Henig:  Seizure of 47 million dinars denomination of 50 thousand dinars counterfeit and printers in Babylon and Salah al-Din 

Baghdad Today – Baghdad

The intelligence agency in the Ministry of Interior announced “the seizure of 47 million dinars denomination of 50,<> dinars counterfeit currency and printers used to print currency in the provinces of Babil and Salah al-Din.”

The intelligence agency said in a statement received by (Baghdad Today) that “the intelligence agency’s detachments, based on accurate information, were able to arrest a person who is trading in counterfeit currency in Salah al-Din for the crime witnessed and in possession of (47) million dinars of (50) thousand dinars.”

The statement pointed to “the seizure of three color printers and thousands of papers prepared for printing inside his house after following the accused from Babil province to Salah al-Din province.”   LINK

Henig:  How much did the Chinese giant import black gold from Iraq?

Publish Date:16.02.2023 | 12:59 GMT |

Today, Thursday, the Chinese Embassy in Baghdad announced the volume of oil imports from Iraq during the past year 2022.

“In 2022, China imported 55.49 million tons of crude oil from Iraq,” it said in a press release.

She added that “the value of oil imports from Iraq amounted to $ 39.04 billion, an increase of 47.49% on an annual basis.”

Source: RT    LINK


Henig:  Pictured. Revival of hanging gardens in Iraq

Time : 2023/02/17 00:07:43

{Miscellaneous: Al-Furat News} The Central Bank of Iraq is witnessing in the design of its new building hanging gardens that bring to mind {hanging gardens} one of the seven historical wonders of the world.

The capital Baghdad will be on a date with the implementation of the first listed hanging gardens in Iraq, which will decorate the roof of the base of the new central bank building, designed by the late Iraqi international architect Zaha Hadid.

Becoming the first green roof in the country will reduce the temperature of the roof and air inside and around the building, which in turn will increase the efficiency of the cooling system and reduce energy consumption.  LINK

Henig:  IMO: Try doing this on a program rate. These cats are positioning themselves for a new Renaissance.



Deepwoodz  There was a question posed due to the increase in the amounts of dollars “sold at auction”.  So why the increase as of late?  Possibly…We know the border ports are in full swing using their new electronic platforms. We know the shipping lanes have been upgraded and increasing imports just as the land locked ports are. The country is getting all the bugs worked out of their new and transparent platforms. This in turn is reducing corruption and smuggling. It’s fair to say that an increase in the amounts is not only expected, but in this stage of the game it’s a good thing. This won’t change until Iraq comes out with their new international rate and pretty new bills. Then you can say adios to the widespread use of the dollar.

Paulette  [Response to Guru Deepwoodz below]   Perhaps…However, Iraq has clearly stated that imports only require a maximum of 60 million/day…the citizens are being encouraged to hold and use IQD...where did the other 600 million+ go this week?  It certainly didn’t result in controlling the exchange rate as it still sits at 1530.  Somebody is clearly desperate enough to pay a premium for USD and is not willing to do it legally as they can purchase direct through the banks at 1320…many articles have stated that billions of dollars are syphoned out of Iraq and into other countries through the Currency Sales and that this “THEFT” has to end…Iraq has clearly stated that this excessive movement of USD is not a good thing…

Keith Weiner: The Fed is Creating a Perfect Setup for New Gold Investors

Palisades Gold Radio:  2017-2023

Keith explains the two main forces that led to the price of gold remaining flat in 2022: the Fed’s decision to raise rates and the wild card of Ukraine. He explains that wage earners tend to prefer silver to gold, and that the Fed’s decision to raise rates has only recently started to have an effect on labor.

Keith discusses the trend of falling interest rates over the last 40 years and how this has both unleashed capital and created an addiction to lower rates. This, he compared to a wrecking ball swinging back and forth and how the falling trend has caused companies to consume capital and become addicted to the trend.

Keith suggests the Fed’s only concern is consumer prices, then lower rates may be a better way to stimulate production and lower prices.

However, he cautions that lower rates can be destructive and that the continual lowering of rates and production could lead to higher prices eventually. He also discusses other effects such as zero interest rates driving investors to riskier asset classes and how speculators can have a big impact on the price of gold and silver.

Ultimately, Keith believes that the bear market in gold is over and that the opportunity cost of owning gold may still be attractive to some. When the Fed reverses, there will be a surge in gold buying, not just from speculators but from those who are questioning the government’s debt levels.

Time Stamp References:

0:00 – Introduction

0:37 – Monetary Metals Report

9:23 – Rate Trends

18:18 – CPI & Hiking Rates

23:50 – Politics & Consequences

28:20 – Junk Bond Spreads

29:37 – Defining Recessions

35:46 – Labor Markets & Fed

39:00 – Zero Yields & Risk

42:56 – Scarcity, Price & Metals

47:36 – Speculators & Futures

51:33 – Energy Risks & Metals

56:13 – Gold Prices in 2023

1:02:32 – Education & Economics

1:04:31 – Wrap Up