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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 4-6-23

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It is Thursday, April 6th and you’re listening to the Big Call. Thanks for tuning in wherever you are, if you’re live, if you’re on a recording, you may be one of millions that are getting this call simultaneously translated in your own language. So I always get the numbers on that after the call. We’ve been getting between 11 and 17 million people tuning into the Big Call in foreign countries. And most of that, of course, most of that is international outside the US, but about 600,000 on one call listening from the United States. So you never know how big of a group we got to talk to everybody and we’re glad to have the call out there.

Let’s talk where we are. I want to first address a couple things that Jeannie (Spelling?) had in her prayer requests today – Because, like many of you, I was kind of disturbed to hear that President Trump was being indicted for all those different things that really amounted to just coming out of one thing that might have been considered a misdemeanor if it even happened. And my understanding is that and this has not come out of mainstream media, nor will it for a while, but that’s an appellate court in New York has already ruled and basically vacated those charges.

Now, I can’t say where I’m hearing that from, but I’ve got two really good sources that are confirming that that happened. But let’s see what happens with those. I’m saying that the charges are null and void. So let’s see how it comes out. You’re not going to find it on mainstream news. Forget that. But sooner or later, the truth will come out – it always does

Now – Also.  We would like to see obviously, things that are happening – happen for us – We’ve talked in the past about additional social security. My understanding has been that this would occur in this month of April. I’ve also understand that when you start getting up to 62 an older 65 you’re getting Social Security now. You either get it on the first, second, third or fourth Wednesday of every month  that’s the way it is set up – based on your birthday, you’re given a day – a Wednesday, for second or third or fourth Wednesday in the month to receive it.

Everybody on Social Security – If you don’t know it – you know it now – Now, if what I’m hearing is and we’ll see if that happens in this month of April. What I’m hearing is that instead of four Wednesdays, of social security, that would be compressed into the first three Wednesdays. So if you’re getting social in the last Wednesday, which is the 26th of April, it will be moved up to the 19th of April.

Now I’m going to make a disclaimer. I can prove any of this – this is what I’m being told – we’ll see if that happens –  Why would they be moving from fourth Wednesdays to three? First – second and third – Why would they be doing that? So that the fourth Wednesday is available for restitution allowance.

We’ve talked about that for months on the Big Call – restitution allowance that’s supposed to come out the fourth Wednesday  of April. And I’m hearing it could be a pretty good chunk of change. for anybody 60 – 62 and older that is if you’re currently getting Social Security and your direct deposit, which they all are with your bank the theory is  you’ll get this restitution allowance the same way that you get your Social Security on that account as a direct deposit. Let’s see if it happens, this month.

Don’t blame me if it does’nt, but this is what I’m hearing is supposed to happen. Which is great, great news.

Now prior to that, what about the timing for this RV? Alright, yesterday Wednesday, we found out that not only China, but  all the BRICS nations, essentially, let’s just say the US D our fiat currency that we currently have was no longer valid internationally, anywhere except where three countries, Canada,  United States and Mexico.

Canada, US, Mexico. Those three countries make up what North America?  That’s right Mexico is in North America

The three countries including the US will use our fiat currency for up to about three or four more months, sometime in June is supposed to be no longer valid here so if you’ve got 10s of 1000s of dollars under your mattress, or in cans out in the yard, you might want to consider spending that or putting it into the bank

Now, here’s the thinking of why – because the new USN or let’s call it the United States Treasury dollars – No longer a Federal Reserve Note – The United States Treasury dollars have already been printed up and are continually being printed now in very secure special locations. These are our assets that are our asset backed currency  – primarily gold their asset back there value of the US Treasury dollar – where as the fiat dollar – the USD currency that we currently have now is only backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government – in other words it’s not backed by “nothing Honey” -there’s nothing backing our currency

now. The future currency which is already in the banks – in the redemption centers – waiting for the go light to be to be put out – That’s there and it’s asset backed. That’s  the good news. Will they tell us about the new currency or just one day have it at the banks – I don’t know why they wouldn’t tell us about it, but it’s part of NESARA and in a large part  GESARA

Because all countries will have currencies and they are already out that are being printed and they are ALL asset backed  based on each individual countries’ assets.

Assets it could be gold, silver, palladium, platinum, other precious metals, oil, natural gas, all kinds of things – it could be emeralds, diamonds, other jewels, precious jewels, all of that is backing the  currency for each country

Okay. Now this has been in play for a long time, and it’s finally coming to a crescendo and the good news is that this is happening the new US Treasury notes or USN – US Treasury dollars are in the redemption centers  – ready for us to take some  a part of our accounts, I think they want to keep us  somewhere between 5000 – 6500 in the new  cash if you want it  – you do not have to take any of it if you don’t want it – if you are not a cash person – never use cash – you don’t have to start now –

If you are a virtual person and just everything on your debit card or within your budget or there’s a problem staying with that

All of our accounts that we currently have on deposit are mirrored by the quantum financial system now, and in a very real sense, they’re already asset backed – already protected. They’re already asset backed and mirrored by the quantum financial system.

All right, so don’t worry about your current accounts. People have said what about the stock market? Is it going to crash?  We’ve been reading about that, blah, blah, blah. You know what – President Trump did not want the stock market to crash because it would affect the everyday person in the United States – Every man every woman that has money in the market.

