Henig:  US newspaper: Washington “loses” its influence in Iraq because of the dollar

Baghdad Today – Baghdad

The American newspaper (The Craydell) announced in a report published on Tuesday that Washington is “losing” influence over the Iraqi authorities as a result of measures currently being taken against the use of the dollar inside the country, which it said the United States uses as a “tool of political pressure.”

The newspaper explained, according to what was translated (Baghdad Today), that the Iraqi government, after taking a decision to prevent the circulation of the dollar locally on the fourteenth of this month, directly weakened “the control of the United States on the Iraqi political situation” as a result of the policy of “grabbing the dollar” pursued now, as described.

“The US administration uses the dollar as a means of political pressure, which has reflected on the Iraqi economic situation significantly, especially during the past few years as a result of the restrictions imposed by Washington on Iraq’s access to its treasury of dollars,” she said.

She added, “The Iraqi government moved quickly towards measures that reduce its dependence on the dollar towards extracting it completely from the Iraqi economy to maintain stable internal conditions at least,” as she described.

It is noteworthy that MP Hussein Munis told the newspaper that the Iraqi economy “is enslaved by the United States through the dollar,” which forces Iraqi legislators to go to reduce the circulation of the dollar in the Iraqi market to get rid of Washington’s “influence” on the economy, as he described.    LINK



Tuesday, May 16, 2023 9:44 PM Baghdad / National

News Center Rafidain Bank directed, on Tuesday, to collect taxes and customs fees in Iraqi dinars.

The bank said in a statement received by the National News Center that “in compliance with government directives and the instructions of the Central Bank of Iraq, the bank directed its branches at border crossings to collect taxes and customs fees in Iraqi dinars.”

The bank instructed “its border branches (Trebil – Al-Waleed – Rabia – Zarbatiya – Basra Free Zone – Fleifel – Trade Exchange Area – Safwan border – Khor Al-Zubair – Al-Haswa Customs – Al-Shayb border) to adopt the dinar in collecting customs duties and taxes instead of the dollar.”

The bank decided that “the receipt of the stamp duty will be in Iraqi dinars,” noting that “this step comes in support of the national economy and the strengthening of the Iraqi dinar currency.”  LINK



Frank26  Article:  “Iraqis banned from trading in US dollar”  They banned the American dollar.  They can’t use any foreign currency inside of Iraq.  What does that tell youThey’re preparing to introduce their new national currency paper along with a new exchange rate to match it.  They’re called lower denominations.  

Pimpy  Article:  “Central Bank attributes the reduction of the dollar exchange rate to the increase in cash reserves and electronic platform”  What the cash reserves do, it allows them to flood the market with a competing currency therefore driving down the exchange rate slightly.  In this case Iraq’s parallel Market, people were given up quite a bit of dinar to get the U.S. dollar.  And what that does is affect the official rate. 



CandyKisses: Biden sends veiled messages to Iran and Saudi Arabia by extending Iraq emergency

Information / Baghdad

Security expert Adnan al-Kinani on Wednesday described US President Joe Biden’s decision to extend the state of emergency in Iraq as a veiled message to Saudi Arabia and Iran after their rapprochement, indicating that the decision means the continuation of the military presence in Iraq for a longer period.

Semperefi01:  Congress just voted to end the war powers act now because Iraq wants to be sovereign and use only their currency in their country and not the US Dollar Biden wants to reinstate the war powers act to continue to control Iraq and the region. As Tony has told us the war was not about WMD’s it about oil and the money. Iraq will have to go alone through the float because the US will never release the RV as 20 years has shown us I am sorry to say.


Greg Mannarino:  5-17-2023


Robert Kiyosaki Asked Me “WHEN WILL IT HIT THE FAN?”

Mike Maloney:  5-17-2023

Mike Maloney has just left the Rebel Capitalist Conference in Orlando, Florida. We will be posting some clips of his presentation as soon as they become available – until then, here is a collection of Mike’s insights from the event.

Which other presenters did Mike learn the most from? Which new analytical tool was Mike made aware of?

Has the conference changed Mike’s outlook for the immediate future? Get all the answers in today’s conference recap. Enjoy.