Clare:  Expert: The funds allocated to endowments in the budget are equivalent to 27 tons of gold

5/21/2023  Baghdad

Economic expert Manar Al-Obeidi revealed, on Sunday, that the money allocated to religious endowments is equivalent to about 30 tons of gold.

Al-Obaidi said in a post on Facebook, “The total budget of religious endowments in the 2023 budget is around 2 trillion Iraqi dinars, equivalent to 27 tons of gold.”

He added, “The total budget of the Ministry of Industry is 1.1 trillion Iraqi dinars, the budget of the Ministry of Agriculture is 1.9 trillion Iraqi dinars, and the budget of the Ministry of Water Resources is 1 trillion Iraqi dinars.”   LINK

Clare:  Parliamentary Finance: The budget will be passed “easily”



The Parliamentary Finance Committee suggested, on Sunday, that the draft budget would be completed tomorrow, Monday, at the latest, indicating that the law would be passed “easily.”

Committee member Jamal Cougar said, “The draft budget will be completed within the Finance Committee on Monday at the latest, because the remaining matters do not exceed three paragraphs and all matters have been resolved, as the issue of the region’s share remains, the issue of transfers is resolved, and the issue of the paragraphs that parliament intends to add to the budget.” “.

And he added, “As for passing the budget, it will be passed easily for a number of reasons, the first of which is that everyone is waiting for the budget because it serves all segments of society, and secondly, that the blocs that make up the government are themselves in control of Parliament and therefore the oversight apparatus will go to pass the budget easily, and thirdly that there are no major changes that have occurred.” on the budget, and therefore what came from the government will mostly be passed.”

He explained, “This year’s budget will be passed with its deficit, and as for the budget of the next two years, a restriction has been added to it, which is that the government is mandated to send schedules,” ruling out that “there will be an appeal from Parliament in the draft budget, because it is possible that the budget is presented to (the coalition of management State) or there is a session for him regarding it, and thus Parliament will not delay in voting on it after it has been voted on in the Finance Committee.

In an interview with the official Al-Sabah newspaper, Cougar said, “The amendments that arrived from the government to the draft budget are simple, as the numbers are the same, but there is a variable number, which is the number of the region’s employees, which has changed, as the number has been reduced, not increased.” LINK



Deepwoodz  Some have said… “How can Iraq afford to come out with such a high exchange rate of 3+ ? How can they afford to pay out to all the other holders of dinars in the world and stay wealthy?”  That answer is simple and also explains how their budget can be so big.  They don’t actually “pay” it out.  The world is in agreement ie..the IMF, the World Bank, and all the other countries who hold dinar, that their currency should be 3+.  Who holds the most dinar, soon the most valuable currency in the world IRAQ DOES.

Frank26   [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]  FIREFLY:  We have been told for weeks that the budget will be approved with no problem but they keep backing it up and it seems to be something big is up.  We knowing about the HCL is part of the budget so we know it’s not going to be like other budgets.  We know we’re going to be getting ours as well.  Something is happening… FRANK:  Yeah!  It’s kind of like the tremors just before the major eruption of the volcano.

KTFA:  Frank 26 ….LD’s…..5-21-23

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IQD not sure rv in the budget… don’t be surprised

Nader:  5-21-2023