Bruce’s Big Call

Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 4-11-23

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It is today’s Tuesday  April 10th . Yeah, got it Tuesday, April 10th . Welcome to the Big Call everybody. Glad that you’re there tuned in. And I hope everybody had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday and a great weekend and we’re looking forward to a great call tonight. Got some really fun, good intel for us. I think that’ll be good. I can’t wait to hear what Sue’s gonna bring tonight. And what Bob’s gonna bring – all going to be good. And thanks for listening all over the globe.

So let’s do this. Thank you, Bob so much. Let’s  segue into the Intel segment. I told you guys at the outset that we have some good stuff to talk about, and we do.

So let’s go through what it is that we’re hearing.

Now, last Thursday, I don’t remember whether we have information about the bondholders receiving their Q- Cards, that’s their access card to the quantum financial system that we’re coming from HSBC. We know some Q-cards came out a couple of weeks ago, from Bank of America, for bonds that were the German bonds. But these were the various and they’re like oh my gosh, any different 12 maybe – your versions of Chinese – they’re quite a few. And again, they are generally different colors.

Yellow, gold, red, green, blue, brown, etc. All these different colors in the spectrum of different types. of Chinese bonds. Well, the bank that was handling the payouts for the Chinese bonds is HSBC.

They’re the ones that remember I told you guys, they needed to get out half a half a million Q-cards to get those out, delivered – and delivered how –  FedEx – that’s right – Federal Express

Now, what we heard – I can’t remember if I brought this out on Thursday’s call, but I know by Friday, at least if I didn’t hear it Thursday night, probably. I got it Thursday night after the call that these Chinese bondholders would be receiving – they got an email – that said that they would be receiving their Q-cards from HSBC, on Saturday before 930 in the morning – Saturday morning by FedEx, and guess what?

They got them – check that –  check that –  they got them Monday. That was only yesterday – seems like  days ago, forgiving guys. Alright, so they got their Q- cards yesterday morning, Monday morning – before 9:30.

The good news is that they’re now waiting for an email that will come back to let them know how much they can have access to and when they can access it. Now the timeframe that we heard from paymasters today was it would be between now Tuesday and Friday 14th –  that they receive those emails  and have access to their funds on their Q-cards

They already can get on and they already have the access code. The email to put in the Starlink system code, the things that need to activate that they can do, they can get in and activate it. So they’re looking forward to getting that email that will give them access to those funds. And the good news is the bondholders will get access to 1% of their total bond exchange when that happens, now also get more as time goes on.

Let’s compare that to where we are but we were expecting is to receive our notifications. I’ll tell you more about that moment. Once we get notification, we set our appointments  for exchanges, we should have access to 1% of our total exchange on day one – and then nine days later, which would be day 10 of our exchange. They can we receive an additional 9% One plus nine is 10 – so that by the 10th day, we could have access to 10% of our total exchange, and that would include zim – now if you have you don’t have zim and you just have Dong or you just have dinar, or other currencies – my understanding is you’ll get immediate access to all of that on day one.

If you haven’t in conjunction with the zim, you’ll get the combination of the total of the Zim redemption but the total of your currency redemption, and you’ll be able to access the 1% of the total – and then nine days later on the 10th day, you would be able to get an additional 9% – One plus nine is 10%.

You’d be able to get 10% at that point of your Total Redemption of Zim and your exchange of currency . So that’s how that’s gonna work. Now, our NDA are supposed to be 30 to 45 days – 30 to 45 days, and we’re supposed to get more of our exchange from our quantum account – Because that’s where it’s going to be residing.

It’s going to be sitting in that quantum account, until we call for it until we essentially move it from our Q account with our Q-cards to our primary bank account with wells or whatever bank you want to go with.

So I think, you know, to move some money is going to be really cool. You know, 1% is going to be a lot. 10% is going to be a whole lot but you’ll get access to the remaining amount, probably in 90 to 120 days.

They want to see how you do with these numbers and what your spending habits are. And they want to sort of monitor that through the quantum financial system and make sure nobody is sending money in the wrong direction.

