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NanaCarol: I just heard on Fox News that George Bush is about to lay a wreath at the 911 Memorial.  Maybe it will finally be his way of saying, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Radience:  What mission?

NanaCarol:  In essence, this particular Marshall Plan….imo

HoosierGirl:   I wonder how many of “We the People” really know the truth.  I wonder if it’s more widely known than they could believe.  Maybe someday we will get the full truth. I hope.

Samson:  Trump asks Fed to cut rates to “zero or less”

11th September, 2019

US President Donald Trump believes that the Fed should cut interest rates at or below zero

Trump said in a tweet on social networking site “Twitter”, on Wednesday, that after the Fed cut interest rates, the United States should start the process of refinancing debt

Trump stressed the need to reduce borrowing costs, “while the repayment period is prolonged


The president stressed that the United States has great currency, power and budget, and that Washington should always pay the lowest interest rate

Trump says there is no inflation and that it is only receding to the “naivety of Jerome Powell, the Fed does not allow us to do what other countries are already doing

The opportunity comes once in a lifetime, and we are losing it because of stupid people,” he said


The Fed cut interest rates last month for the first time since the global financial crisis, currently ranging from 2 percent to 2.25 percent

The US central bank is scheduled to hold a monetary policy meeting this month, amid expectations of a rate cut   LINK


Samson:   Newspaper: Beijing intends to buy American products for a business deal

10th September, 2019

A press report said it is expected that China agrees to buy more US agricultural products in the hope of reaching a better trade agreement with the United States

China is preparing for a new round of trade talks with the United States next month

Chinese officials are discussing the text of the deal, which will be reviewed when Chinese Vice Premier Liu He meets with US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin in Washington next month, the South China Morning Post quoted an unnamed confiscation as saying on Tuesday

The text is based on a draft negotiated between the two sides in April as part of the discussions, with China offering to buy US products in exchange for delaying a round of US tariffs and easing the ban, Huawei said

China could also provide more market access, better intellectual property protection and reduce industrial overcapacity, but would be more reluctant to make concessions on subsidies, industrial policy and reform of state-owned enterprises, the sources said

At a gathering of business representatives in the United States, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said China wants a mutually acceptable solution to the trade dispute, noting that Beijing welcomes investment from US companies   LINK

Samson:   Survey: US companies cancel investment in China at an accelerated pace

11th September, 2019

Said a recent survey that some American companies in China are speeding up the transfer process Asttmarthm outside Beijing, with continued increased tariffs in damaging their business

More than a quarter of respondents, or 26.5 percent, said they last year redirected their planned investment, which was mainly directed at China, to other regions, according to the survey by the US Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai on Wednesday

This represents an increase of 6.9 percent compared to the results of the survey conducted last year, according to the report of the American Chamber of Commerce.

The survey showed that the highest degree of change in the direction of investments was seen in companies working in the fields of technology, hardware, software and industrial services

The survey, which included 333 members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, was conducted from June 27 to July 25

The survey period coincides with US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping’s agreement to resume trade talks and before the recent escalation of tariffs

According to the survey, US companies in China also said that restrictions on access to the domestic market made it difficult for them to do their jobs

Responding to a question about the best possible scenarios in the ongoing trade negotiations, more than 40 percent of respondents said greater access to the local market would be the most important outcome to help their business succeed     LINK



Samson:  In a new scandal, Biden promised Putin Iraqi oil revenues in return for support for America’s war

11th September, 2019
US Vice President Joseph Biden tried to bribe Russian President Vladimir Putin with Iraqi oil revenues seized at the start of the war in exchange for Russia’s support for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, a report said on Wednesday .

Biden asked for a meeting with Putin and proposed a deal where all proceeds from Iraq’s seized oil would initially go to cash-strapped Russia in return for Russian support for the invasion. Biden saw it as an offer that Putin would not be able to He rejected it, and he was disappointed that the Bush administration did not think about it. ”

According to a copy of the events at the Kennedy Library of Congress, Biden said he approached Putin and asked him the question: What if President Bush would actually agree that the first revenues coming from Iraqi oil would pay about $ 12 billion in hard currency, which The Russians need it directly? ”

“Putin’s response at first was to reject the offer, but they ended up going into the details. Biden said Putin responded by saying, ‘That’s not how I build my policy, but let’s talk about it’,” he said. ”.

“Biden called the White House to convey his conversation with Putin, but he was disappointed that he did not reach the president of any of those details,” the website said, adding that he believed Putin could have joined the invasion of Iraq if Bush had made the deal. “The proceeds that will cover the external debt have been repaid, and we agree that the Russians will be first, because they were starving.”

Biden accused the Bush administration of rejecting his plan to buy Putin’s support for oil money because of Bush’s unwillingness to share resources, noting that “the reason why the president did not know about his plan is” because we thought this would go so far that we are going to war over oil, but That was a profit for American oil companies.”     LINK

Samson:  The Kurdistan government sets next week a date for the visit of its delegation to Baghdad to discuss the 2020 budget

2019/11/11 16:34

The Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan region, on Wednesday, next week as a date for the visit of the delegation of Erbil to Baghdad on the file of the financial budget.

A statement for his office, received (Euphrates News) a copy, that “the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region held on Wednesday, its regular session chaired by Prime Minister Masroor Barzani, and at the beginning of the session, Barzani reviewed the results of the joint meeting between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Kurdish blocs, which was held on the eighth This month in Erbil.”

It was decided at the meeting, according to the statement, that a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government visit to Baghdad next week, to discuss and exchange information on the file of the financial budget and the involvement of the region in the preparation of the draft draft by the Federal Ministry of Finance, with an invitation to the committees of finance, oil and gas, And legal representative to visit the territory.” In the meeting also, It was agreed that a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government will meet with the Parliament of the region on Thursday (September 12) to discuss the latest developments in relations between the federal government and the regional government.”

In another aspect of the meeting, “the Minister of Planning in the Kurdistan Region presented a report on the census project to be conducted in Iraq in 2020, as the Minister highlighted the aspects of the project and the preparations of the region in this area, and in this light, the Council of Ministers decided to form a special committee to evaluate the census project Population with the importance of the observations of the Kurdistan region on the religious and national components in the region, and the Kurdish areas outside his administration (disputed areas).”    LINK


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