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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 4-18-23

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Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight, it is Tuesday, April 18th and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in everybody all around. Glad to have you back. And we’re looking forward to having a good call tonight – so thank you for being there.

Okay, so let’s talk a little bit about the Intel in the next few minutes.  Yesterday some information came in as Sue was referring to it a little bit.  We had heard from a source that one of our sources pretty good sources, and where the source talked about the release, sequential release of basically everybody, the bondholders getting  their activation on their cue cards, and those – cash all those intermediaries that we’ve talked about in the past, all those going – everything we can think of really including our notifications would be sometime today. But to our knowledge, none of that happened.

None of that happened. Now what was significant about yesterday –the 17th was, it was the day that all the banks around the globe were to be completely connected, interconnected to the quantum financial system. And actually, Saturday was actually called Quantum day. So just yesterday, was the day that all banks were gonna be interconnected, or they were just so well they were not able to, to be part of the, the new global currency reset

And also, yesterday, we understood that we would see the asset backed – Let’s  call it the gold back asset backed United States Treasury dollar acknowledged – announced – and all that yesterday, to our knowledge, we never saw that. We never saw the announcement or acknowledgement of it. Not in the United States, in all 50 states and not globally.

So are we there ready with a digital digital version of our USN? Yes. Is the currency our new and it’s not rainbow currency by the way. by any stretch, but our new US Treasury dollar –  Is it at the banks? Yes. Is it in the redemption centers? Oh, yeah, it’s been there – we’ve reported about that before.

So why don’t we have this? where is it? Where is it? Sue always ask me, where is it? Well, we’re trying to figure that out – Because everything appears from the redemption center point of view, to be complete. Everything appears to be ready.

They’ve got their Q phones in the barn, so to speak at the redemption centers. They’ve got the laptop certificates, up to $1,000 You’ll be able to take this certificate and turn it into a Best Buy, or a Staples about total of eight different retailers. You’ll be able to go on and either get a laptop, or an Apple laptop, or a the other kind of laptop. You’ll be able to get that up to $1,000 – Anything over 1000 I guess you just pick it up and pay for yourself. But that would probably buy a pretty good laptop these days. $1000 I would think so. So those are there. They’ve got those in the redemption centers ready to go for us.

And the irony of this whole thing is Iraq has been exchanging their dinar in the country of Iraq for about over 10 days now, up to about 12 days.

And we know people that have done the exchanges there that are Iraqi that have taken the high three zero notes and exchanged them at a new rate and gotten the equivalent in Iraqi dinar, new Iraqi dinar, which are the lower denominations of the currency kind of like we have, you know, basically fives 10s 20s 50s Hundreds. Now they have some variation on that. But it’s it’s lower denominations.

So, you know, that’s been happening now for 12 days in Iraq. And they kept this from us – knowing about it because even their budget has been opened. Gosh, it’s been like four or five days ago, their budget was open. And if you looked into the budget, you could determine what the rate of the dinar was that they use to calculate the budget – in Iraq the 2023 budget

Now – That all happened -That was done – but they still don’t want us to see it yet here – or know the rate on the Iraqi dinar until we get started for exchanges. I mean, it’s just it’s hidden from us – it’s kept from us

Now – it’s good to know that exchanges are happening there and everything’s hunky dory and I think it’s business as usual in Iraq  – but what about us?

Are we waiting for anything else? That we don’t know? We don’t know of anything else. That tells us – when it’s this quiet, like people that we’re supposed to have heard from did not communicate with us by text or call – Neither one – that tells me we’re in this quiet before the storm. We’re in the quiet before the release of everything  – the intermediaries – farm claims remaining farm claims – Indian claims the remainder of those also ranch claims land claims – CMKX  – fines and penalties.

Well, what else? Everything we can think of these are intermediaries, and we have not yet heard, but we thought that the prosperity packages would be released also.

We thought it would be released yesterday and or today at the latest and we haven’t gotten anything on it. So that tells us we’re extremely close.

We heard that President Trump might be in a certain Western location to release this.

And that may be the case we can’t verify that yet. But it looks like everything is set to start

Now, maybe it’s literally a day or two away – maybe it’s notifications tomorrow – Startup exchanges Thursday.  I don’t know. I don’t have that.

But  we don’t know. We know that there’s always continuing arrests of the bad guys. We know that’s continuing. It’s not completed yet. But they’ve got enough of them. From what we understand that they’ve mean that they intended to pick up to where the DoD a long time ago gave the green light for us to go forward.

And the Treasury gave a green light for us to go forward. So unless something happened and those were rescinded, we should still be ready to go.

If you guys can tell I’m frustrated because I think from what I’ve been hearing – and it came in very strongly yesterday, Monday and even over the weekend. We do get information through the weekend. And then here we sit. So I’m gonna say this is the thing that we need to do. We need to move boldly with our faith to continue to be press in and pray this out, pray it forward and believe that this is actually coming to us in short order. Because I really think from days ago, we heard this could – This could occur at any minute.

Any minute now the release could happen as we expected it early morning this morning. But yet, if something was released, we don’t know about it. We’re not aware of it. So maybe it was a little pump fake. Maybe there was something else they had to get right. I know this is coming out and we believe it’s coming out in short order. So that’s really what I wanted to bring out to you guys tonight.

This thing you guys. They don’t want us to know when this is happening. They don’t want us to know the rates – I know the rates. They don’t want us to know the where or when. But we know a lot of it already. We’ve talked a lot about this on the call – But you know, this thing is may sneak up and bite us – right on the back. It might just be right there. We can’t tell right now. But I’ll bet you $1 to a glazed doughnut that tonight after the call I’ll get something or get something tomorrow. It’ll show that we’re moving along like we thought. All right. So that’s what I’m going to say tonight.

I’m also going to thank everybody that was part of the call tonight of course — for everybody out there in big call universe that has, you know, been with us for these 12 years. Many of you guys have been on these calls for 12 years now – and, which is, which is excellent

Let’s see what happens. And then we’ll see if see what happens. And based on that – We’ll either have a call Thursday or we won’t. We’ll see what happens. All right, everybody, have a great night tonight. Keep the faith and stay with me as we pray this call out.

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