Clare:  Iraq and Iran sign a joint document to develop economic relations


Baghdad – Conscious – Hassan Al-Fawwaz

Today, Monday, Trade Minister Atheer Daoud Al-Ghurairy announced the details of the meeting of the fifth session of the Iraqi-Iranian joint committee, while indicating the signing of a joint minutes for the development of economic relations .

Al-Ghurairy said in a joint press conference with the Minister of Economy and Financial Affairs, Ihsan Khandozi, and was attended by the correspondent of the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “the meeting of the fifth session of the Iraqi-Iranian committee witnessed the signing of a joint record that included agreement on many matters and understandings that would develop the economic relationship.” between the two sides and increase economic understandings that serve the two peoples,”

Noting that “there are a lot of understandings included in the minutes, including the investment side, the free zones side in the field of trade, economic exchange, increasing this exchange, establishing industrial zones, cooperation in the field of railway connectivity, cooperation in the field of water, common borders, and cooperation in the field of Electricity, oil, financial and banking aspects.

He continued, “The meeting also included the maturation of memorandums of understanding and activating what is under study,” explaining that “this will be followed up by the Iraqi Minister of Trade and the Minister of Economy and Financial Affairs.”

Al-Ghurairy stated that “what was signed was in a positive atmosphere and a great spirit of cooperation for the benefit of the two countries, as the Iraqi committee and its representatives sponsored the government’s direction through its governmental program and the Prime Minister’s directive with special sponsorship for the private sector and facilitating matters in front of the Iraqi side’s exports and the trade balance of the two countries so that there would be constructive trade exchange and interest in industries and commodities.” comparative advantage for both parties.

And he indicated that “this interest aims to develop and develop the relationship in a way that serves both parties and not from one party,” pointing out that “the government curriculum or government program, which we have begun to implement effectively, is to establish and develop the best relations with all countries of the world, especially neighboring countries,” explaining that “Iraq has
Positive role in international understandings, especially with neighboring countries, particularly the Islamic Republic of Iran.   LINK


Clare:  Al-Rafidain directs to facilitate procedures during banking dealings


On Tuesday, the General Administration of Al-Rafidain Bank directed all branches of the bank operating in Iraq to improve performance, gain customer satisfaction, and ease routine procedures during banking transactions.

The media office of the bank stated, in a statement received by “Al-Iqtisad News”, that “the general management of the bank directed all branches to the need to provide the best banking services in quality and quantity, which will reflect positively on the development and development of banking performance.”

And he stressed that “the directives are necessary to achieve customer satisfaction by leaving the routine procedures and establishing the best methods of dealing with customers known to the bank, with the need to take measures related to the degree of risk according to simplified criteria.”

He pointed out, “the need to use the simplest methods and procedures regarding the application of the principle (know your customer), as well as the speed of responding to the requests of importers, wholesalers and retailers, and opening bank accounts for them to make external transfers through the electronic banking platform.   LINK



Frank26   They got the budget…you know what else?  They got themselves a budget for the next three years.  How serious is SudaniHave you ever seen a budget, let alone for the next 3 years?  How serious is Suandi about what he’s going to do with the economic reforms thanks to the success of the monetary reform?  Tremendous…you cannot project with a program rate.

Pimpy  Nothing in this world would make me happier than to wake up tomorrow and find out that they did change the rate to $3 or whatever the hell it is that people keep saying…and me be wrong…I’d come on here…apologizing, telling everybody how wrong I was…

NESARA: Silicon Valley Bank Failures of March 2023

Dr. Scott Young:  3-14-2023

What does this March tell us about NESARA? Should the Banking failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank scare us? How close is NESARA? Will my money be OK in the banks?


RED ALERT! FDIC Knew This Crash Was Coming 2 Month Ago! They decided..”Don’t Tell the Public!”

Road To Roota:  3-14-2023

THIS IS THE END OF “FAITH AND CONFIDENCE! The FDIC held a meeting in January 2023 where they discussed HIDING the fact that the banks are about to collapse and there will need to be “Bail-Ins!” So they decided to hide the truth!