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Iraq Stock Exchange going on the NASDAQ

[Question…”…it would seem Trump will be in office until 2024…how does that effect our situation with the dinar?”] …The reason why it’s a good place for Iraq right now is because what’s on the table…Trump’s style is that you are not going to sit on the fence. ‘Either you pivot toward us or you’re not going to participate’…next thing you know…Iraq is not sitting on the fence. They’re like ‘no, we want to be in the markets.’ So things have changed in the Middle East. That’s why you saw these laws being passed in Iraq. The Financial Management Bill. Then all of a sudden they’re not just throwing out BS article out on the IMF…Iraq Stock Exchange going on the NASDAQ. They’re having mega events for it…why? Cause the markets are opening up to them…it’s a big deal. And they’re very very happy. That’s why they’re walking around with a little bit more energy. And it’s a huge deal for us. They are going to add value to their currency…

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