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Rommy:  Here we are as speculative investors who are not in the shoes of the Iraqi citizens, who are sacrificing their lives for a better future for their family, friends, and country.  Prayers for these people!  May their lives be enriched before anyone else!

ChrisC:  So true Rommy!  These people need to have the last decade and a half back that was stolen from them by the Iranians and continues to be stolen from them and will always be stolen from them as long as they have a hand in their government.  These people need to not take their feet off of the throat of the govt until they submit.  If they do, they are going to regroup and weaken their attack.  These continued killings and Saddam like handling of the protestors is going to be a cup of gas on the barbie though most likely.  I guess everyone heard what happened in India?

Don961:  Financial Crisis at PMC Leaves Thousands Crying For Their Money! Bank Runs Lead To Withdrawal Limits

KingTony:  I can’t help but wonder, with so momentum for the RI that we saw right up to the first of October, then the protest ( which seem to be fueled by Iran and others who want to stop the lava flow ) I am left wondering if and when POTUS will intervene and bring this to an end.

Keep in mind how the Dems are in Iran’s back pocket, so it seems to me that through their ” influence and most likely funding ” they are helping them pour more gas on an already out of control fire, all in hopes to extinguish any hopes for T to have his moment of glory, especially right before the election.

I know we all want this to happen yesterday, but now the Devil has shown his evil head again and bought harm and death to Iraq once more.   Let us unite and pray for the citizens of Iraq that they come through this victorious and that God blesses them with the outcome they so desperately need.

Samson:  British report: Demonstrations in Iraq the biggest challenge to the government of Mahdi

7th October, 2019
The Iraqi government is committed to social reforms, while the death toll exceeded 100 during six days of protests,” the Daily Telegraph reported.

The report says the Iraqi government has uncovered a series of reform measures in an attempt to contain the massive protests in the country last week that left at least 100 people dead.

The latest demonstrations are the biggest challenge to the government since it came to power less than a year ago, which Adel Abdul Mahdi’s government has tried to counter with 17 resolutions supporting social and economic reforms.

The report stresses that the protests that began in the capital Baghdad quickly spread to the Shiite cities of southern Iraq, where thousands were injured and dozens killed by gunshots.

The report pointed out that the clashes between the demonstrators and armed elements were violent, and led to the number of dead and wounded, although the Interior Minister has completely denied the use of his troops to disperse the demonstrators. He also reported that protesters set fire to more than 50 government buildings and eight parties’ headquarters.   LINK


Samson:  Abdul Mahdi enters the line of clashes in Sadr City and authorities acknowledge: using excessive force

7th October, 2019
The Prime Minister directed the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Adel Abdul Mahdi on Monday to withdraw all army units from Sadr City east of Baghdad and replace them with federal police.

A statement issued by the security media cell said that Abdul Mahdi’s decision came “as a result of the events in Sadr City last night.

“There has been an excessive use of force and outside defined rules of engagement,” the statement said. “The procedures for holding the officers, commanders, and officers who committed these wrongdoings started through immediate investigative councils,” the statement said. “We assure all security forces of full compliance with the rules of engagement for the protection of demonstrators and the fight against riots,” the statement said.

The clashes took place in Sadr City, Baghdad, on Sunday evening, where a medical source told Twilight News that the number of clashes rose to 15 dead and 40 wounded among the demonstrators.   LINK


Don961:  8 killed in renewed demonstrations in Baghdad despite orders not to shoot

– 6 Hours Have Passed

Eight demonstrators were killed and 15 wounded in renewed clashes this evening between protesters and police in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, according to police and medical sources.

The clashes took place in Sadr City, east of Baghdad. The new deaths add to the 104 others killed – including members of the security forces – in the past five days, along with more than 6,100 injured.

The relative calm prevailed in Baghdad today before darkness, while renewed protests in southern areas of the country.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi called on the demonstrators to refrain from taking to the streets of Baghdad and the provinces.

Abdul-Mahdi said he had given strict orders not to use live bullets against demonstrators except in limited cases of self-defense.

Al-Jazeera correspondent in Baghdad, Samer Yusuf, said earlier that calm prevailed in Baghdad areas after it closed in the past two days Tahrir Square (the city center) in addition to some areas surrounding the square.

He added that life in Baghdad has returned to normal by a large percentage, the movement of cars and pedestrian traffic, and many shops opened their doors throughout the capital.

He pointed out that some roads leading to the Green Zone, which includes government headquarters and state institutions and many embassies, including the US embassy, are still under tight security measures, and some roads leading to it are closed.

