Clare:  Al-Sudani discusses with the representative of the International Monetary Fund the government’s plans for economic reform


On Thursday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani discussed with the Resident Representative of the International Monetary Fund in Iraq, Ghazi Shbeikat, cooperation in the field of supporting Iraq’s financial policies and plans.

The media office of the Prime Minister said in a statement that the latter “met today with the resident representative of the International Monetary Fund in Iraq, Ghazi Shbeikat.”

The statement added, “During the meeting, they discussed Iraq’s relationship with the International Monetary Fund, and cooperation in the field of supporting financial policies and plans, in a way that contributes to achieving stability in the Iraqi economy.”

The statement continued, “The meeting witnessed a discussion of the importance of the financial and administrative reforms adopted by the government, and supporting its efforts to combat corruption.”  LINK

Clare:  Parliamentary demands to quickly include the 2023 budget on the agenda: delaying it paralyzes the economic sectors


A member of the Parliamentary Oil, Gas and Natural Resources Committee, Zainab Al-Moussawi, called today, Thursday, for the Presidency of the House of Representatives to include the budget law for the year 2023 on the agenda in the upcoming sessions.

Al-Moussawi said, in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “disrupting the approval of the federal financial budget for the year 2023 completely paralyzes the economic sectors in the country, in addition to the direct and broad impact on the lives of citizens, in light of the dependence of thousands of workers on investment projects related to the budget.”

Al-Moussawi called for “the need to include the financial budget law for the year 2023 on the agenda of the House of Representatives for the upcoming sessions, in order to approve it.”

Al-Moussawi indicated that “the financial budget represents the main tool for achieving the state’s general policies, whether economic, social or service, and it is a presentation of the government’s plans and annual programs that it prepares in response to challenges.”

The Council of Ministers had referred the draft federal budget law to the House of Representatives.   LINK



Frank26    This is the last week of this month.  The month where they’re educating them.  I strongly believe next month they’re going to start to show them…I know you’re excited but I’m more excited about what I haven’t answered yet…

Bruce  [via WiserNow] …I’m looking forward to the end of it as much as you are, but we’ll see where it  goes for the rest of the week…we should have a very interesting April Fool’s Day, coming up Saturday.  So we’ll see what that looks like for us.



RVAlready:  I think the problem here is that we have gotten to see decades of our governments letting things fall to pieces, when they could have released the RV years ago. But they preferred to stand by and let the citizens suffer for years. Lets you see that governments are out for themselves and the elite. They could care less about the average citizen.

Yada:  Rvalready, expecting this to come to pass for us this time. Yes, in the past what you stated has been the norm but now, the people in high places see not just an opportunity but a break from the norm. The bank failures a few weeks ago has everyone’s attention and the need to cover what assets they have can be achieved via the RI of the dinar. Grant it, countries cant spend the money but it does add value to their currencies around the world.

RVAlready:  Yada, yes. But the writing has been on the wall since the early 1970s. This shows they planned to crash the system rather than save it. Not exactly good stewardship of the system. Let’s hope we come out of this with a better, saner, economic system.

March 31, 2023

Nader From The Mid East:  3-31-2023


Sanctioning China Will Destroy The Dollar | America’s Ultimate Mistake

Sean Foo:  3-31-2023

If the United States and its allies impose sanctions on China, this could be the greatest financial mistake in all of modern history. Unlike Russia, China is more resilient and has deeper ties across the global economy.

Punishing China will likely backfire against the dollar and unleash a de-dollarization wave that could knock it off the reserve status. Here’s what you must know!

Timestamps & Chapters:

0:00 The Greatest Mistake

2:34 China Is Not Russia

4:37 Freezing China’s Assets?

7:44 Western Trade Will Also Suffer

9:28 Pain For The Dollar

11:14 De-Dollarization Will Be Epic

14:17 This Won’t End Well