.  All right, and All right, let’s get this intel out.  I think this is very  good you guys.   I’m excited about it.  We did get some serious updates and a few changes that I’m going to bring to you since Tuesday, I tried to nail this stuff down today as closely as I could.

Now, start with a Iraq  – That Iraq was asked on the way out yet –  And the reason is because I believe  – two things –  we are going to be getting our USN – our digital  version of the currency for our exchanges – when we go to exchange. So I believe that we are sort of waiting for Iraq to put their rate out – And they’re supposed to do that Sunday.

Put the new rate out and tie that in with their ATM machines that are already loaded with the lower denominations. But the only ones that are turned on now are the ones at the airport. They’ve got four ATM machines at the Baghdad airport. Two are for civilian use, and two are on the military base for military use.

Two and two – four machines are loaded and usable and have been usable as ATMs with lower denominations at whatever the current rate is.

Now  when the new rate comes out Sunday, which remember, Sunday is Iraq’s first business day of the week. So when it comes out Sunday they’re starting business and all the ATM machines throughout Iraq will be activated. And working with the new rates for the lower denomination notes – dinar notes that are in those machines.

In other words their dominations are lower like ours are with our 5 -10 – 20 – 50 $100 bill. They’ll have dinars of the same numbers. I think though, they might just have $20 in the machines. I’m not sure how high they go in the ATMs. Like we have 20s in ours, and we may have other bills later in ours but right now, most people go in like 100 bucks, they get 5 / 20s.

Okay, so that’s what’s happening in Iraq. what else is happening on Saturday, is what they’re calling exposure of the 2023 budget for Iraq  – should be exposed, Saturday.

Now, will that make the Gazette  on Saturday – printed version ? It could – I don’t know. I don’t know if they’re gonna put the whole budget in it or not, but the budget is supposed to be exposed on Saturday, so big weekend, right now, for Iraq. Now we held them back a little bit on purpose. I believe so we can have our USN  ready to go. And I mean, ready to release.

Now. Here’s what’s happening  over here – bondholders, some of them 1300 to 1800 – in other words  1300 to 1800 bondholders have been notified and have access to the 1% of their total bond redemption already. And that started Tuesday, two days ago.

Now there’s been a pause for additional bondholders who receive notifications and I believe that pause will resume – I’m told this – weekend –  meaning – Saturday and Sunday for the bondholders – They’re looking to receive their emails that give them immediate access to their funds.

All right  try to follow me on this one.  The bond ownerss that have already received their 1% and the bond holders that are notified Saturday and Sunday are getting their funds in Fiat dollars, digitally – digitally  does it really matter?

They got them. Their accounts are hydrated with USD, just like our banks have our accounts in USD now.

But guess what happens when we are notified and we go in for our exchanges?

Number one when we go in and I’ll get to the timing on that in a second. When we go in for our exchanges and redemption of zim – we will be paid in USN

Our redemption of zim and our exchanges of currencies will be paid in digital USN – our United States note – our new currency – our gold backed currency. Is there going to be announcement? Hey, we’ve got a gold backed currency. I don’t believe so. I don’t think so. Maybe it comes out later when more of NESARA  is brought out, but initially they won’t be an announcement  about it.

Okay. Now, how does that affect us in tier 4 B and our timing – we’re going to receive our notifications either Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

And when we get those we will call – set our appointments and when we go in for our appointment for our exchanges and our redemption of zim, we will be paid in USN digital currency. That’s what’s going to be put in our quantum financial accounts  – our quantum accounts –  And then we will be moving those funds – lets go right into it  –  we will get 1% of our total exchange including zim.

You will have access to 1% of your total on day one – the day of your exchange.

Now that would be funds that would be put in your quantum account, the whole kit and caboodle the whole thing, goes into the quantum account, everything.

Then you would move 1% of that total – Up to – you don’t have to move all  – have one but up to 1% of that total into your primary Wells Fargo account.

And you can do a calculation. If you know how much that is going to total. You can say okay, let’s see what 1% is. Okay. now listen to this. that 1% was moved into your Wells Fargo primary account as I’m calling it will last you for 90 days.

After 90 days you would be able to move any amount that’s left in your quantum account into your Wells Fargo primary account –  quantum to Wells Fargo

Now remember you make no interest on balance that you have in your quantum account, does not pay interest. When you move into a Wells Fargo account or another bank account as you as you choose – that is able to receive interest.

Now let’s be perfectly honest if you’ve got trillions, quadrillions whatever your billions  – whatever you end up with after your exchange – it’s not gonna make a whole lot of differenc that you get interest -however, they are willing to pay over 6% interest on your balance in your Wells Fargo account.

And I told you guys, my intention is to have a master account or a primary account with Wells – And then moves funds from that account into four separate LLC bank accounts, initially with Wells Fargo. Now I may move to other banks at some point, but at this point, I’m going to keep up with Wells  for like four main projects – Rebuild America, veterans retreat network – pastorial Retreat network, rebuild International.

So I’m going to have it set up that way and probably have a separate debit or credit card for each LLC accounts. But initially on day one, one credit debit card tied to the primary account. That’s it one card.

So I’ll be able to have access to funds – spend off that card. Now remember, this is not the quantum access card – that is only used for you to access your quantum account and see your balance and then go in and move funds as needed into one or more bank accounts. Okay, but that’s basically how it’s going to work. I think that’s as accurate as I can get today, as of this afternoon.

So it’s easy for me to see it, I can understand it. I pretty much got the concept of quantum account  – primary account at Welsl.

Now, who can see your money? When they do your changes, and they have a total a grand whopping total for you on your exchanges and zim redemption – the person at the redemption center that puts that into your quantum account – theoretically knows what you had. But they’re under NDA.