Okay, they’r going to keep an eye on that – so don’t violate your NDA, even if it’s only 30 -45 days long. don’t violate it. Or you could they could freeze your account and take back your funds if they needed to. So it’s a major responsibility on us to do the right thing with the funds. Doesn’t mean we can’t spend what we want to but it just means that we have to be careful.

And remember I told you that was a 55 page book or booklet that we’re gonna get as to who was not to send money to – I forgot about that. Yeah, we’re supposed to get that to redemption center too. So I was like, Okay, Who am I’m not gonna send money to Well, here’s your book. That’s your starting point right there. Keep aware of it – Stay aware of it  where that  we don’t want anyone to have their funds frozen of money. And have their money taken back

All right, so let’s go back to where we are for us. We know the bondholders we told they should have access to funds between now and Friday the 14th which is this coming Friday.

Right today is the 10th – is it? Is it the 10th? Or the 11th? It’s the 10th – And what we’re looking at is – today is the 11th – Okay, here’s what we’re what we’re doing. We are expecting from one of our top sources relayed this late this afternoon – that even though we would look at pretty good likelihood that we’re going to track along with the bondholders who get access to funds between now and the 14th.

What we heard late this afternoon was – they are going to do their very best to get this out to us tomorrow – which is Wednesday, Wednesday.

Today is Tuesday – Right? They’re going to do their level best to get it out tomorrow that’s talking about us getting notified that’s talking about bondholders getting those emails. It’s also the intermediate groups, so called intermediaries like the farm claims, the Indian claims – ranch land claims, the adjudicated  settlements – CMKX – fines and penalties -prosperity packages should be coming out starting  tomorrow – everything – is supposed to be released.

Now if that happens, which I hope it does, just like you guys, if that it happens we will set appointments tomorrow and begin our exchanges on Thursday.

And the follow up comment was we would be really, really l- not going to use the term “rich” – wealthy on Thursday – the theory is if everything goes as we have indicated today, and they are able to get out tomorrow, that we should be able to set our appointments with the toll free numbers and start our days on Thursday. Boom shaka laka boom, That is the intel that we’re looking for.

Now – It doesn’t mean it’s absolute does it. It means that that’s what they’re going to try their level best to do. Let’s keep an eye on it. Let’s pray it in with speaking into existence and let’s believe that is what the result will be.

In addition to that, we do believe that this will be an increase in Social Security won’t matter to us. But it’ll make a big difference to a lot of other people that aren’t in currency – And we believe the fourth Wednesday, social security people will have their Social Security move up a week to the third week, which is the 19th which is the third Wednesday of the month.

So the 26th  Social Security recipients would be moved to 19th  and we believe there’ll be an increase in their social on the 19th – There may also be an increase to the Wednesday – tomorrow, the 12th for those Social Security that are second week of the month. And I understand that maybe the first week of April may get theirs tomorrow on Wednesday, the 12th. So it’s kind of like fourth week moves the third this is for Social Security now, fourth week moves to third and first week moves to second week.

All right. Now why is that? Why are they doing it? That way the fourth week, which is 26th would be available for restitution allowance.

And it would also avail the first Wednesday of the month, next month for restitutional allowance to kick in. And this would be just a uber uber month – reminder for us to have the RV – our exchanges -additional social and restitution allowance In the month of April

That’s what we’re hearing this to take place. And we’ll see how that all comes about. And what happens to make that happen. They’re working like crazy behind the scenes. They are still doing cleanup on aisle three.

They did finish up Last week they finish up South America and Central America with all the arrest that they were doing down there with everybody.  And it was over 100,000.

And it was over 100,000 – so quite a few arrests. So that’s – that’s really the main part that now the question is what are you going to do with this information? Besides pray it in like we’re gonna pray it in when we pray the call out

But we’ll see you know, we’ve been duped before we’ve been faked out before. That. It looks like they’re gonna do their very level best to get it out tomorrow. So we’ll see what happens. I’m just saying what I’m hearing. I have given you what I’m getting almost verbatim but Okay, so that’s what I wanted to say tonight

I’m glad we’re getting good information and we’re getting ready to move forward. This is a big month guys. This is huge. Post resurrection day Sunday – Today’s Tuesday the 11th and we are moving – getting on with it.  Yep. So let’s pray the call out.  And let’s believe for everything we have heard and let’s stand in the gap for this to come through for us


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