Clare:  A new tax in the budget.. 25 thousand dinars for every Iraqi traveler


A member of the Iraqi Parliament revealed, on Sunday, that there is a new tax in the general budget for the year 2023, which is expected to be approved by the parliament, pointing out that the tax is called “airport tax”.

Independent MP, Amir Al-Mamouri told Shafaq News agency, that there is a “reservation and objection by a number of parliamentarians to the paragraphs related to imposing taxes on citizens in the budget law, especially the airport tax.”

Al-Mamouri, a member of the Parliamentary Labor and Social Affairs Committee, said, “The draft budget law stipulates imposing a withholding tax of 25,000 dinars from every Iraqi citizen who intends to travel outside the country.”

“We do not know how the mechanism will be for deducting the amount from citizens who intend to travel, whether it is through an airline ticket or through fees from inside the airport and land ports,” he added.

Earlier, a member of the Parliamentary Transportation and Communications Committee, Karwan Ali Yarouis, revealed that there was a paragraph included in the budget requiring the return of taxes on mobile phone recharge cards, while the Minister of Communications, Hayam Al-Yasiri, denied re-imposing a tax on mobile phone and Internet recharge cards.    LINK



May 22, 2023 1:06 PM   Baghdad

Today, Monday, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Mustafa Al-Karawi, revealed the date for approving the federal general budget.

Al-Karawi said in a statement followed by the National News Center: “There are about six remaining articles of the draft budget law, all of which need a political decision and transfer.”

He added, “The committee called for achieving social justice in the budget and improving the reality of the governorates,” noting that “the budget cannot be passed without fairness to the governorates that suffer from a lack of services.”

Al-Karawi stressed that “it is likely that the budget will be approved at the end of the week in the event that the remaining materials are settled and transfers are made.”   LINK

Turk182:  of course they are…ROFL

DoTalktoMe:  It makes sense that they are going into June, and then hopefully activate the new rate. The budget will not work without it. IMO   This is the last month of the 2nd quarter.
Time flies when you’re having fun.

Frank has said many times…do not worry about the budget.Personally I believe that.
I care about the rate being activated, they will go gang Buster’s with the budget if only they had a rate.

Beyond that I care a lot more about the REER. So I will be holding out the bulk amount for that.  Enjoy life this will eventually be a go…

Scarlett10:  Why are so many people so focused on the budget. It’s not parliament that’s going to change the rate, it is the CBI. It’s the CBI that changes the rate not parliament. The CBI can do it anytime. I only watch what the CBI is doing and articles that focus on finances and cards and as far as what we are seeing in articles to date, the CBI can push the button anytime now.

DCDriver:  To me, having a budget in place gives Iraq credibility and more stability for the CBI to do their thing IMO but what do I know

Sccarlett10: As far as I am concerned everything is done and we are at the finished line. They will try to bring any confusion just like Kuwait did . I am just happy seeing what we are seeing and knowing that we will soon be at the banks.



Frank26  [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]  FIREFLY:  They are now talking on News Channel One how we need to print a note lower than the 250 notes that we have now.  Something like a 50 note.  They are suggesting that would in long term lower the prices of food and goods having lower denomination notes…  FRANK:   This is the new national currency we have been telling you about…it’s going to start with the lower notes…The program rate cannot function with the lower notes but they are introducing them to you?  Remember when they got rid of the 50 note a few years ago? …They got rid of them because they were pointless at a program rate…Now they’re going to give you something under the 250?  …because they’re going to change the exchange rate…things are coming together very nicely…

Mnt Goat    Article quote: “an unprecedented reconstruction campaign led by Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani in the capital, Baghdad, in particular, and Iraq in general, stressing that the general view of Iraq now has become optimistic.”  …for years I have been saying when will they get serious about the reconstruction of the war-torn IraqI also said that when they do, we will then most likely see the dinar reforms we need and the reinstatement shortly following. This does not mean the reconstruction has to be completed but only budgeted and the budget passed and opened. They must show Washington they are serious this time. Iraq must be STABLE and SECURE to get the reinstatement.

ALERT! There Are 4 Stages Leading To A TOTAL MELTDOWN… We Are Now In STAGE 3.

Greg Mannarino:  5-22-2023


Could Biden Cancel the Debt Ceiling with the 14th Amendment?

Heresy Financial:  5-22-2023

What do you think the worst-case scenario is considering the debt ceiling the United States currently has.

As Republicans and Democrats continue to point fingers at each other, no headway is being made on the debt ceiling issue, but a new solution is currently being proposed by Democrats, with the Democrats urging the president to exercise authority from the 14th Amendment, which could allow President Biden to cancel the debt ceiling issue for good.

But how would this work, and is it a good option.


0:00 Introduction

2:23 The 14th Amendment

2:53 What it was there for

4:08 What they want to use it for

5:49 Legal Opinion – Would it Work?

7:02 If it works is it Unlimited Spending

8:39 The Trillion Dollar Coin

10:02 Premium Bonds

11:42 Defaulting

13:14 Best Option: Spending Less