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Samson: Parliamentary Committee: Adoption of the law of oil and gas can solve these problems

14th July, 2019

The Oil, Gas and Energy Committee of the House of Representatives on Sunday confirmed the adoption of the oil and gas law to solve all the problems related to oil and gas.

“The adoption of the oil and gas law in the current session of the Iraqi parliament can solve all the problems related to oil and gas,” said the deputy of the committee, Aram Naji, told Mawazine News.

He added that “this problem and the dispute has become constantly repeated with the whole process of approving the federal budget, so this law should be among the priorities of the current session of Parliament.”    LINK

AnotherMailman:  Ya think? LOL.


Samson:  Next Friday .. Million demonstrations in 14 provinces and these protesters demands!

13th July, 2019

Announced the coordination of the demonstration on July 19, Saturday, that next Friday, will witness the demonstrations million in 14 provinces, while revealed the most prominent demands of the demonstrators.

The coordinator of the demonstration, Khalil Naji, in a statement received / Mawazin News / a copy, that “the upcoming demonstration, which will be in 14 Iraqi provinces, a peaceful demonstration,” pointing out that “the masses will demand services that are experiencing severe shortage in addition to the demand for employment opportunities And expose the corrupt and reject the abhorrent quotas.

He added that “these demonstrations will continue until the fulfillment of their demands will not stop without the citizen to feel improvement in services and provide employment opportunities for graduates and other segments of the society of young people.”  He stressed that “the masses are eager for this demonstration,” expecting that “the demonstrations will be million.”    LINK


Samson:  Minister of Planning heads to New York for official visit

14th July, 2019

The Minister of Planning announced on Sunday that Minister Nouri Sabah al-Dulaimi headed to New York for a four-day official visit.

“The Minister of Planning, Dr. Nuri Sabah al-Dulaimi, is heading to New York on a four-day official visit to present the final report of the Arab Forum for Sustainable Development 2019, which was held in Beirut last April, Minister of Planning.”

“During his participation, Iraq will deliver the voice of the Arab region to the high-level political forum to be held in New York, while Dr. Nuri al-Dulaimi will present during his participation (the first voluntary national review of the 2019 Iraqi Republic).”   LINK

Coco:  7-13-19:  On the 42nd Anniversary of the NYC 1977 Blackout, NYC has another this evening

Limited to Manhattan and lights starting to come back on now.  However, as of 11:11 tonight it was announced the National Guard was being brought in to help direct traffic to free up Police Officers from that task.  As a retired NYPD officer it was unusual to bring in the National Guard so quickly as power is being restored.  Also there was a fire in a manhole and also a separate incident of an explosion of a transformer concurrently.

A blackout would be great cover to have the National Guard brought into NYC.  Tomorrow also begins the deportation of illegal aliens throughout the country by ICE.  Law Enforcement throughout the country and no one will be wondering why.

Might be nothing or could be something???

Cornhusker:  It just could be cover and arrest for some high ranking officials  involved in the Epstein case….approximately 6 months ago Q said watch the water ….what happened in the midwest ….now floods in Louisiana…. Q also said last week to watch NYC hummmmm.

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Samson:  Paying with plastic? Iraqis weigh pros and cons

13th July, 2019

A shopowner in Baghdad, Iraq, receives payment for goods at a supermarket in the capital as officials weigh supporting more cashless initiatives

In Iraq’s cash-driven economy, the Communications Ministry and head of the Central of Bank are getting input on a mechanism that would allow banks and shops to further facilitate the use of debit and credit cards.

“The opportunities available for the Iraqi banks are suitable to embark on electronic system and establish a strong infrastructure by making use of technology which is helpful for banking and money related affairs,” Iraqi Central Bank Governor Ali al-Allaq told Rudaw on Friday.

Banks are increasingly utilizing ATM cards to distribute salaries to employees in major cities, but most are still paid in hard cash via the Iraqi dinar or US dollar — especially outside major cities.

According to data from the Baghdad Banks Group, only eight shops use bank card scanners for the sale of their goods in Baghdad. In the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, some hotels, airports, and shops catering to foreigners accept debit or credit cards.

A shop owner in Baghdad explained that customers are not familiar with paying with plastic cards via card scanners. However, Saad Abdulla detailed that as the owner of Nakhla Supermarket he would prefer to accept bank cards. The electronic system is better and we prefer it. Because maybe sometimes you receive counterfeit banknotes and you do not know it [at the time],” he explained.

Iraq offers banknotes in the 250, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 25,000 and 50,000 dinar denominations. However the bills are easily torn and worn, making the detection of counterfeiting more difficult.

Many storefront exchange shops utilize digital bill counters — some with scanners — to try to thwart counterfeiters with varying degrees of success.  Additionally, vendors are often hesitant to accept US currency printed prior to 2006. “Or sometimes when we receive cash, we do not have change to pay back. The most important thing to me is change which I do not have usually,” added Abdulla. Others who spoke to Rudaw believe Baghdad will need to play a bigger role to institute such sweeping changes. The world’s largest business software company SAP held a conference in the Iraqi capital with the attendance of Minister of Communication Naim Thajeel al-Rubaie and other government officials on July 4.

A statement from the Iraqi ministry detailed that a “digital transformation” was discussed with the Iraqi Council Ministers, as well as representatives from the German Embassy.  SAP is headquartered in Weinheim, Germany. Neither it nor the embassy had an immediate comment on the project. “A Visa card is way better. I hope everything becomes electronic as is the case in the west. I hope it will happen here as well,” customer Muhanad Abdulsatar told Rudaw about the possible initiative.

Iraq has not held a census in more than 30 years. Its population is estimatedaround 40 million and rapidly increasingly. The QiCard was established in Iraq in 2007 and is represented by the country’s largest bank, Rafidain.

According to its website, 12 banks including Rafidain and Rasheed have issued7.4 million cards at 450 centers across the country.    LINK

Samson:  Deliver a meal of article 140 compensation to the stage families

14th July, 2019

The Office of the implementation of constitutional article 140 in Kirkuk on the distribution of 230 instruments on the families phase covered by the article mentioned.

The Director of the Office of the implementation of Article 140 in Kirkuk Kaka spray friend in a televised statement that the amounts allocated as compensation to those covered by Article 140 in the federal budget for the year 2019, 50 billion dinars.

He added that the office of Article 140 in Kirkuk sent the names of 500 people covered by Article 140 to the federal government, noting that the Office received 230 instruments so far as a first meal, distributed to the families stage, where the process will continue and there will be a second meal of Sukuk.

Article 140 of the Constitution provides for the granting of families from the areas of intermittent amount of 10 million dinars in compensation, and grant each family of the deceased 20 million dinars.    LINK