As for the other provinces, the correspondent explained that the news received to the island reported renewed protests in the provinces of Diwaniya and Dhi Qar (southern country), where hundreds of protesters in the two provinces.

He added that the authorities faced demonstrations in Dhi Qar by arresting a number of protesters, while in Diwaniya, the protests were met with tear gas and rubber bullets in the air in an attempt to disperse the demonstrators.

In his cabinet meeting today, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said that the government is committed to providing practical programs to alleviate the suffering of the Iraqi people, and to try those accused of corruption and manipulation of public money.

The speaker of the Iraqi parliament Mohammed Halbousi met yesterday a delegation representing the demonstrators in the House of Representatives building in the Green Zone in central Baghdad.

At the end of the meeting, Halbousi announced measures to create new jobs and encourage investments.

The prime minister’s 17-point plan came as a result of an emergency cabinet meeting overnight, and came days after vague promises of reform were made.

The plan includes increasing subsidized housing for the poor and salaries for the unemployed, as well as training programs and initiatives that give small loans to unemployed youth.

Families of those killed during demonstrations in the past few days will also receive payment and care, usually given to families of members of the security forces who die in the war.

In the context of Baghdad Provincial Council today decided to accept the resignation of the governor of Baghdad , the Algerian farmer from his post, apparently from the secretions of the recent protests.

The head of the Baghdad Provincial Council Riyad al-Addadh that “the Baghdad Provincial Council voted to accept the resignation of the governor Falah Algerian and opened the door to run for governor for five days.”

In a later development, a joint press conference was held this evening for the spokespersons of the Ministries of Defense, Interior, Health and Joint Operations.

During the conference, it was stressed that those who were behind the shooting were being sought during the recent demonstrations. Protesters and security agents were killed.

The Interior Ministry also confirmed at the conference the appointment of more than 46,000 security personnel, who will be operational in early December.

Source: Al Jazeera + Agencies     link

Don961:  What fell in Iraq…   link

ChrisC:     What a well written and thoughtful piece.  Iran is like a strangler fig that has wrapped its tendrils all around Iraq and is choking it out.  The author is right, the Iranian militias can destroy Iraq but they can’t build a thing.

Also, he is right that the Iranian plan is to keep the people below poverty level so that they are too weak to rebel and too afraid to object because they don’t want to lose the little they have.  Notice the statement that the Iranian govt keeps their OWN people in the same state for the same reason!

This may take a military coup with us helping.  I know nobody wants to hear that, but the people have a standing army in their midst that isn’t their’s.

The bigger picture is to look at what we are facing as a World Event.  Truly, a movement is being made for good to overcome evil.  We are about to see what MAY be a coordinated movement here also.  President Trump has mobilized the Marine Corp Reserve nationwide and, IMO, is about to move on the traitorous element in our govt.

Iran is one of the cabal strongholds, hence the funneling of hundreds of billions to them by O.  Trump and the patriots are taking them out on multiple fronts, and it looks like it is all coming together now.

Don’t think that the timing on this revolt was random, nor the mobilization of our military, nor the imminent collapse of our banking system which may have already started in Hong Kong and India.  Buckle up.


Samson:  Source: Abdul Mahdi will launch a new reform package on Tuesday

7th October, 2019

A source in Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi’s office said Monday that the latter will launch a new reform package on Tuesday.

Russia quoted today the source as saying that “Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi prepared a set of projects and decisions to meet the demands of the demonstrators,” noting that “this package is all linked to the demands of the demonstrators, including with regard to jobs and financing projects.”

He added that “the prime minister is in contact with the demonstrators through the cell he formed in his office, and may meet in the coming days a group of them.”  LINK

BlaqueBeauty:  still not understanding. why he’s not announcing the purchase power statement and be done with it

Titus2Mom4:  I’m not understanding either. But I’m thinking he’s afraid of Iran. He’s definitely a puppet. Mahdi it’s time to keep the promise and release the purchasing power to the people. Or leave.


Samson:  Oil prices fall again amid pessimism about the global economy

7th October, 2019
Oil prices fell on Monday to continue the huge losses suffered last week as traders feared that the global economic slowdown will affect the growth of oil demand in the future as they pin on the prospect of a recovery on progress in talks this week on Ending the US-China trade war.

London Brent crude was down 24 cents at $ 58.13 a barrel by 0147 GMT, while US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude was down 12 cents at $ 52.69 a barrel.

Crude futures fell more than 5 percent at the end of last week after pessimistic manufacturing data from the United States and China after the ongoing dispute between the world’s two largest economies hit global growth and raised the risk of a recession.

US and Chinese officials will meet in Washington on October 10-11 in the next long-awaited attempt to reach a deal.   LINK