Mot:  A father passing by his son’s bedroom noticed the room unusually clean and saw an envelope propped up prominently on the pillow. It was ad… Read the rest

Mid East

I’m surprised the rate didn’t have changed yet too. A lot of friends of mine they’re surprised.  We see.  Monday is the 20th anniv… Read the rest


Question:  “Will there be taxes on our exchange?”  Yeah. Please don’t present this is not a capital gain tax…on what plan… Read the rest

Militia Man

Because they’re going to try and facilitate the transfer of monies in international trade in foreign currencies … with the Iraqi dinar… Read the rest

Militia Man

[CBI governor Alaq talking about Iraqi dinar becoming a major currency]  The central bank is trying to reevaluate all monetary policies and to contr… Read the rest


the budget is waiting on the rate.  Kuwait changed their rate on 3/24/91, this year that would be the weekend of 3-25/26.  Iraq and Kuwait have the same… Read the rest


We as private holders of this currency were considered speculators anticipating gains from this revaluation …This is not tradable on the For… Read the rest


[via PDK]   Now this is important: Coming out of   Under the section titled “Foreign E… Read the rest


Article: “Why does not Iraq re-adopt the coin?”  Quote:   “The Central Bank is the only one responsible for supplying the count… Read the rest