Judy Byington

Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Wed. 8 March 2023

Compiled Wed. 8 March 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Global Currency Reset:

Mon. 7 March Evening MarkZ: I still do not think we will be waiting that long. I think we are getting a lot of misinformation right now. Someone is having fun playing with us, which means we are close. …As far as I’m concerned it could be any moment. We just don’t know. …News from Iraq: “Cabinet approves the draft budget tomorrow” This is the rough draft. Maybe the full budget later this week. This does not mean we are waiting for the budget to RV. It can go before. …What I’m hearing from all my Iraqi sources is that they plan to introduce in a wide scale fashion the lower denominations this month and the training for all the folks. …The bond side is pretty quiet. The banking side is still convinced it will happen at any second.”

Judy Note: The below is made in my opinion only. Official instructions will be published on the Secured Website when it is released:

We have been told that all Tier 1 Banks have received the Source Codes and on Sun. evening 5 March those banks loaded the new rates into their computers – the banks planning to do exchanges after certain security issues were addressed.

The Kingpin of the Global Currency Reset, the Iraqi Dinar, has revalued with rates fluctuating on bank screens.

When that Iraqi Dinar International Rate settled, it would have no affect on the special rates Tier4b will receive, which have already been determined based on a percentage of Crude Oil Contract pricing.

No Contract Rates were available for the other foreign currencies, but if one exchanged those currencies at a Redemption Center rather than a bank, they would receive higher rates.

The Zimbabwe Zim Bond can only be redeemed at a Redemption Center and must be redeemed in a certain time frame yet to be announced.

Redemption Centers will only be open for a certain time frame, after which foreign currencies can be exchanged at a bank, but done so at the lower exchange rates.

Redemption Center appointments will be made by accessing a Secured Website sent to foreign currency and Zim Bond holders by Wells Fargo Bank. The Secured Website would also be published in this Update and on various Dinar websites.

Charlie Ward: “We’re going through a huge transition period right now: The Bank of England’s been closed for 2 weeks… the Bank of Spain, the Bank of Holland, the Bank of Germany… a lot of Central Banks have been closed for 2-weeks… because in my view, and it’s only my view, they’re moving over from the SWIFT system to the Quantum Financial System.”

Charlie Ward: The SWIFT system was only controlled by the Federal Reserve which was as corrupt as it comes… they were printing money and then giving it to us and then wanting it back with tax and interest… [usury]… that’s about as corrupt as it gets…But the Quantum System is completely different… It’s a very clean and clear system that’s been set up specifically to be backed by gold, precious metals, to be backed by something, we’ve got the USN, the US Note which will be backed by gold, we’ve got the US Coin which will be backed by Gold or Silver… and I did a Zoom yesterday with Ron Steel… the second part of the interview had so much about the QFS.

Thurs. 24 Sept. 2020 Vatican Gold Repatriated to US Treasury: https://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2020/09/vatican-pedophile-network-closed-as-gold-repatriated-to-us-treasury-3213118.html

The Real News for Tues. 7 March 2023:

A Black Swan Event in the form of a Stock Market Crash was expected to happen at any time.

Worldwide, Central Banks were going Bankrupt and closing because of startup of the new Quantum Financial System that handled gold/asset-backed world currencies.

Because Chinese Banks were closing, the Chinese Goods Supply Chain was drying up.

GESARA / NESARA Build Up Towards The Great Finale: Black Swan Even, Stock Market, False Flags, Deep State, Med Beds, QFS & Brunson Case – American Media Group (amg-news.com)

UK: Bank closures, card only supermarkets and corporate leaders wanting to scrap cash is leading us into a digital cashless society.

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Frank26  If the budget comes out at 1300 it will not stay at 1300 for long.  I hope that you can tattoo this somewhere you can always remember it…there’s another exchange rate coming…there’s another rate change coming.  It was 1750.  It’s 1300.  There’s another rate change coming.

Frank26  How long will the float go before they cap it? …possibly inside of a year and then afterwards will they cancel the 3-zero notes? ...probably not. No.  The central bank wants to collect all of them.

WTO – Oil & Gas – Plus More

MilitiaMan and Crew:  3-7-2023


Russia Abandons The West For Asia – This Pivot Will Change The World

Sean Foo:  3-8-2023

Russia is moving away from Europe and shifting all its focus to Asia, specifically China and India.

This groundbreaking move will shift the world order further away from the West while Asia will continue to gain economic power, and it all hinges on cheap Russian energy.

The sanctions have backfired and we could see a situation where the EU could once again knock on Russia’s door to buy oil and gas!

Timestamps & Chapters:

0:00 Russia Is Heading East

3:16 Inflation Crisis Won’t End

5:41 India & China Will Keep Buying

8:23 Will Russia Trade With The West Again?

11:01 Why Europe Will Come Back

13:46 Prepare For A Global Shift