Henig:  Finance Committee says it will receive the 2023 budget tomorrow from the Presidency of Parliament


Baghdad / Al-Mawred News

The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives revealed on Saturday that it will receive Tomorrow the draft budget for 2023 will come from the Presidency of Parliament.

A member of the committee, MP Mustafa Sanad, said that “the first vice president of Parliament Mohsen al-Mandalawi will submit the 2023 budget bill to Finance Committee”.

Parliament is scheduled to hold its regular session tomorrow.     LINK

Henig:  Al-Sayhoud calls on bloc leaders to keep the federal budget law away from political debates and moods

Baghdad (NINA) – State of Law Coalition MP Mohammed Saadoun Al-Sayhoud called on the leaders of political blocs to keep the federal budget law away from the political entrenchments and moods that hinder the wheel of progress in the country.

Al-Sayhoud said in a press statement today that: “The federal budget law is one of the most important laws in the country, which must be kept away from political problems and crises, as it represents the backbone of life for Iraq and its people, and disrupting or bargaining is a major betrayal of the country, which is in dire need of development, development and services.”

He added: “The leaders of the political blocs must keep the federal budget law for the next three years away from all the trenches and political moods through which some blocs are trying to pass other laws that are not as important as the budget, so the political blocs must give priority to the general interest of the country over personal, partisan and component interests.”    LINK


Henig:  Speaker arrives in Cairo

Sun Apr 2,2023

Baghdad / Nina / Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Al-Halbousi arrived on Sunday in Cairo on an official visit to the Arab Republic of Egypt.

He was received at the airport by his Egyptian counterpart, Dr. Hanafi Gebali.   LINK



Militia Man   Iraq’s reserves are sufficient.  They have the freedom of transfer.  They have the legal frameworks.  They’re in compliance.  All of these things are effectively giving strength to the Iraqi dinar.  To my thinking, and to some others, at some point in time they’re going to have to make another adjustment to their exchange rate to be internationally compliant and finish the final process…

Pimpy  They need to…combat that open market so every time they increase the value for the IQD…it keeps screwing up the criminals who keep going out there on the black market and getting the IQD for 1750 or 1550 dinars for every dollar, turn around and sell them back to the bank at a rate of 1300+ for every dollar. They’re profiting around 200 IQD for every dollar buying them off the black market…That’s what they’re doing.  Back-forth back-forth.  You need to do something that just screws them over.  One of those things are just increase the value of the IQD and you won’t have such a black market.

MilitiaMan And Crew

Saturday Update – No Dollar Sales – CBI



More Bank Runs Are Coming | The Fed Has Screwed The Economy

Sean Foo:  4-2-2023

The banking crisis isn’t over as experts warn of a second wave of bank runs coming.

Thanks to the Fed’s aggressive rate hikes, money is flowing out of banks to chase a better return. It’s no longer a liquidity panic, but a strategic shift away from deposits and this is bad news.

This could trigger a credit crunch that might just trigger the next economic recession!

Timestamps & Chapters:

0:00 Bank Runs Aren’t Over

2:15 Why Another Run Could Happen!

4:20 A Credit Crisis Is Building

6:37 Regional Banks Still In Trouble

9:06 The Coming Credit Crunch