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Francis Albert

To respond to Kap’s quote [Reference Guru Kaperoni’s 10-16-2019 Post] …the balance sheet from CBI shows 48 Trillion Dinar “out there.” Higher than what Kap has been saying. The things I believe he’s missing. Firstly the Oil Credits and the banks create the dollars, UST ends up with oodles of Dinar and exchange bank to CBI, (when it is comfortable for Iraq ), at a cheap oil cost. Without the credits the whole point of the war is moot.  Secondly, no one, including myself or Kap knows where these 48 Trillion Dinar are. He’s assuming if Dinar goes from current to .50 then Iraq has to pony up 24 Trillion Dollars. Bad assumption. IMO, the vast, vast majority of these Dinar are in Central Banks around the globe. The very Central Banks that orchestrated the war. They have all the prerogative in the World to exchange whenever they want, up to 10 years..or not at all.