They’re just there to just put it in and forget it. And they are not going to retain that over hundreds of 1000s of people that exchange throughout the country, actually much more like a million or more exchanging and redeeming zim from the country – so don’t worry about that. And more than likely, you’re not going to see the redemption center staff. Again.

You’re not likely to see them again. You will have a a wealth management person or a ?? what’s  the Wells Fargo term they have another term for it now. They’re going to be using and try to assign to us so they can help us with anything that we need to do in terms of moving funds. And yes, every transaction that you make from day one until the end of your life, will be monitored by the quantum computer, the quantum financial system.

It knows where you gave the money, how much you gave, who the people were that received it, who they’re going to do that to make sure that none of it goes to the deep state or to anybody that would misuse these funds. So it’s really kind of a security thing and a good thing for us.

So the people at the bank – your premier banker – that’s what they’re called your premier banker – well he or she won’t know what you have in your account in your quantum account. Now unless you tell them,

You’re gonna have a Q phone, you’re gonna have a laptop and they’ll  give you a certificate – when you get to redemption center – at the end of your time. You’ll get that and you’ll learn about some instructions. You’ll learn about programming your Qphone, and you’ll be able to do money movement on your Q phone. Sort of like you can do Zelle now on your phone in a much, much larger way.

And you’ll use your quantum access card and your laptop I presume to go to the quantum account and move funds – we’ll see how all that’s gonna come together. We know that they want to give us a biometric fingerprint read. So they have that and that’s actually in your quantum access card. Your thumbprint or fingerprint gose in there stored in a chip.  Okay, in the card.

So when you go to use it, you’ll be able to, you’ll be able to get in with that security measure and nobody else from your banker anybody else should see everything in your quantum account.

Now, when you move it to your primary Wells account. It’s conceivable that premier banker could see what’s in that account or those accounts, but I don’t think retail banking will. I don’t think retail banking will be able to access our bank accounts. Only formerly known as wealth management department, or Premier banking might be able to see it.

Okay, so that’s how that’ll work. So the Iraq is doing their thing this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, Sunday new rates. We’re all good on that. Those are going to be terrific.

And we should get notified. I don’t know about Saturday, I’m putting a big question mark on it. Sunday question mark Monday looking very possible for Sunday or Monday or maybe Sunday. We could wake up to it Monday. We could wake up to emails on Monday mornings, and then get them and then call and go through the four regional call centers.

And then they reroute the call from the call center to the redemption center for your zip code and then next thing you know you’re talking to a live person on the other end that you will be able to connect with and set up your appointment time.

Appointment times have been altered to go 40 minutes for the most part, feel this might go longer. Some of us will be shorter, but they’re designed to be done in 40 minutes including your five to eight minute presentation of your project or projects plural.

Okay, that’s something that’s part of the itiming included in the 40 minutes. And you will get like I said a long time ago you’ll get a book at least was 55 pages last time we looked of people who not to give money to – do not give money to these people – these groups – these companies, whatever  is listed in this 55 page booklet –  We’ll have one or two pages of perks  and benefits for banking with that particular bank. These are all free to you and I don’t believe your tax on them.  So let’s see what that looks like.

I think there was one other  thing I was going to mention besides that. Well   I think that we have what we need at this point   pause for one second. See if I can bring this last thought. Okay, well it’s not quite there to that 10%

Let’s do this.  I think that answers most of everybody’s current questions as to when we’re to start.

We did here this – once   the bondholders  gets their emails and we get started with our notifications – There’s nothing to stop it.

And there’s nothing that’s going to hold this back – we will be moving forward. And it’s about time. I know you guys know that. I know you believe it just like me it’s been a long ride, but I can say that I think we finally at the end and we should be getting some notifications. I don’t know that I sweat Saturday or even Sunday. But it’s conceivable to come out over the weekend or Monday.

But I think by the by Tuesday of next week you should be smiling – at least that is what one of our sources said so maybe we’re smiling on Monday. You know so let’s do this let’s stay in faith for this just like we have.

Now one other thing I thought I was trying to make up for if anyone sends you an email or calls you. So if they call you is what I’m saying and ask you for your name and your social security number hang up – hang up the phone – because it’s a scam. They’re trying to get to you they’re trying to get your social. You’re not going to give your social security number out at all. You realize the people in the redemption especially if you are a zim holder -they know all that already. They’ve got all of that on us.

They’ve got your name – date of birth, your social, they got your phone number, they got it all. All you got to be doing is showing ID to prove who you are when you get in there.

So they’re well aware of who we are. Do they know who all the zim holders are? Yes, with one exception they don’t know the ones like that was gifted to them.

So they’re well aware of who we are. Do they know who all the debt holders are? Yes, with one exception they don’t like that was gifted to them. That they don’t know

Okay, that’s what I was trying to think of before. So I want everybody to chill. Look forward to this. Be excited about it. But at the same time, just realize this is this is pretty sweet. This is going to be like getting married and intention at your wedding. You know, not just going through it and 2014 You’re out. Pay attention. Look around, smile. If people smile, lean forward when you’re presenting.

We’ve narrowed it down in more detail and access to bonds as far as we know. we’re going to be in really good shape, really next week. so let’s see what happens on weekend. maybe we get notified Saturday, Sunday, maybe Monday morning, whatever. don’t sweat it. Just enjoy the weekend. watch the PGA Championship if you’re a golfer. and just chill.

I know Bob and I will be watching – Bob maybe not as much as we like. I’m going to be tuned in. so listen, buddy. that’s what I wanted to say tonight. And I hope that you guys are hanging in there and looking forward to this. – As soon as you possibly can. So let’s pray the call out.

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