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Camdoc’s Daily Newsletter

June 25, 2019

SUMMARY: Tuesday 25 June 2019

Much thanks to those of you who responded to the request for support. We now have sufficient for our needs, and we anticipate that we will have an RV soon. Of course, we have thought that for months…

Today or tomorrow are expected to be the ‘Value Day’, which is a legal benchmark from which all transactions and values are measured.

We have had another delay of a week or so due to the new team coming on board from the Treasury, but after they got things lined up, they are working much faster than the Mnuchin team did.

We expect exchanges in the US to start up today or tomorrow, or at least by Friday, as POTUS wants it done before the G20 meeting in Kyoto on Friday. The Elders apparently want it done by the end of this month, but we are already several months behind, as they see it.

Other countries are already exchanging their groups, analogous to our Tier 4a. Brazil is one example. We have confirmations of large currency holders in Miami and Reno having exchanged already. I assume that these are at least Tier 3 whales.

The whales are currently being processed. They are first in line, since Sovereigns (Tier 1) and government affiliated entities (Tier 2) have probably already exchanged, and smaller trades go down from there. Perhaps you can see how prepared groups, with currency already vetted and provenance papers and receipts long since submitted (Tier 4a) will be processed before individuals. Some whales showed up in Reno with boxes full of currency, but they had no receipts or provenance paperwork, so they were told to go home until they could come up with that documentation.

I hear that the buyers are not even thinking about individual exchanges at this time, but that may be a reflection of the particular focus of those sources. Sources for group 4a say that ‘WE ARE KNOCKING ON THE DOOR’.

We also hear that uninformed individuals, Tier 5, are not being considered at this time, either. I get the impression that the buyers and exchange personnel have enough to think about without including Joe GI with his dinar in a sock drawer.

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