Judy Byington

Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sat. 20 May 2023

Compiled Sat. 20 May 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Prepare For Emergency Broadcast System World-wide Activation

The EBS will involve Two to Ten Days of Communication Darkness Worldwide where Phones, Internet, Credit/Debit Cards and ATMs will not work, while three eight-hour documentaries a day will be broadcast on TV and Radio 24/7 across the Globe.

It’s only wise to have at least a month’s supply of food, water, cash and essential items on hand.

Emergency Broadcast System Activation:  (Rumors)

Seven EBS text messages will appear on all cell phones worldwide, asking people to turn on their TVs, Radios or Computers.

Banks, ATMs and the Internet will close down. Phones will only work for 911 emergency calls.

All bank accounts already have been mirrored onto the new Quantum Financial System. You and only you will have access to your personal bank account through use of your Q Phone that requires your DNA as a password.

It is advised to save your pictures and documents on drives outside the system and to stock up on food, water and essential items for at least three weeks.

It will take a while for everything to come back up to full speed again while financial slavery ends and peoples of the Earth transition into a system filled with peace and prosperity. The old systems of government, education, finance, healthcare, trade and commerce etc., will be dismantled and replaced.

Global Currency Reset Timeline: (JFK Jr. on Telegram)

Wed. 29 March the Iraqi Dinar revalued in-country and began trading as a gold/asset-backed currency.

On Mon. 8 May both China and Zimbabwe ushered in the Global Currency Reset by announcing their gold/asset-backed currencies.

Wed. 10 May: The Zimbabwe Gold Coin went International.

On Tues. 16 May afternoon around 5 pm EST the US Treasury released the Global Currency Reset codes to Wells Fargo.

Sat. 20 May was the Back Wall for the Global Currency Reset Tier 4 notification. …JFK Jr. Telegram.

On Sat. 20 May the new Iraqi Dinar rate will be exposed through announcement of the Iraqi budget. …Bruce

Sun. 21 May Iraq would announce their new Dinar Rate and activate their ATM machines.

Sun 21, Mon 22, or Tues. 23 May Tier4b would receive notification to set redemption appointments. …Bruce

Thurs. 1 June the US USA would run out of cash according to Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury.

Yellen also said that all chaos would ensue including a Stock Market crash – that likely would never recover according to the White Hats.

Thurs. 16 June was the Back Wall for GESARA to be announced and implemented, with full collapse of IRS and all tax orgs.

Sun. 18 June was a Back Wall for EBS Disclosure implementation.

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Frank26   I’ve told you a billion times, the exchange rate waits for nobody, for nothing.  The budget waits for the exchange rate… The budget is ready to come out, now you’re telling the Iraqi citizens you can’t use your cards, the American dollar?  We certainly can’t use the worthless 3-zero notes either…you tell us that the budget is coming out, you tell us we’re going to get our money from the HCL, you’re telling us that there’s going to be a new exchange rate for lower notes that you’re going to be give us…well give me! …this is perfect timing.

Pimpy  I like the fact that Iraq is pushing more and more for the citizens to solely use the Iraqi dinar…That will allow the Iraqi dinar to strengthen and you’re going to start seeing little by little increases in the value of the Iraqi dinar.  It’s going to be in increments.  As much as I would love, just like everybody else, to see this huge change in the dinar value overnight, that’s not going to happen.  Everything is being done at a very deliberate pace.  I’m excited about it.  There are some great things happening in Iraq….

Debt Limit Talks “FALL APART.” Get Ready For UPSIDE SURPRISE With Inflation.

Greg Mannarino:   5-19-2023


PREPARE for Profound Changes in SILVER & GOLD

Ron’s Basement:  5-29-2023

Delve into the fascinating global shift towards a gold-backed currency.

As countries such as Russia, China, Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, and several others unite, they are spearheading the creation of a groundbreaking currency backed by gold, poised to dethrone the dominant United States dollar.

Join us as we explore the implications, potential benefits, and potential challenges of this momentous transition that could reshape the world’s financial landscape.

Stay tuned for an in-depth analysis of the key players, the historical context, and the potential impact on global economics.

Don’t miss out on this important discussion as we navigate the future of currency!