Judy Byington

Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers

RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Mon. 10 April 2023

Compiled Mon. 10 April 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Global Currency Reset: (RUMORS)

None but a select few knew the exact timing, nor when Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) would receive their exchange/ redemption appointments.

By Wed. 29 March the Iraqi Dinar had revalued in-country and was trading internationally as a gold/asset-backed currency.

On Sat. 1 April the new Global Financial System became official including the gold/asset-backed US Note.

As of Sun. 2 April the financing of Bonds had been completed. (This was a big deal because Bonds funded the Global Currency Reset).

On Mon. 3 April Bond payments began including the release of Fines and Penalties.

Wed. 5 April the USD was no longer accepted in any country except the US, Canada and Mexico. Those three countries would accept it for another three months.

Thurs. 6 April: Activation-liquidation of Dubai 1 working capital funds.

Mon. 10 April: With the GCR now fully funded, Dubai 2 groups of Sovereign Buyers will start contracts with various trusts and large file sellers.

Sat 8 April 2023 Wolverine RV Update: Iraq is the key to getting us to go liquid. I’m told that hopefully within 48hrs Iraq should be ready to go and that will set up the Green Light so we can move forward. Notifications I was told should be coming on the weekend or latest by Mon. 9 April.

Restored Republic:

After the 10 days of Communication Darkness, we would then connect to a new Quantum Internet.

Old systems of Government, Education, Finance, Health, Trade and Commerce etc., would be dismantled and replaced.

GESARA/NESARA would be activated.

In the US, the IRS (which was actually a Puerto Rican Trust owned by the Cabal) would be dismantled and replaced with a 14% tax on the sale of new items only, with no tax on food or medicine.

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Guys I received great news and all signs are looking like it’s going to happen this week.

Please pray and pray and lift your vibrations.

We need this to help humanity God bless you all



Frank26  Question:   “What do you think the ceiling of the float could be?”  IMO $4.25.

Mnt Goat   Article:  “Iraq new date (2023) 5,000-dinar note (B354c) confirmed”  I thought Iraq was trying to get rid of these larger notes in the very near future with the project to delete the zeros?  …The fact is even after the project to delete the zeros is completed, this is one of the 3 zero notes that will be used for inter-banking transactions between countries who want to trade in hard currency transfers. These notes will not be in general circulation on the streets afterwards.

Banks are Hemorrhaging Deposits to Money Market Funds

Heresy Financial:  4-9-2023

Money market funds were at one time considered an unpopular and somewhat feared place to park your cash. But given the recent string of bank failures across the United States, that sentiment has all changed.

And while some people are now saying the worst is behind us, recent fund flows would suggest the opposite. Deposits are fleeing U.S. banks and are flooding into money market funds. And I’m going to show you why.

Number one, this is putting banks at risk of further failures. Number two, this is putting the stock market at risk of an upcoming crash. And third, we’re going to look at today’s sponsor, Callinex Mines, who if you remember, I spoke to you about them back in January. And since then, their share price is up about 45%.


0:00 Introduction

0:52 Money Market Funds Drawing in Billions

4:35 MMF Outflow into other MMFs

6:06 Better Yield for MMF

6:55 Safer Alternative than Banks

8:23 Posing a Risk for Stocks

11:24 777 Mine in Flin Flon

13:51 Backed by Popular Investors and Resources

15:28 Key Financials


King Dollar Will Soon Be Dethroned – Ep 885

Peter Schiff:  4-10-2023