Monday Evening News with MarkZ 05/22/2023

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

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Member: Monday Night news…: hope everyone had a great day today.

Member: Monday 22, 2023 –The Central bank of Iraq sales of foreign currency increased today. Monday to record more than $267 million which it covered at an exchange rate of 1305 dinar per dollar.

MZ: This means they are selling everybody else’s currency and pulling more dinar off the streets. They continue to shrink the supply. Why? We know why.

Member: Why does Goldilocks think the Fednow system is a good thing?

MZ: Goldilocks appears to believe that the Fednow system is for moving money with the QFS. To me I am more concerned it’s a system to move their Central Bank Digital Currency . The Fed now is a separate thing.. They are not the same as the CBDC…..It appears that Goldilocks and others believe it is just a mechanism. But I have zero trust in our government, or The federal Reserve and central banks all around the world. But, we do need a better transfer system….so it could be a good thing or it could be a bad thing.

MZ: Don’t waste your time worrying about something you can’t change. Stay informed but don’t lose your minds over it yet. It appears to be a transfer system. It does not appear to be a CBDC.

Member: If the bad guys want it ….I don’t think it’s a good thing for any of us for sure.

Member: Iraq has the Buna and Ayscuda money transfer systems for moving money internationally….maybe it will be something like that…..but the name FedNow sure sounds like its coming out of the evil Federal reserve and the cabal.

MZ: Remember many states have passed legislation that they will not recognize or accept Central Bank Digital Currencies in their states…..many.  But they may all be excited about a new transfer system that get folks their money quicker from one bank to another domestically.  So don’t panic yet until we see more.

MZ: “ Budget 2023-politial consensus and parliamentary disagreement- when will it pass?”  The people in Iraq want to know when the budget will pass. They want you to know they are meeting over the next few days and dthey are going to grind through the budgetary process. Personally I think this is all show and they have already approved it. And for whatever reason they are trying to buy a few more days before they let it go.  The question is WHY? That’s the question I am asking myself.

Member: I think the USA is the reason.

MZ: I pretty much agree with you.

Member: Its going to happen.

MZ: Yes it’s going to happen. They have told us it was going to happen. . We don’t know the timing but we know its going to happen.

MZ: There is a crazy amount of military activity being seen everywhere over the last few days.   Its off the chain….A number of you guys are sending me pictures and comments. Something appears to be building. There rally is so much going on right now.

Member: “Disruptive  inbound event. Supposedly coming this week.”  100 congress members given satellite phone to stay in communication….hmmmmm

MZ: “Global shift away from US dollar is now inevitable: says Venezuelan President Nicolus Maduro”  He even references Zimbabwe’s gold backed token. And he talks about BRICS and what is needed to sidestep the us dollar. He also gives credit to the African nations for setting the tone for this.  It’s happening guys.

Member: Why does Iraq Govt. lie to their people. We are going to vote on budget on Sat, then Monday, now sometime this week????????? I feel sorry for the Iraqi people.

Member: I feel sorry for the historic bond people as well……lied to on a daily basis….so frustrating.

MZ: Bond people do not have funds yet….there are some appointments scheduled for tomorrow. i beleive everything is sitting on a precipice waiting to break loose this week.

Member: We are all going to finish this together . Everyone please hang in there!

Member: it’s obvious…something is coming!!! Stay calm

Member: Thanks Mark and mods for all the encouragement. Still praying this is our week.

Member: Have a great night everyone!

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