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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 4-13-23

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Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Thursday, April 13th – Yes, and you’re listening to the Big Call ha Ha I got the day right.  Just had to think for a minute. But if you’re listening in the big call, thanks for tuning in everybody all around the globe. I know I got word that last Tuesday – where they were using new software to get the big call out in 97 countries with a possibility of 5 million listeners for each country. So that would be a Max – So five times 97 would be what 47/ 48 million listeners. So we don’t know how many people yet caught it, but we know it was sent out. And so that was new software. It probably doubled or almost tripled our audience – so that was big- and we’re excited

Okay, so let’s talk a little bit about where we are from an intel point of view you guys. There’s a little bit that I was thinking that I did not tell you Tuesday night that I would like to mention tonight, because I think it’s pretty significant. Remember in the old days we used to hear about the St. Germain trust and when it  was to be to be opened, either at Christmas or at Easter time .

Well, it’s never been opened before until last Saturday, which was the day before Easter Sunday. And it’s never been opened before, but it was opened by certain individuals that we all know for the first time in history, and the trust – it was about  800 years old.

Now, this is the cool part about it – two, it was open and the funds in I – Okay, remember we talked about with zeros following a one or another number 1000 is 3 zeros – a million is six. – a billion is 9 zeros – a trillion is 12 zeros – The quadrillions is 15  – quintillion is 18 – you get my drift, right?  That’s a lot of zeros – quadrillion – quintillion – sextillion – septillion – blah, blah, blah, okay.

But guess how many zeros following a number – I don’t remember what the lead number was  following the number taken when it could have been 3 – 5 – 8 Even more than once. So whatever that is, it was followed by 3600 zeros  – 3600  zeros.

That’s such a big number  That’s it. I don’t know if there’s a word for it – (Sue:  I got financial research. It didn’t go up them.) I know there’s no way there’s no way we can describe it other than by the number of zeros. In other words –it’s a humongous amount of funds that were in this St. Germain trust.

And it was emptied out completely last Saturday and put  into secure sovereign accounts around the globe ready to used for  NESARA – GESARA – it could be for everything else that you know the RV for exchanges. It’s just an amazing thing – Just look at it this way. Everything that we’re waiting to happen with our redemption of zim – exchange of currencies, none of that could have really happened until the St. Germain trust was opened.

That’s the point I’m trying to make. That was highly, highly significant. Other people that opened it, we know where it occurred. And it was a big, big deal.

Now, in addition to that, as if that wasn’t enough, a fund called  Dubai 2 was also open and released. I don’t know how large amount that was, but it was significant. And then on Tuesday afternoon, the Rodriguez Trust  in the Philippines was opened. At that trust, I believe had 80 zeros in it which is still a ton of money. So many tons – So the funds have been moved around into the various sovereign accounts for us and for the world.

I’m just going to hit this with what comes to my mind, in no specific order, usually I have an order. There’s just so much information. I’m gonna do my best to bring it all out. If I can remember it –

Recently just today I heard two pieces of information that were really cool. One was that student loans are in a position of being forgiven a little bit after noon today Eastern Time that started – Now I cannot tell you if it’s all absolutely all student loans. But I do know it’s over $6 billion of debt relief for student loans. And I believe the number was between 200 000 loans to be forgiven starting after noon today –

Guess what, guys? That part of NESARA we’ve been getting little bits and pieces of NESARA along the way with no announcement about it. Other than what maybe we’ve talked about on the big calls, and maybe you’ve read some things on line – So that’s a very positive thing.

And then I heard on a short blip earlier this evening, that in Canada, not in the United States yet, but in Canada Chase banks were forgiving credit card debt –  Now again, don’t misconstrue this, this is only a something I’ve heard – I don’t have it verified with resources. Like we try to get on everything. But it’s interesting that that is occurring in Canada. Okay.

Oh Canada ….. You got a head start on us  – you sure did on that one.

