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Member: TGIF. Another week is almost gone. How much longer???

Member: Another weekend….Another RV possibility???

Member: I hope everyone is ready for a fantastic weekend. I know I am. Hopes are high to get this party started ASAP.

MZ: Redemption folks will be on call this weekend. They do not know if they will have to work or not.

MZ: Historic bonds have not been paid yet…but, I continue to hear positive things.

MZ: CMKX has not been delivered yet. But bankers continue to be positive.

MZ: One of my contacts who has been involved with the testing of the system…..told me that the money moving in and out of accounts may not be testing…but a glitch or structural issue in the new system that they are working on it and expending all efforts to get it squared away. I do know some very sharp people are working on it.

Member: Article on Bloomberg talking about Iraq trading with China. The world is waking up.

Member: Nader just posted a new video

MZ: He dives into everything Iraq has done…..and their expectations….good stuff. Be sure to go listen and like and share his videos. This is information from a highly connected banker sharing with him all the positive news that is happening. They address stabilizing the exchange rate in Iraq  and decreasing the value of the dollar in relation to the dinar. This was a great video from Nader.

Member: Mark, Do you know anything about the role of the Chinese elders supplying gold to make currencies gold backed in the future? Why do we need to use the gld from China instead of the gold that is said to be repatriated to the US from the vatican?

MZ: I assume we will need all of it to back all of the currencies in the world.…..but lets ask Mr. C.

Member: Wasn’t somthing big supposed to happen today?

Member: Last week Mark had thought we would see Nesara announced on the 24th….but soulnds like that moved until March 1st or 2nd now?

MZ: In World news: Badlands media knocked it out of the park with this one….“ Shared Interests”  The foundation of a new global financial system. This is not the great reset…This is not Klous Scwab….we are talking about a free economy…and breaking the hegemony of the central banking system.

MZ: It’s happening guys…..soon the petrodollar will be no more.

Member: Dow down 457 !!!!!

Member:  Mark 3rd March 1863 rainbow currency was issued as legal tenders Treasury Note …. Eyes on 3rd March 2023 for the new Treasury notes to be released…. Just a thought.

Member: Digital debit cards to be issued March 6th at my bank

Member: Any thoughts on value of Indonesian Rupiah???

Member: Mark always said it has not changed and to expect a rate of $1.47

Member: There is snow is southern California……snow on the Hollywood sign….. Hell IS finally freezing over.

Member: This whole thing is our test in excercising patience

Member: Please everyone, try not to stress out about timing.. do other things that make you happy, and keep busy and lift your vibrations.. too many people being stressed out..

Member:   This is a biblical Sized miracle, combination of an ester/Hamon, and exodus from Egypt, and Daniel from the lions den.

Member:  I am manifesting the very best for each one of you .. may your lives be so much wonderful very soon. May your dreams all come to fruition

Member: Thank’s Mark and The Moderators for keeping this channel up a place to chat & enjoy

Member: Thank everyone…see you all tonight at 7 pm edt……

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Shared Interests:    The Foundation for a New Global Financial System

22 hr ago


Having the entire global financial system centered around one currency not only gives that country a complete advantage, but also makes it easier to control every aspect of the world’s financial system.

The dollar has been one of the cabal’s greatest weapons for several generations. It gives them commanding control over other countries and their economies, allowing them to decide the winners and losers.

This is what the BRICS are fighting for: The de-dollarization of the global financial system and freedom.

BRICS are now competing with this global debt system. They are laying the foundation for a new global financial system that will give countries more autonomy over their own economies for the benefit of their people. That is the Shared Interest that these leaders, along with Trump, are fighting for.

According to the press statement following the first ever BRIC summit:

We agreed that we will coordinate our work in this area, discuss all of the most complex questions, and discuss the parameters for a new financial system. We will give instructions accordingly to our finance ministers, the chairmen of our central banks, and directors of other relevant agencies, and they will meet and draft proposals that we will then study most carefully. If these proposals are approved, we will see that they are implemented.

The BRIC summit aims to create the conditions for building a fairer world order and to create a favourable environment for resolving global problems.

‘Working in coordination to build a new financial system and a fairer world order.’

That was the original objective of BRICS, which began a new system to COMPETE with the global debt system. They are attempting to build a parallel global financial system with currencies and institutions that are competing with the central bank debt system and the dollar.

All of this was predictable. The writing has been on the wall for a long time that Saudi Arabia is moving away from the Petro-dollar.

What was the first big sign?

Back in 2021, Saudi Arabia signed a military cooperation agreement with Russia. That should have told everyone that things have massively changed.

According to Reuters:

Saudi deputy minister of defense Khalid bin Salman said on Twitter on Tuesday that the kingdom and Russia signed an agreement aimed at developing areas of joint military cooperation between the two countries.

This was a huge deal. Remember, the whole basis for the Petro-dollar being the reserve currency and dominating the global debt system was because the U.S. made a deal with Saudi Arabia, guaranteeing the U.S. military would protect them, as long as they only accepted dollars for the price of their oil.

That deal is no longer valuable.

Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oil producer and the only one that’s propping up the dollar. The days of the dollar’s reserve currency status are numbered. A global dollar dump is coming and it will crash the market. I believe this is the precipice and scare event that has been timed and planned to happen while Biden is president.

A global reset is coming along with a new global basket of currencies that are backed by hard assets and commodities such as gold.

I believe that Trump, Putin and Xi, along with Crown Prince Salman and the BRICS nations are the ones in control, finally putting an end to the world’s financial enslavement. They are bankrupting the central banks global debt system and building its replacement.

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