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Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV Excerpts and Rumors from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sat. 4 Feb. 2023

Compiled Sat. 4 Feb. 2023 12:01am EST by Judy Byington

The Iraqi Dinar Reinstated on Wed. 1 Feb. and Revalued on Thurs. 2 Feb., kicking off the Global Currency Reset that takes the world’s monies out of the hands of the Cabal and gives it back to The People.

The Rothschilds/ Rockefellers/ Blackrock/ Fortune 500 companies/ State Street/ Vanguard/ Jesuit Society Cabal have been in control of the world banking system since the beginning – until this week’s implementation of the gold/asset-backed Global Currency Reset by 209 countries.

Almost every European country has denied the Cabal’s new proposed fiat digital banking system (the Great Reset) which would have meant their continued full control of all monies across the globe through digital currency that had no backing.

Global Currency Reset:

On Sun. 29 Jan. 2023 the Iraqi Dinar was listed on the ISX, Nasdaq.

As of Tues. 31 Jan. 2023 the US Inc. fiat Dollar officially transitioned to the new gold/asset-backed US Note.

As of Wed. 1 Feb. 2023 the US Inc. fiat Dollar was no longer recognized as legal tender anywhere in the world and banks were using the new Quantum Financial System.

On that same Wed. 1 Feb. Charlie Ward, head of the Redemption Committee, mentioned on his Insiders Club that the USTN would probably go live this week.

Fri. 3 Feb. MarkZ: Rumors were that the new Dinar Rate has been locked in at $3.93 In-country Rate. That will not affect the Tier4B Contract Rate, which will be higher. Bond Holders and Tiers including Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) might go over the weekend.

Fri. 3 Feb. Shiela: “They (Iraqi Dinar) traded in the ISX all week long and celebrated with fireworks last night over it.”

Fri. 3 Feb. Okie (not Okieoilman) via Twitter: “It is finished. OK. Sit down, relax and get ready to say your Thanksgiving Prayer. I was informed about an hour ago that the RV had taken place in Iraq. I waited for two additional confirmations before informing you of this. It is finished.”

On Friday 3 Feb. all Basel 4 Compliant banks were expected to go public with the new gold/ asset-backed currency International Rates.

Martial Law was ready to go with the Emergency Alert System used as needed.

Fri. 3 Feb. MarkZ: “I was told that even if the Dinar floats it will not affect our contract rate….ours will be collected with the “Oil for Dinar Contract” unless you just go into the regular bank….in which case…the float/street rate is what you will get. …Most of my sources believe it’s locked in at a $3.90 street rate. The bond people are still hearing ”hey, be here tomorrow …they are to do this over the weekend” They hear the 3a groups over the weekend and the 4a tier getting funds the first of the week and us in the 4b group going to the banks/Redemption Centers. The chatter remains good though. It is constant right now…Things are fluid ……Probably the most encouraging parts are what we are hearing out of Nader, Militia Man and Dr. Pruitt. We are seeing so many sources on the ground in Iraq giving us supporting evidence and news on the impending change.”

Fri. 3 Feb. Bruce:We know that Iraq did their thing with their reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar on Wed. 1 Feb, officially. And then today Thurs. 2 Feb, it revalued and it’s got a rate on the screen and it’s going up. We heard some outrageous contract rates for the dinar which is a real thing.  Oh, and there’s no contract for dong – just so you know  – but there is on the dinar – and is higher than we had been told it would be…  So where we stand right now – is things are so quiet…we are just at a point where they do not want us to know the timing of when this is going to be released… I’m still excited…I’m hoping we get some action here the next couple days… I have to believe we’re very, very close.”

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Nader From The Mid East  When [Sudani] says, ‘I’m gonna change the dinar rate…it doesn’t mean it’s gonna go 2 to 1 or 1 to 1.  It can be back to [the year] 2020.  I hope they put it back in [the year] 2003…we deserve that I think…

Militia Man  A lot of things have happened in the last few daysYou have the Central Bank talking, You have the government talking, you have the United States Federal Reserve Bank talking.  You have meetings going on in Washington …You have meetings that are said to be done today in Turkey and tomorrow in Turkey.  You have demonstrations that may be taking place in the sense of ‘monetary reform, why hasn’t it happened yet?‘  Some of the articles we’re seeing are phenomenal. We have Al-Sudani coming out and talk to the citizens telling everybody ‘Hold on a minute.  Don’t do anything.  Your dinars are going to be effetely stronger that the dollar‘…

Breaking! Gold and Silver are Legal Tender (Money) in Almost all 50 States!

Dr. Kia Pruitt:  2-3-2023

Check out what I found, family! We really are on the gold-standard (or close to it), behind the scenes!


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