He did not want for this transition  through the quantum financial system through to the new currency that we got all that happening. He didn’t want that to affect everyday man and woman – because it would affect 401K’s IRAs would affect pension plans, SEP IRAs, all that stuff – President Trump doesn’t want that to be diminished and it hasn’t been and the market hasn’t crashed. So I would say don’t look for it – don’t look for it.

Now, what else is going on?

Regarding what we’re all waiting for, which is the toll free number to come out in the emails.

First, let me say that the bond holders are also waiting for emails and Q-cards, the card that gives them access to their quantum account

They’re still waiting on both – some of the emails will be telling them hey, your Q-card will arrive on such a day through FedEx, whatever it will be informational – that’s what they’ll get – there’s still much that’s not out. They shouldn be coming out Pretty soon. and I would think by Monday –

Now we’ve got Easter weekend coming up. What is the major trust that opens every Christmas and Easter and supposedly only opens at Christmas and Easter.

That’s right, the St Germain Trust  – The St. Germain Trust should be over this weekend. And the funds deposited  – not just in the US banks but globally into the proper banks, and they should be there – Funds will be there on Monday – In those accounts for whatever purpose those funds are called to be for.

The other accounts – major account this opening this weekend is the Dubia by two accounts – Dubia by two (?spelling) I understand that particular accounts as 18 zeros, which is not a whole lot is a quintillion – it’s a lot of money, but it’s not enough money for a major major thing – it might be used  for prosperity packages  or farm claims something like that.

And on Monday, or at least I understand today that the Farm Claims because they still have some to go on the farm claims  which claims Indian claims for our Native American resident and CMKX – adjudicated settlements, fines and penalties – and prosperity packages – should all start going out Monday, This Monday coming. That would be the 10th of April. So let’s hope that that takes place as indicated.

Now what else is going on? The Redemption Center staff are on call Friday – tomorrow and Saturday.

I think Sunday is a true day off for Easter – it better be – But Monday has real potential for notifications – and there’s always a possibility that we could get them overnight Sunday and wake up to them on Monday the 10th

If that happens, we know that the redemption center staff are going in on Monday. Why would they be there Monday? Because it would be helping us to set our appointments for our exchanges and redemption of zim.

Okay, they could start as early as Tuesday. I don’t know if they would start on Monday but I’m gonna say more likely to be Tuesday, which will be the 11th –

So there’s a lot happening between now and the weekend.  Iraq is going to make their additional increase in the Iraqi dinar rate. It’s substantial, and this would be an in country dinar rate -. Meaning in country of Iraq and this will be their official increase in the rate of the dinar.

And I believe that will take place Sunday our Easter Sunday, which in Iraq is their first business day of the week  now that would reflect on our bank screens – Forex – probably Sunday night or Monday

Right so there’s a lot going on. Will we get anything while the staff is on call tomorrow and Saturday its  possible – its possible – that’s why they’re on call  – whether or not going in until they are called to come in – alright.

So based on that though, we look pretty solid for Monday into Tuesday – right now, So I want us all enjoy this Easter Week and this Easter weekend. It’s also Masters week for anybody that’s a golf fan out there like me, it started today with the first round and then play through Sunday if they were able to play through the rain that they’re expecting. So this is a great time to just get ready, for what’s, what’s coming.

We get the Social Security thing moved  – we could have possible increases in the base Social Security I’ve heard $1,000 increase.

We know  the restitution allowance gotta be big – those two things alone happen this month, it’s gonna be a big month of April, not to mention getting started with our exchanges. Hopefully, I’m saying Monday or Tuesday  That’s the latest information that we have so far.

But I think people would put it out a month isn’t going  until after Easter – it basically. I say I think they are right –  I think it is going after Easter –  but we there’s a lot happening right now – A lot of things, still arrests  going on big time. That it’s there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, that you and I don’t really see – I hear about it. I don’t hear everything but I hear a lot of it – anyway.

And it’s really, it’s a great, it’s great what we’re living through – guys – it’s not easy sometimes. It’s you know, God is strengthening us through this process. It’s something that’s helping us think that you know, by going through it not around it God makes us stronger, we learn, we gain wisdom in it, and we move through it for a better finish. And I’m telling you we’re that’s what we’re doing right now.

And I think God is going to reward all of us for being patient for being diligent hanging in there – so to speak – we are continually praying this in and believing you know –  God is is a God of faith. You know without faith tha it’s impossible to please God.

That’s what  turns God on is our faith because I think if we stay faithful and faithful you know, inlittle he will reward us in much – So I that is what’s happening for us you guys – it’s going to be the most fun you ever had it really is – so let’s pray the call out –

Everything is coming together – The redemption centers have our new Q-phones and they have plenty Q-phones for the Zim holders and probably some for other currency holders.

And they have certificates for laptops you go to Best Buy or Staples. They’ve got Oh, you might have a couple hundred heard it might be Android laptop certificate, and maybe 100 Or so it could be for Apple laptops, and then you just go to the Best Buy  turn in the certificate I guess. So that’s pretty cool. So they’re not going to be in / at the redemption centers, but the certificates are already there. Abd they have the currency, the new US Treasury dollars, we’ll be able to get some of that if we want it – at the redemption center. So that’s what I wanted to bring to you guys. So let’s pray the call out


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