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UST – CBI – Cooperation & Coordination – Exchange Rate – IQD – USD

MilitiaMan and Crew:  2-5-2023

Thank you Samson, PompeyPeter, Petra, DayTrader, Gigi, Sunkissed, Cinderalla, Bethany, Alana, Brian, and all of our team, etc..

Our work in Patreon with Militia Man & Crew is likely to be further in to this study, and is likely to be more in depth with analysis to data on the Iraq Dinar and or relevant topics there is out there. Please enjoy. ~ MM

No way $28 to 1 or even $4 to $1

Nader from the Mid East:  2-5-2023

US Millionaires Increase on the Debt Clock; 42 States Repeal Taxes on Precious Metals! This is huge!

Dr.Kia Pruitt:  2-6-2025