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Native12:  Very exciting times, however, do I remember correctly that the treaty with Kuwait says Iraq cannot be higher than they are?


Kuwait  has been hanging in there around $3.28

Maybe Kuwait can go higher- right? Not trying to be greedy just thoughts that cross my mind.  Blessings , Native 12

StephenMac63:  IMO, I think the KWD of 3.28 is fine, I think the deal was that Iraq can not “comeout” higher than that but it will be market demand that will increase the demand for the IQD and I dont think Kuwait would want to hold that back from happening for two reasons….one, it would inhibit the potential growth that Iraq has and 2nd….you can bet Kuwait has a bunch if IQD. (smile)


Samson:  Oil prices rise two dollars

18th June, 2019

Oil prices rose nearly $ 2 a barrel on Tuesday after US President Donald Trump said he would hold an intensive meeting with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping over the Group of 20 summit this month.

The market was also boosted by Middle East tensions after two carriers were attacked last week and the United States was determined to send more troops to the region.  US crude futures for the West Texas Intermediate crude rose $ 2.26, or 4.4 percent, to $ 54.19 a barrel by 15:11 GMT. Brent crude was up $ 1.80, or 3 percent, at $ 62.74 a barrel.  “I made a very good phone call with Chinese President Shi, we will hold a lengthy meeting next week at the G-20 summit in Japan,” Trump said in a tweet.

The Chinese side did not confirm a meeting. Chinese media said Shi agreed to the meeting and stressed during the call the need to resolve economic and trade disputes through dialogue.  “At the moment, this is a market driven by rumors,” said Jane McGillian, vice president of market research at Tradeshine Energy.

“There is an expectation that if you can find a trade solution, it will help the world’s economic growth and the demand for oil.”   LINK

Economic Game Theory In Play, Wait For It, Here It Comes – Episode 1896a

X22 Report:  Published on Jun 18, 2019