So let’s see what else we can talk about. All right. You go well Bruce  – why didn’t this go yesterday . Why I thought you said…. oh Boy, I thought you said —-  you know guys its Thursday  -we had an indication that it could have gone Wednesday or Thursday or Friday. We had like a three day window that we noticed change. Now it was Thursday, Friday or Saturday. And I think we can pretty much throw Thursday out for us as notifications as Thursday is almost over but Friday and Saturday are a different animal entirely.

So let’s go back to why it didn’t go. At least yesterday.

There were a number of transactions with Mexican bonds. In fact 1460 boxes of Mexican bonds that were today handled yesterday in Reno, and we they had some issues with certain buyers and sellers and so on. And it didn’t go and it didn’t go because people were trying to take advantage of others of this situation. Let’s just say it that way.

That was kind of a monkey wrench in the system. And it stopped us from going yesterday and possibly it stopped us from going today.

But let’s talk now – that happened yesterday in Reno. Let’s talk about where we are now though, in terms of our friends in Iraq.

Now – Iraq has opend their budget – They have already as of yesterday, I believe was the start date yesterday. They already started paying out their military, their contractors and their public works people that said utilities right? Public public works, they started paying those three groups out yesterday in newly revalued Iraqi dinar.  That’s a big deal. That took place starting yesterday.

What else is significant  about Iraq?  And you guys know that Iraq’s high holy day is Friday.

You know, kind of like our major day is Sunday – We go to church – some of us –

Iraq’s special day. sacred day is Friday. Kind of a thing on Saturday too – well guess what? According to our Iraqi sources, Iraq is opening their banks tomorrow on their high holy day – Friday right after – an hour after morning prayer in the morning. Tomorrow.  Which is only a few hours away.

So why would they be doing this? I understand that bringing in a new rate for the dinar in country – not for us – but in country – tomorrow. About an hour after the bank open tomorrow in Iraq, in Iraq. So whatever time that is, I don’t know if it’s 830 or nine in the morning when they open banks. They’re gonna have a new rate in country tomorrow.  A new higher rate.

Now what’s really cool is we’re getting pretty good information about what happened here yesterday with delegations from Iraq that were here and negotiating with some of our key people. You know who they are – Mnuchin – Judy Shelton and others in certain locations and they were able to finalize negotiations on the Iraqi dinar that we will see on our bank screens, including the one that is considered the contract rate.

They may offer us the contract rate – I’ve heard that they will – at the redemption centers is what I’m talking about. But if for some reason they don’t offer that to you. You know enough about the fact that it’s a very high rate on the dinar and you can ask for it

I’ve been told they should offer it to us. And we’ll see how that flies right. At the redemption center –  I’m not talking about your bank at the corner of the street. No, I’m talking about with a fixed appointment at a specific time that you call in the call center and they set you up an appointment at a redemption center, especially if you’re a Zim holder  you’re going to be redeeming your zim like a bearer bond at the redemption center that’s why we call the redemption centers.

When you do that You will also be able to get a contract rate on the dinar – In other words, you’re not precluded from getting that contract rate if you have zim – that’s my point.

So – the dignitaries with that Iraq last night, flew back out. Everything’s cool. I think it’s basically business as usual Iraq. It’s just terrific to see them move forward and that we are as well.

So where did the bondholders stand? Well, we’ve got some information today that’s new – the bond holders for some reason are going have access to their funds at 4am in the morning on Tuesday morning.

So they’ll only get another email that will tell them that and maybe that is when it comes out – by the way – is at 4 am Tuesday  – this coming – So you know they’re looking to get access to their funds after they receive that email getting those balances – a total –  that they have in their account. And in their quantum account that they can move – into their primary bank account – which will be Wells –  for the most part because it  could be Bank America, America and German bonds because HSBC handled all 12 Different Chinese bonds. It’s almost like pick a color any color – 12 designating 12 Different colors  designating 12 different types of Chinese bonds,

So  what’s interesting about that is it looks like they get access to their funds, or spend availability next Tuesday – now we believe that ours are going to be more immediate than that – what we’re hearing at least three, maybe four sources is that we’re down to receiving our  notifications  either Friday or Saturday.

