Mid East

[Guru] Pimpy makes me laugh.  Sometimes I hate him.  I hate him because he makes fun of me but in a good way though. 🙂  Pimpy this is for you.  Listen to me…You saw my video…it’s not from me, it’s the news.  I put the captions on...whatever the government says, whatever the TV says, the news, whatever, I put out there.  Whatever I hear or read or something good I put it out there.  Don’t get me wrong, something is going to change Pimpy.  You’ll be surprised…wait wait, we’re gonna kick your ass Pimpy! 🙂  On the rate we’re gonna kick your ass. 🙂 You’ll see.  Just be patient. If I say it with a smile it’s because I know something.  [NOTE: This is a happy and friendly post said in good nature and a smile.  Friendly guru banter.]