Clare: Sudanese advisor: fluctuations in the exchange rate in the parallel market is a “progressive matter”


The financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, said on Saturday that local banks’ compliance with global compliance terms and controls is “continuously improving.”

Salih added, in an interview with “Baghdad Today”, followed by “Al-Iqtisad News”, that “what is happening in terms of fluctuations in the exchange rate in the parallel market is a temporary matter.”

And he continued, “This is a temporary matter, until the total stability in the convergence of exchange rates at the point of balance in all markets, and what is currently happening in terms of price fluctuations is an expression of a temporary stage of the labor of conditioning for compliance and discipline, and it requires some time.”   LINK

Henig:  Judiciary prosecutes 4 former officials involved in stealing the century

March 4, 2023

Judiciary prosecutes 4 former officials involved in stealing the century

Baghdad – Ibtihal Al-Arabi

Investigations conducted by the Supreme Judicial Council and the Public Integrity Commission on the theft of the century led to charges of facilitating the seizure of tax trusts against senior officials in the government of Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, including a former minister.

A statement of integrity received by (Al-Zaman) yesterday that (following the emergence of new evidence indicating the involvement of a number of other figures in the previous government in the crime of stealing the amounts of tax deposits, the Second Karkh Investigation Court specialized in integrity issues issued arrest warrants and investigation against 4 senior officials in the previous government)

And added that (arrest and investigation warrants were issued against each of the former Minister of Finance, Director of the Office, Personal Secretary and Media Advisor to the Prime Minister in the previous government), and pointed out The orders issued based on the provisions of Article 316 of the Penal Code came against the background of the charge of facilitating the seizure of the amounts of tax deposits, as well as the issuance of orders to seize their movable and immovable property based on the provisions of Article 184A of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

In a development, the integrity seized three defendants red-handed for taking bribes and following up transactions in two seizures carried out by the tax departments in Baghdad, according to judicial warrants.

The statement indicated that (the team that moved to the Rusafa Tax Department caught an employee in the department, red-handed with the crime of taking bribes from one of the auditors in exchange for walking transactions), and added that (a defendant was caught while he was following up transactions in possession of a number of transactions that he is following), and pointed out that (the team was able to adjust a defendant in the Adhamiya Tax Department, after violating the instructions and commenting and promoting transactions in the department without an agency or official capacity authorizing him to do so).

He went on to say that “two fundamentalist seizure reports were organized, and presented with the defendants to the competent investigating judge to take appropriate legal measures against them.”   LINK



Frank26  [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]  FIREFLY:   New land transfer trade projects Iraq is doing – they’re saying will have us as the center of the global land trade.  Again there is talk about our borders and bank system that are being set up digital for security.  They said this will deal with other countries and their currencies only.  FRANK:  This is the economic reform exploding and you don’t even have the new exchange rate given to the citizens yet (until now IMO March 2023)

Walkingstick [via Frank26]  If you go to the private [CBI satellite] banks the 3-zero notes will go back to the CBI.  They will not go to the US Treasury.  Is there an advantage to using these banks?  No.  Because these banks have to follow all the international rules.  FRANK:  I’m just going after the bank that’s going to give me the best rate.

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