Clare:  The General Secretariat decides: Tomorrow is an official working day in all state institutions


The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced that tomorrow, Tuesday, will be an official working day in all state institutions.

And the spokesman for the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, Haider Majeed, stated, “Tomorrow, Tuesday, will be an official working day in all state institutions, after the end of the blessed Eid Al-Fitr holiday.”

And the Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani, had directed the suspension of official working hours from last Thursday until today, Monday, on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr.  LINK

Supermars:  Think that article said 1.5 dinars so does that mean the 3 zeros is lifted and went from .007 to .70? …..that seems about 1 and a half dinars imo. Things are getting interesting though either way it’s going the direction we need it to imo….. I was just wondering if 1.5 dinars would equal around .75 cents or so? Imo

DoTalkToMe:  .86=1.16


1.00 divided by 1.162 =.86

We are currently at .0007336 one and a half stronger is .0015405
We need 1.16 to reach .86 cents


RMF:  On 4/17/23 CC at 2′ 42″ Mr. Frank announced there would be no CC on 4/26, saying he “knows what he is doing” with that mischievous laugh that IMOO says he has something up his sleeve.  This is a break from normal for no stated reason other than he knows something.  His words are pregnant with anticipation to me.



Militia Man  It’s getting a little bit quiet in the news…It’s an indicator that quiet time sometimes is good…Al-Sadr is being quiet…he’s for the people…riots in the streets…we don’t have those anymore…He’s not yacking that means things are going good..

Breitling  What is Iraq’s #1 goal They’re sitting so good it’s unbelievable because…their goal is to get more customers, sell more products…Think Iraq Inc. the company.  And there is nothing but multiple doors in front of them.  They can do it in oil.  They can do it in natural gas.  They could even do it in gold if they wanted to.  They can trade in the US dollar.  They can trade in other currencies.  They can build a massive foreign currency reserve with other currencies.  They don’t need the US dollar.  They want it because we’re the big boys on the block…But they can trade in other currencies.  It will diversify them.


CandyKisses:  Iraq implements two policies to support the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies

Baghdad – Mawazine News

Prime Minister Mazhar Mohammed Saleh’s financial adviser confirmed on Monday the implementation of two policies that supported the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies, while revealing government measures that removed obstacles to foreign trade.

Saleh said, “The monetary policy of the Central Bank of Iraq proved that it has the high capacity and flexibility in coordination with supportive government policies in providing exceptional capabilities to impose stability on prices in general and the exchange rates of the Iraqi dinar vis-à-vis foreign currency in particular, which relate to import prices of goods and services.”

He added, “Based on the above, achieving and maintaining stability came through two policies, the first: on the monetary policy side by facilitating external transfer procedures and at the official exchange rate when transferring and limiting foreign currency use through channels, legal procedures and digital banking mechanisms.”

He added that “all these channels and procedures are characterized by high disclosure and governance across the national and international financial and banking system, as well as the adaptation of the Iraqi banking system to the platform of compliance and audit related to foreign currency transfers in a professional, legal and rapid manner without prejudice to the freedom of external transfer and are at the same time consistent with national and international regulatory laws and regulations represented by the three packages of the Central Bank of Iraq.”

He added, “The second is the general government policies, and it relates to the easy coordination measures taken by the Council of Ministers during the last few years in the customs, tax and trade field in a harmonious syndrome that became more accurate after removing bureaucratic obstacles inherited in the foreign trade movement, which gave stability and high flexibility in moving the activity of small traders to exercise their direct role in importing from outside the country and themselves without the chains of intermediaries and the previous monopoly forces accumulated by the market with its imbalances over the past forty years.”


Prepare For This NOW… World De-Dollarization, An “INFLATIONARY LAG EFFECT.” And MORE.

Greg Mannarino:  4-24-2023