Clare:  The Iraqi Trade Bank issues a statement regarding foreign remittances

Today, Wednesday, the Iraqi Trade Bank issued a statement regarding foreign commercial transfers.

The media expert of the bank, Aqil Al-Shuwaili, stated in a statement received by “Al-Iqtisad News”, that “customers of the Iraqi Trade Bank from Iraqi private sector companies can make foreign commercial transfers through the platform of the Central Bank of Iraq to all countries of the world through the bank’s branches through their accounts opened in Iraqi dinars with the bank.” It is calculated at the official rate approved by the Central Bank of Iraq.

The statement added, “The economically restricted countries are excluded from all banking transactions  link

JimmyJJ:  IMO: Iraq has pulled most of the physical large denom notes off the street, they’ve persuaded the citizens to start using banks by passing their version of FDIC, they’ve gotten the citizens to only use dinars, and they’ve managed to control the black market currency prices.

Iraq has gotten Iran to stop their stealing, and they have gotten control of the corruption that used to make them one of the worst places to do business in the world. They have taken control of their politics, and got both Iran and the religious leaders to stay quiet.

They have agreed on the HCL law, and appear to only be waiting for the go-ahead to pass it and to pass the three year budget.

Iraq has taught the citizens sufficiently that everyone understands the plan, and they are all just waiting for the CBI to change the rate. They have stopped rioting, and the green zone is open and terrorism appears to be under control.

Today, they appeared to officially announce to the citizens that they are Article 8 and the CBI can exchange dinar for any currency.

Iraq has shown fiscal discipline sufficient to have massive financial reserves and to support a higher exchange rate. They have satisfied the big 4 int’l agencies, and have their support for Iraq’s present and future monetary policy.

They have started rebuilding Iraq, and are poised to jumpstart that in a major way once the budget is passed.

In short, IMO, they have completed everything we have been studying, hoping, and praying about for decades. Frankly, IMO, the only real threat to Iraq’s glorious future is that their fear causes them to delay too long and the window they are in right now starts to deteriorate. Or, in other words, they only thing they have to fear is fear itself.

What are they waiting for? IMO? Nothing. Finish it, and live happily ever after. Don’t let your fear keep you from seizing this glorious day ahead of you, Iraq.



Frank26  [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]  FIREFLY:  They just came on Iraqi Channel One…he announced a new company that is going to be established and the purpose of it is to back the citizens with small deposits into banks.  Just like your FDIC in the United States of America.  They are telling us that they are backing our money and guaranteeing it in our banks if anything should go wrong with it we will get our money back.  FRANK:  When did you ever see this?  When did you ever hear this?  How long have you been wanting to read these words This is the definition of Article VIII!   …This is huge.  This is monstrous.

Nader From The Mid East  Article:  “The financial advisor to the Prime Minister…Salih, confirmed on Tuesday, that foreign currency reserves are high, safe and at comfortable levels which are the highest in the country’s financial history, which are not less than balances …between 110-115 billion dollars…”  Very good article.  They guy is the advisor of the Prime minister Sudani…Anything he says is true and it will happen 2 days later.  I love this guy.  I’ve been following him a lot.  He’s the only guy I believe in all this mess.

Fed. Preparing For NEW SYSTEM ROLLOUT. As Expected, Smaller Bank Assets NOW GOING ON SALE.

Greg Mannarino:  4-26-2023


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