I’m doing my very best to not “call it” – what I’m hearing  that either tomorrow or Saturday  we will be notified with our emails and would be able to set our appointments. Let’s just say for example, there were to come in tomorrow morning  – whenever that happened, if it happened, we would be able to set appointments and go in for exchanges 3 hours after we were  notified  that is taking a random time – a random time – lets say 10 am –  lets say we were lucky enough  and were blessed enough to be notified at 10 in the morning – and I’m using Eastern time –

We would literally be able to set our appointments and early people had  gotten emails and responding with call centers. With a toll free number would be able to go into appointments as early as 10 plus three is 1 PM – as early as 1 in the afternoon  – so that is how they positioned it at the redemption center

Now we know that redemption center staff was not going in today on Thursday –

However, tomorrow and Saturday they go in with their full staff – I believe everybody’s on and all on all day Saturday – Sunday is always a question mark, but I think if we were to get started on Friday or Saturday we would probably power through Sunday as well – and that would be a day available for exchanges

Now what is really interesting is we have information about the new rates from Iraq – we have coming in tomorrow – Remember that’s for them in country –  our rates here I believe were set yesterday –

By the way,  they’re very good – very high  contact rate is above and beyond everything we could ask for – and I understand aa rate that I had three days ago, on the dong – three days old –  real is very, very high as well. Now it is not where the contract rate is – There is NO contract rate on the dong – .

But if that rate I heard  is still there. When we go in it’s going to blow us away – some people’s do it. It’s going to blow up. It’s way more than we have. It’s way more that we thought it would be –

Let’s see what happens on that. That’s  enough about rates. I don’t do rates, l just kinda did them  but I didn’t really know

Alright lets talk a little about what Jeannie was talking about – kind of about earlier prayer requests. All right.  I might still need further examination –

What I believe they’re going to do with Social Security dates. Remember, based on what your birthday is – that is when you get paid – If your birthday is towards the end  of the month need to pay at the end of the month. You get your social security on the last Wednesday of the month.

If your birthday is early in the month you might be a first or second Wednesday – you get my drift? My understanding is that they’re going to take the first and second Wednesday for Social Security, combined those and pay those off on the second Wednesday.

My understanding is they’re gonna take the third Wednesday, and the fourth Wednesday of the month and combine those to be paid on a third Wednesday of the month  – so if you understood what I said –

Social Security – and it might not occur  this month – will be paid on the second and third Wednesday of the month At least maybe in the month of May. It could still happen for those that are getting paid on the sixth which is the third and fourth Wednesday of this month of April –

I’ve been told it will – so we’ll see – I say let’s see what happens on that one –

We are also supposed to  get an increase in Social Security of at least $1,000 Unless you’re butting right up against the peak which is supposedly $4,955 the peak amount not to exceed per month and that would be for people that signed up for Social Security when they hit  70 years old. People that signed up earlier with that would get a lower amount but still getting better than what they were getting

None of that is  gonna really matter very much for u –  After all this goes  but why are they moving the Soc Sec dates like we talked about – to the second or third Wednesday of the month –  because that leaves the third and fourth Wednesdays to be available for restitutional allowance –

And it is possible that we get that restitution for people  62 and older on that fourth Wednesday of April  which is the 26th and it’s going to be a substantial piece of change

Because this is your birth certificate money – the money you paid in interest on loans and mortgages and credit cards and possibly I just don’t see the return of income taxes.

There’s too much in flux in that right now. If they come to us in a separate reimbursement to us, I just don’t know.

