Henig:  Solutions are exhausted.. A specialist identifies the last option to solve the dollar crisis in Iraq

Today, 21:23 |  Baghdad today – Baghdad

Today, Thursday, the specialist in economic affairs, Nabil Jabbar Al-Tamimi, considered that there is no solution to the dollar crisis other than reducing the official exchange rate by the Central Bank.

Al-Tamimi said, to “Baghdad Today”, that “the only solution to reduce the exchange rate of the dollar in the local market is to reduce the exchange rate by the central bank, as this is the only solution to solve the current crisis.”

And that “the government’s measures do not solve the crisis, especially since it is obliged to apply the controls imposed by the US Federal Reserve, and for this reason, reducing the exchange rate of the dollar in Iraq must be a decision of the Central Bank.”   LINK


Frank26   [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report] FIREFLY: CBI governor Alaq is on television saying within the next few days measures will be taken to reduce the dollar exchange rate against our currency which on the streets right now is reaching 1750.  He said in a meeting with the United States of America Feds in Istanbul, Turkey and then another meeting in Washington March 9th.  We are struggling as this dollar rate keeps going up.  We wait to see what the next two days bring…we hope for some relief of some kind…

Sandy Ingram   The new cabinet is forcing stores and institutions to use Point of Sale transactions…POS are exempt from taxes…implementation effective June 1 2023.  This sounds like a digital economy to me.  Iraq is getting control over transactions and the flow of money. We can only hope this will lead to a higher rate exchange in the future.


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What is Nesara????   Many sites are talking about it……here is some information

NESARA …Forgives all credit card, mortgage, student loan and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities..

Information about NESARA:

A law was passed in the United States in March 2000 and signed into law in October of 2000. This law is called N.E.S.A.R.A. – National Economic Security and Reformation Act.  All politicians and media members are under a gag order to not speak of it publicly until it is officially announced. This new law will first be enacted in the United States and eventually will be rolled out across the world. The law provides:

  • Forgives all credit card, mortgage, student loan and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities
  • Dissolves the IRS and ends all income tax
  • Creates flat rate non-essential “new items only” sales tax (food, medicine and all used items will not be taxed)
  • Increases benefits to senior citizens
  • Returns Constitutional Law to all our courts and legal matters – re-trains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law
  • Provides for new representational elections within Constitutional Law.
  • Monitors elections and prevents illegal activities of billionaires and special interest groups
  • Ends the Federal Reserve System and begins a new US Treasury bank system  that follows Constitutional Law
  • Creates new US Treasury currency backed by gold, silver and precious metals,ending US Government bankruptcy. This will initiate global economic reform.
  • Restores financial privacy
  • Ceases all aggressive US Government military action worldwide
  • Leads to peace throughout the world
  • Enables release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies and enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes

The provisions of the National Economic Security and Reformation Act have been composed by visionaries who wish to correct past wrongs against the people in the United States. It is supported and inspired by statesmen around the world, as well as off-world, as a vision for global peace, freedom and prosperity.

Source: http://www.ashtarontheroad.com/nesara-flyer-2-8-16.html

Further information about N.E.S.A.R.A. history at these sources:




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It’s getting HOT in here! It’s almost go time!


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