Henig:  Guterres: Implementation of Sinjar Agreement and Drafting of Oil and Gas Law

March 2, 2023

Baghdad/Obelisk: United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres stressed that the Sinjar Agreement and the drafting of the Federal Oil and Gas Law should be implemented.

“I am happy to come to the Kurdistan region,” Guterres said at a press conference in Erbil, adding that the federal budget should be approved, the oil and gas law drafted, and the Sinjar agreement implemented.

“I am in Iraq, and what is happening in this country gives a source of hope.

I encourage political parties in the Kurdistan region to hold elections this year, stressing that achieving a bright future requires taking steps today.

He stressed that the United Nations stands by the Kurdistan region for a bright future.

He expressed his happiness at his meeting with the President of the Region, the Prime Minister of the Region, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Speaker of Parliament.

Al-Hol camp is a ticking bomb, he said, noting that we discussed with regional leaders security problems in the disputed areas.

He pointed out that we discussed with Iraqi officials the agreement of Erbil and Baghdad on the oil and gas law and the budget, as well as the decisions of the Federal Court, which should be in the interest of all segments of the Iraqi people.  LINK

Henig:  IMO: Just so there’s no confusion: If you remember the article that came out earlier about the agreement between Erbil and Baghdad on the oil and gas law, they’ve made a binding agreement on it, and now it needs to be drafted so that the entirety of Parliament can vote it into law–which they already have the votes to do, as we’ve seen in numerous articles about that topic.



Nader From The Mid East  This week two good things should happen.  The budget should reach Sudani by Saturday I hope.  The 2nd thing I heard and it’s confirmed in the budget there’s a rate and it’s a good rate after all.  They didn’t tell me how much but they said it’s a good rate.  Me accept even 500 I accept.  500 to 1, I accept it.  I’ll take it and then you can talk about float and all that stuff.

Pimpy  Iraq has one of the largest gold reserves in the world and the crazy thing about it is most of the gold is on the surface.  The Iraq Central Bank is doing a lot of what central banks are doing around the world which is increasing their gold reserves…Iraq went from 96.42 tons and jumped up in July of 2022 to 130.32 tons…which is awesome…



Tishwash:  Disclosure of a financial surplus of 29 trillion dinars

The economist, Nabil Al-Marsoumi, revealed, on Thursday, the accounts of the Iraqi state in 2022, indicating that the financial surplus achieved was 29.874 trillion dinars.

Al-Marsoumi said, in a press release, that “the state’s accounts in 2022

public expenditures = 116.959 trillion dinars, including:

operating expenses = 104.941 trillion dinars,

investment expenditures = 12.018 trillion dinars,

the ratio of operating expenses to public expenditures = 90%,

the ratio of investment expenditures to public expenditures = 10 %

Public revenues = 161.697 trillion dinars, including:

Oil revenues = 145.038 trillion dinars

Non-oil revenues = 7.658 trillion dinars

The ratio of oil revenues to total revenues = 95%

The proportion of non-oil revenues to total revenues = 5%

Public expenditures + total advances = 131,823,

the fiscal surplus achieved in 2022 = 29.874 trillion dinars.  link

ALERT! Grand Canyon Gold Debate was Over Quickly! You Decide Who Won!!

(Bix Weir)   3-2-2023

My debate with Steve St. Angelo of SRSRocco about Gold in the Grand Canyon was over very quickly but we kept talking about other issues for more than two hours! You can decide who won but it was very clear that Steve agreed that there are BILLIONS of ounces of Gold in and around the Grand Canyon and Colorado River.

That fact alone should rock the world of any hardened Gold Bug! SWAP YOUR GOLD FOR SILVER!!


Dinar Stabilizes; Congress Attacks Fed CBDCs; States Go to Gold; Banks in Trouble. We Have the Power

Dr. Kia Pruitt :  3-2-2023

The CBDC will not move forward as we the people take control and use gold as money!