But – what I am hearing restitutional allowance is gonna be substantial. Because if you’re looking to over I believe it might be 60 and older  or 62 and older -people and they’re gonna pay it lump sum to go to the bank account that you are already getting social security by direct deposit  so this will be via direct deposit to your social security bank account – into your bank account that you have with Social Security.

All right – and it could be really substantial  – It’s hard for me to say how much it’s gonna be – its going to vary, lots of variables – but very, very significant.

And if you’re younger than that, there’s an age of 48 to 60 or 62 that age group will receive  I believe over  a ten year period you’re getting so much per month – its not universal income and Anybody in that age group or younger –  with signing something that they agree to not stop working, not to quit their job if they have one – not to stop  because we need the work force  to continue

And even though we’re older maybe the 62 70 year age group, we’re not going to stop either – we are not going to buy each other jobs – that’s not the goal here – going to do  do a webinar and charter job. That’s the goal here. We’re founding these projects – we are founding them.

We’re creating leadership teams that can take our project ideas and running with them – Make them reality, create projects and bring them into fruition.

Now younger people I believe you have to be working 15 years before you would receive restitutional allowance so if you start at 16 – that would be 31  – if you started at 18 you would be 33 – you have to have worked 15 years  then you’re open to receive restitution. I believe it will also be payable over 10 years I believe paid monthly  –

Now listen, guys, I’m getting this third hand. I don’t have any proof for it. This is just what we’re hearing from people that are in Social Security in that position. And we just see what happens this month. See what happens. The rest of the month. This won’t make a Hill of beans to us that are involved with our currencies that have zim and other currencies and we’ll think it’ll be nice. All right, yeah, who’s going to turn away money but it’s not going to make much of a difference? I don’t think.

Now, especially if the rates are what I say they are, and the Zim is on par with the United States dollar –

Now let’s talk about the USD. Remember the USD the fiat money that’s backed by nothing is dead internationally. It’s only good in Canada, the US and Mexico. Right? As I said Tuesday, that’s it – those three countries –

Now we’re going to be using fiat money for maybe three, maybe four more months and it will all be called back in -. It’ll all be when we spend it.

Will it’ll be taken and eventually when it gets back to the banks, the banks will shred it and it will be fun to have it shredded –

But our new money –  the US Treasury dollar, or what we used to call the USTN United States Treasury notes, that Treasury dollar is supposed to be out and announced on or before Monday, the 17th of April. That’s  this coming Monday

They were supposed to have it announced in all 50 states – we still have 50 states believe it or not – And that I’m looking forward to as part of NESARA –  that new asset backed currency, primarily gold asset backed currency is part of NESARA, and it’s also a part of  GESARA our global economic strategic and Recovery Act.

So it’s happening guys – We’re going to see that announcement should be on or before Monday.

So we know we have US Treasury dollars already shrink wrapped in little bundles in redemption centers for us. When we go in. If we haven’t been fortunate enough to start tomorrow we’ll be able to get oh, I would say they want to keep us at around $5,000 of the new money I’m not even sure if I want that much. but whatever We’re gonna have access to that that redemption centers it’s in the  banks already either in the vaults – not  the teller drawers but vaults ready to be utilized, that I’m thinking probably Monday maybe Saturday.

Is there a possibility of tomorrow? I think its possible – tomorrow if we go I think it’s possible to banks have it in their drawers. And it’s possible if we start Saturday, it should be in their drawers. I don’t think the banks will be lagging too much redemption centers – In other words –  I think it’ll go quickly, but that that is really good information to know that that is happening and is actually taking because we’ll be able to be extremely strong US Treasury dollars again, because we have a we all will be backed by primarily by gold but other assets

And with St. Germain trust being open, and Dubai 2 understand the Rodriquez Trust – You guys have no idea. It’s gonna be amazing. So that’s primarily what I wanted to say.

As far as I can remember that everything I wanted to bring up you guys  think I got it all   because I think we’re finally moving forward.  So let’s do this. Let’s pray the call out


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