Henig:  Mahmoud Abbas: Giving confidence to the Sudanese budget is everyone’s responsibility. Citizens are waiting

Baghdad Today-Baghdad

MP Ahmed al-Jubouri Abu Mazen said on Saturday that granting confidence to the exchange doors guaranteed by the government of Mohammed Shia al-Sudani is everyone’s responsibility without delay.

Al-Jubouri said in a tweet seen by (Baghdad Today), that “the political disruption of the federal budget is an Iraqi phenomenon par excellence, and it is long awaited to get out of the end of the tunnel.”

He stressed that “granting confidence to the exchange doors set by the Sudanese government is the responsibility of all partners,” noting “Our people complain about services, displacement and unemployment, and it is not right to reward their patience with further delay. On the eve of elections.”   LINK

Henig:  Al-Sudani and Al-Hakim stress the need for parliament to speed up the reading and approval of the budget

Baghdad Today-Baghdad

Prime Minister Mohamed Shia al-Sudani and head of the National Wisdom Movement Ammar al-Hakim stressed the need for the House of Representatives to expedite the reading and approval of the budget.

Al-Hakim said in a statement received by (Baghdad Today), “During our meeting with Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, we discussed the developments of the political scene in Iraq and the region, the upcoming entitlements and the shape of the relationship between the government and the House of Representatives, we renewed our support for the government and its steps in combating corruption and providing services

We stressed the importance of maintaining the service file and upgrading services throughout the country, and we also called for attention to the provinces and holding sessions of the Council of Ministers in them and working to solve problems and provide services.”

He added, “On the federal budget, we called on the House of Representatives to expedite its reading and approval so that the government can implement its paragraphs,

We showed the importance of security, social and political stability in supporting the government’s path, and we called in this context to perpetuate pre-emptive strikes in the fight against terrorism and its sleeper cells, we also stressed the importance of resolving the outstanding problems between the federal government and the regional government and addressing them according to the formula of concession to Iraq and the supreme national interest.”    LINK



Pimpy  I get a lot of people saying, ‘How come Iraq’s currency is not the same as Kuwait?’ It’s not that simple.  At one time it was very close to the same exchange rate as the Kuwait dinar…but things have changed since then…That doesn’t mean it can’t get there again.  It can.  But there’s a lot of hurdles that need to be crossed…I don’t think they’re going to get there anytime real soon.  But you will see the dinar start to go up in increments as they get their ducks in a row. It seems this administration is doing everything they can as quickly as possible to reach that level so you never know.  We’ll see where Iraq ends up…

Frank26  Question “With the banks having a shortage of cash should we give them a heads up that we’ll be coming in and the amount exchanging?”  Oh, yeah…you’re going to need an entourage.  You need a team.  You don’t want to walk in there by yourself…I will tell them I want $100,000 in cash by next Thursday.  It will be there.  It may take 2 weeks.  It may take a while but they will deliver you the money…you’ve got to order the amount of cash you want…you need your CPA…book keeper…tax consultant…tax lawyer who can answer all these questions for you.

Really good article come out today from Iraq about IQD and banks

Nader from the Mid East:  3-18-2023


The exchange rate it’s playable

Nader from the Mid East:  3-18-2023